20 септември, 2007

Communication from The Masters in Lightthrough Paul Walsh-Roberts
14 June 2007Tipi Meditation Event - Dayton, Ohio, USA.
KUTHUMIYou are beginning to understand that all things are as they must be. You are beginning to gain a deeper impression of the details of your world, of life, of transformation in the part of your world that is called your life. But also in the greater world of all living things of which you are a part. You are coming to understand, to interpret differently. Your awareness is changing. You are learning so that you will be enabled more effectively to teach; to enable that understanding and awareness to spread more widely in your world. It is through you that this takes place. There was a time when you could forget. There was a time when you could pretend that you did not know. There was a time when you could walk away from what was truth, from the experiences you were having, from the awareness you were gaining. You were separated by various incarnations, your memories lost to those forms, to those moments. But now you are accumulating; you are gaining awareness and as you gain awareness we are eager to encourage you to be mindful of what you decide to know. For whatever you choose to know will change you, will change your life. You are no longer able to forget or to unknow what you have learned. It is inextricably linked to your path of opening, the path that each of you takes and the path that you all take as one. This is why you are learning. You accumulate less of new experiences than you do memories of past experiences. As this accumulation takes place it will also assist you to understand that the experiences that you are having in your world are not at all what they appear to be. You observe them through constructs of belief, through interpretations of reality that have seemed so accurate, even precise, for you. But they are no longer accurate. Your intellectual mind endeavours to overlay your world which has changed with these constructs of believing which have not changed, in order that the mind would be able to make some sense of what is taking place as transformation in your lives and in your world. But it is not assisting you. It is not enabling you to see the opportunities that are there for you. Understand that as you accumulate your awareness you also gather within you the capability to produce the steps that are required for you to evolve further. You cannot take the steps that you have assumed were required. You cannot depend on those. You must begin to depend upon your trust; to trust creation; to understand in the depths of yourselves that creation is only there for your greatest self-realization and fulfilment. It is only yourselves and the puzzling of your intellectual minds that have distorted the gift that is there for you in each moment, the gift that has been there for you through so many moments that you would call a past. You are all learning and you are beginning to learn in a different fashion so that you may take extraordinary steps and teach others those steps. Not the steps that you take in your own life that are in alignment with your journey but the steps of inner change that enable you to move through your life on your journey; steps that open you to the adjustments, the renewing perceptions, the unfolding realizations, the higher teachings that are available to you as they never have been until now. It is with great care that we come to you. We know it is what you might call ‘a fact of the Cosmos’ that you will not be able to forget, to turn back. As we come to you, yes to serve and to prompt you, we are encouraged by that cosmic fact so that what we share with you is a seed that will germinate, that will grow inside you, that will guide you to greater understandings and more accurate and spiritually-defined steps through the moments of your life. Our intention is that each moment would be purposeful, that it would enhance the greater journey that each of you takes and the greater journey that you all take at this time. You are growing; you are learning and you are teaching. You will see this. Dear ones, it is the chosen time. It is the time of unfoldment, the time of genuine progression; progression into a Lighted world that is your world; a progression that depends upon you yet upon none of you in particular. The part that each of you plays is vital but if you choose not, it will not deviate the greater course and you will not be judged.There is a profound divinity in each of you. It finds its way into your knowing and into your being through these times. Rejoice in yourselves; rejoice in your moments; rejoice in each of your journeys. Honour yourselves. I am Kuthumi, teacher of teachers, mingling with you, touching your hearts, assisting you in the steps that you take, for it is time. Greetings, dear ones. It is your time.
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