08 април, 2009

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse* April 2009 Letting Go

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

By Shala Mata

April 2009

~~ Letting Go ~~

Image Copyright Daniel B Holeman www.awakenvisions.com
The powerful equinox on March 20th coupled with the potent energy transmission of the New Moon March 26th have brought forth a tremendous opportunity to transform the old and “let go” of anything, we are holding within our lives. This is a massive undertaking and all of us are feeling or experiencing a disconnect from many aspects of lives. It requires courage and fortitude to walk our path at the moment.

For me personally the past week has been a roller-coaster ride of letting go and witnessing transformational change. On March 31st, my 90-year-old mum had a stroke, causing her to fall and fracture her hip. It appeared her passing was imminient and we took the steps to allow her transisiton. My family held vigil at the hospital and she said she was ready. Three days later, she began to awaken and said she was hungry. Clearly, she decided to stay and has just returned from hip surgery this morning. It is an emotional time yet a fascinating view of how our beliefs and perceptions create our reality. The “letting go” is different for everyone, whether that be of a loved one, a belief, a cause, an agenda or a fear.

All of us at this pivotal time on our beloved Mother Earth are being bathed in the frequencies and transcended light of the Central Sun. The recent cosmic alignments are amplifying our ability to receive this light and accelerate our 5th Dimensional awareness of our Cosmic Blueprint and our ascension process. Our letting go further maps our ability to know all aspects of ourselves and allows us to remain in the moment.

The golden shimmering light of the Central Sun bathes the grids in and around the planet; activating codes held deep within our heart and allows our evolution to soar. Our heart is the “chalice of change” and “letting go.” We are transforming ourselves on every possible level, and the transition from the “old” to the “new” is a daunting often overwhelming process. It helps to remember that this is truly, what we came here to do, and everyday brings a trigger for deeper recalibration.

April brings a further transmission of potentials and possibilities. As our frequency and vibration increases from our letting go – we participate more consciously with the choices we make for our personal and planetary evolution. We are literally walking into the “new” in everyway this month, and the viewpoint or awareness of our truth will continue to be challenged, refined and updated constantly.

Image copyright Gilbert Williams www.gilbertwilliams.com

Letting go is an individual and personal journey. Our emotions at this time can feel raw as we shift and clear old patterns. A dear friend of mine uses an expression “Build a Bridge and walk over it” when working with clients whose emotions or beliefs are keeping them in a holding pattern. April’s energy builds that bridge yet often we feel afraid to take that first step, uncertain of what we will find. When we let go and take those transforming steps we find an unconditional love and transcended light of immense potential. We never walk our bridge alone, when we stay present in the moment of “now,” our bridge is the Hologram that is our universe. We are actually living in an ocean of energy, an intelligent universal field of infinite possibilities that is vibrant and alive. Within the quantum nature of the hologram, our current and past lives spin concurrently through the illusion of time. Each of us comprises or holds a piece of this holographic energy.

The quantum beauty of holographic energy is that each piece contains the whole: therefore, if we affect change by taking one small step upon our bridge, we affect change within the whole.

April brings the cosmic alignment and support of infinite possibilities held in each moment. As challenging as letting go is, the upbeat energy of the Golden Christed Light that is magnified during Easter offers a sweet union of our masculine and feminine with our heart. Celia Fenn www.starchildglobal.com channels this so perfectly:

The Full Moon falls on the 9th of April, with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, the House of Relationship. At this time, celebrate all forms of Relationship that exist in Unconditional Love. The Full Moon is followed by the traditional christian festival of easter and "Holy Week." At this time, the Divine and Compassionate Grace of Mary Magdalene, the Female Christ, will also support the Planet as it emerges to a Higher Vibration of the Christ Light. Celebrate the Sacred Union of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, the Avatars of the Christ Consciousness and Sacred Union.

The New Moon falls on the 25th of April, in Taurus. The Taurus energy is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, but with its representation with the glyph of the Bull it also carries powerful Male energy. Celebrate the Union of God and Goddess to produce the New Energy as you move towards the "Buddha" moon of Enlightenment on the 9th of May. At this time, the Compassionate Love of Kwan Yin will encircle the Earth as the Buddha energy awakens Hearts and prepares Humanity for the big "leap" forwards.

Image copyright Gilbert Williams www.gilbertwilliams.com

Sacred union and our beloved are found within our own heart, in the golden chalice or flame that is our personal holographic gateway. The energy of beloved Magdalene is being felt more powerfully in 2009 as we heal the wounded feminine within each of us. This is not a gender issue but a sacred frequency of Light from the Central Sun. During April as our planet aligns with a higher vibration of the Christ Light, beloved Jeshua and Magdalene will meet each of us as our beloved within our heart chalice. This sweet sacred space once

acknowledged will remain open and forever a power support and inner healer.

April opens us further to our galactic nature and will help us de-code the daily upgrades of multi-dimensional frequency and light that further support our transformation. It is a time of becoming very aware and open to this support allowing the gifts of creation to flow effortlessly within our lives.

As we learn to trust more deeply than ever before this inner process, our physical body will require constant support. Letting go affects every cell in our body, and is not confined to our emotional, mental or spirit body. A congruent flow of energy and information is vital as we integrate more of our cosmic blueprint. Open your inner healer when communicating with your body, and trust the nudges that are always present with awareness. Imagine yourself having an informed dialogue with your cells; allow your body to teach what it needs during your “letting go.” The rapid changes affect everyone in a slightly different way. For the most part, allowing and acceptance of what our body requires and reveals is a dramatic step upon our path to mastery. The conscious direction of love into our cells is a powerful way to increase our Life Force.

The greater our Life Force the greater our Light. Laughter is the quickest way to feel your soul and a smile given or received – the kiss of an angel. We are ALL connected on this amazing journey.

Keep shining your gorgeous Light

Love Shala

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I am hosting a monthly meditation to connect and work with our beloved Whales and Dolphins. The March meditation have been recorded and the links below will allow you to listen and participate now. The schedule for April is as follows:

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A one-day workshop with Shala, where she will share information and tools on navigating the current earth and galactic energies, working with our whales & dolphins and supporting the physical body. Understanding our cellular communication and codes of healing.

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May 16/09 Belgium.

A limited amount of private sessions will be available in both locations.





02 април, 2009

Master Maitreya* New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I, Maitreya come to speak with you, to share knowledge with you as we sit together in the One Light. The angels (archangels) Urial and Michael accompany me. My brothers Kuthumi and El Moyra are ever close also - and so we unite.

I come today to speak of new beginnings on many levels - many levels. For it is time now for your conscious adjustment. It is time for you of the Light, of the faithful will and desire to step forward, to create the new. Many here have spoken to you, many have healed and guided you on your rocky paths toward this time. Man has awaited this time in his development for thousands of years. Now it is here. It has begun.

As you think of the fire you think of the many forms - and the colors also. You are already familiar with the violet flame used to transmute negative memories, emotions and matter. I speak of another two this day - the red and the yellow flames. Yes there is also the blue and white flames, given also with great purpose to mankind.

The Red Flame of will, of boundaries of the mind, boundaries of development now reaches a renewed higher purpose. It is this flame which has been related to the rising of the Kundalini energy. For this flame destroys all old decay, old boundaries, old attitudes contained within you, so great is it's power and strength.

Yet it breathes new life also into the void which it leaves behind. The Light and breath of the Universe travels on the Red Flame of new creation.

To create new from the old, tired worn out energies. A new birth, a fresh spirit of life born within you once more.

The Red Flame is the new fire spirit - the creator, not the destroyer. New attitudes are being birthed at this wondrous time on your planet. New attitudes. For it is not enough to read, and go on your way again. The new knowledge of spirit, of the Universe must be given life through a pure attitude, and chosen actions. The Red Flame may leave you breathless, feeling light in the head. The physical aching as the adjustments of the Universe continue to course through your cells into the very atoms of creation.

This all happens within you. Your physical bodies are adjusting to a new energy force in your atmosphere - you are breathing the change dear children. Understand you are expericing this. You feel tired, weary.

What can you do now? Relax, breath and change your attitude to one of acceptance, one of gratitude. For the change written of in your history books for Earth is upon you. You are experiencing it, yes.

How wondrous this is, is it not? Scientists are now verifying the many changing energies, the photon energy, the sun's energy changes. This will assist those among you who doubt what we say. You may doubt because you are as yet unable to see us, yet if you let the wall you built around you down, you would feel us, and verify our presence.

It is a time to change your attitude, to one of acceptance.

Not only of the Earth changes, but of mankind's evolutionary changes as well. Nothing remains the same, all things move, pulsate with vibration and grow. It has always been this way. What is different now in your time, is that we now tell you, we explain the changes to you and help you overcome the old worn out negative attitudes and ways.

You have just experienced an Equinox time. We celebrate this time here in the most joyous celebrationary ways. We dance, sing, play instruments of music, and spread our joy and love to all in celebration. The Equinox is the Universal New Year, a time of new beginnings, a time to create anew.

To breath in new life force energies, wonderful united energies where your Heaven and Earth merge, where you merge with God, the Creator, opening yourself to universal abundance and harmony, with Divine Spirit. It is a great time of Union, of Oneness.

The planet Earth also now is entering a time of rebirth, and change will be felt by all life forms who inhabit Earth. She will spew up your rubbish which you sought to hide in her sea beds with no forethought nor care for another. But now, you must change your thinking, you must change as you leave the lower dimensions behind and embrace fully the 5th dimension, the beginning of another, the 6th dimension on your horizon. Only those who are prepared, who are willing to shed the old ways, the old attitude and embrace the Universal Divine Light will enjoy the benefits of the Yellow Flame which I give now.

For it is the Yellow Flame which lies in the shadow of the Divine Trinity, which will cleanse, refresh and renew your spirit in readiness for the final step in Oneness. Only those who are ready are able to hold and birth into the Yellow Flame. Those who hold an incorrect attitude will not be able to endure nor hold the vibration of this Flame. This flame radiates in the Light of the Higher Heart which Kuthumi has spoken to you of. This prepares you to embrace fully the 6th Dimensional energy.

So it is a great time, a time for birth of the new. Your hopes, desires and wishes are waiting to be made manifest. Doubt of any kind, no matter how small is not tolerated, nor given any form of energy in the realms of manifestation - our realms. We have all we desire. It is in our knowledge that we may create all joyous and wondrous fantasies. We have abundant attitudes held in the Divine Light where all is possible.

Yet the manifestation which I speak to you of now is within you. Within the chambers of your mind, and your heart. For it is necessary as you progress forward to believe totally, to rebirth your faith as a child of the Universe, of the Light. Rebirth an abundant, positive attitude of Light. Where you will no longer perform an act without considering any impact of your action on another, and I include Earth.

So now, who among you are ready to transverse the eye of the Light? Who is prepared? Who will make themselves ready throughout dimensional shifts?

I Maitreya give thanks to those present here with me. Uriel (archangel) will assist you in your manifestations, and as always Michael (archangel) will seek truth and justice. El Moyra will assist you with the correct use of your will.
Kuthumi now will lead you to us, travel in peace and love.

Through Lynette, chosen channel.





29 март, 2009

Earth Log* March 27th : The Equinox Magic and the Earth Changes.....and a Golden Gate...


MARCH 2009

by Celia Fenn


image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

March 27th : The Equinox Magic and the Earth Changes.....and a Golden Gate...: What a Magical and Magnificent time we experienced over the Equinox period. There was such an opening of energies and a rush of love from the Elemental and Nature Kingdoms. Many of us were "lifted" up in spirit by the powerful and loving energies of Reconnection, so that the turmoil and anxiety of the economic problems of the old energy became something very far away. I was blessed to be part of a beautiful ceremony at the Star Gardens in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 20th, and then afterwards I went to the Golden Gate National Park with a group of friends for a three day spiritual retreat in the mountains of Africa. It was an awesome experience in which we truly felt the Love and Joy that is coming from nature at this time, and so when I arrived back in "civilization" and turned on the e-mail again, I was sad to see the gloom and doom about collapse, economic collapse and immanent natural disasters, that people fear as 2012 approaches. When will we all begin to realize that the Earth is moving into Higher Consciousness and she no longer needs to create disasters and trauma in order to change. We have all agreed, on the Collective level, that the changes will be as peaceful and gentle as possible, and so we need to begin to look to the future with optimism and joy, knowing that as the old leaves, new doors are being opened for all of us. We need to live with that confidence and create our lives with that confidence.

It is this energy of Joy and Rebirth and Reconnection that is so strong now as we move forward. So, here are some images from the Equinox in Africa that I would like to share with you. We celebrated in the Star Gardens in Johannesburg. The Gardens are created and maintained by Rene Geldenhuys according to a Sacred Geometric design by Winks Girdwood. From the air, you can see that the Gardens are designed in the form of a star, hence the name, Star Gardens.


On this particular Equinox, our task was to activate a Temple of Light for the Elemental Energies above the Star Garden, so that the Gardens could serve as a "seed point" for the return of the Elemental Energies in partnership with Humans for the New Earth in Southern Africa. It is a perfect spot, as the wisdom, love and care that has gone into the ongoing creation of the Garden can be felt as soon as you enter into the energy of the Garden. So, here are some images from our late afternoon ceremony in the Gardens. We began with a group meditation, and then we moved out to certain points in the garden to connect with the various Angelic, Devic and Keeper energies represented in the Garden itself. At each point we offered Love and Gratitude, and then created vibrations that penetrated into the earth with the energy of Drumming and Clapping. In this image you can see part of the group as we gathered around the central point or the Heart of the Garden to celebrate and give thanks for the Human Angel Energy of the New Earth.


When we connected with the Sacred Keepers of the Grids in Africa, the Keepers themselves are the White Lions. The Spirit of the White Lion is strong in the Gardens, especially because before the Gardens were the Gardens, there was a White Lion breeding program here. This picture shows the "house" that the lions were kept in, and the tree under which they would lie. We drummed and dedicated this spot to the Spirit of the White Lions and the Lion Keepers of the African Grids.



Here are some more images from inside the Garden Space.....in the late afternoon as the sun sets over a garden in Africa......



This Garden is privately maintained and cared for with great love and passion by Rene, and we at Starchild Global are looking for ways to support her work in this very important and beautiful project.

So...after the Ceremony and the evening Channel with Archangel Michael, the next day we headed south into the African grasslands, or Savannah and then up into the Maluti Mountains which border on the Kingdom of Lesotho and the Drakensberg Mountains of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. Our destination - the Highlands Retreat Cabins at the Golden Gate National Park. The name is derived from the "Golden" pillars of Sandstone Rock that act as "Gates" when you enter the area. Here is a picture of the "Gate", taken from the car as we approached.


They have a "presence" that indicates their role as Elemental guardians or Keepers of the mountains and valleys beyond.


As we approach the Highlands retreat, we have to share the road with some other , much slower, road users.....


But we didn't mind stopping to share this moment as a mother Zebra feeds her young.....


These are the Log Cabins that we stayed in for the three nights, high in the mountains. As you can see they are built in such a way to have minimum impact on the surroundings. I loved the grass on the roof! We used to go and sit on the roof and watch the sun going down over the Drakensberg Mountains in the distance.


It was also surprising to me that these buildings could be so well blended with the surroundings, and yet be so comfortable, my room was fit for a queen! And of course, sleeping in that absolute silence was wonderful....and the Milky Way was just a river of stars across the African sky at night. So magnificent!

And of course, walking in the Mountains...as a group of friends and star sisters was wonderful as well.....


And our walk shared by a solitary African buck that stood on the skyline.....


The three days passed very quickly, and were filled with the energy of Human Angelic friendship and the love of the Elemental and Natural Kingdoms. We all felt the powerful changes in our bodies as we shared with each other and held meditations, channels and ceremonies in our high mountain base. It was, perhaps, the first real manifestations of that New Earth partnership between the various Kingdoms that is now manifesting for all to enjoy and to provide Blessings and Abundance for us All!

We are indeed greatly Blessed at this time! We live in a State of Divine Grace and Abundance for which we express our Gratitude daily.





21 март, 2009

The Awakening - Equinox of March 2009

The Awakening - Equinox of March 2009

This Equinox brings the energy for a powerful awakening allowing for the birth of a new purpose. We are now being called to take a stand, to cultivate our faith and to take action.

During the time of this Equinox our core energies are being activated which allows for us to connect with the power centers held within our Mother Earth. We are being gifted with an opportunity to come into union with our Creator, the Great Spirit, and to become powerful channels of unlimited love, light and wisdom. As we channel this energy into the power centers of our Earth, we connect with our destiny and create a rainbow bridge of opportunity, moving us beyond the confines of our attachments and fears, revealing a deep and abiding inner freedom.

As we open our hearts and souls to the energy of this time, many new opportunities will be presented and we will have the potential of being able to manifest in all spheres and in all situations. New values, concepts and ideas are forming within and it will not be to our advantage to choose to stay stuck in our same routines, fearing the significant changes on our horizon.

We have been shown the power of our Spiritual and Human choices and if we move beyond judgment and limitation, allowing our defensive tactics and forms of denial to all away, we shall find that the key to our fulfillment and happiness lies within our own hearts and minds. We will find the wisdom of our true nature.

We are responsible for what today shall bring and as we allow the light of this Equinox to activate our core energies, burning through our veils of illusion and attachment, our ability to fully embrace our destiny is birthed.

Our inner life will be electrified by the energies of the Equinox and powerful and unexpected events may surface, asking us to look deeply into the foundations of our current life circumstances. We are asked to have faith in ourselves and in the changes we are invited to make. It is vital that we move with this energy by speaking our truth and making the necessary changes required to set us free from the confines of our past and the mistaken ideas and beliefs that have caused our suffering.

As the essence of love is being breathed into our world, wisdom and compassion are radiated directly into our hearts, awakening the knowing that all of life is a miracle. We are asked to live within the core of humanity as a bearer of unconditional love, bringing the essence of joy to our planet and demonstrating that we are all blessed beyond measure.

In opening to the energy of this time we will discover the courage we need to live our truest passions, showing us our path to true liberation and freedom. Peace and contentment will blossom within our hearts and we shall rediscover the childlike qualities of playfulness, innocence and adventure.

The Great Spirit comes to us at this time to purge us of our impure intentions, that which has brought much suffering to our Soul. Our heart, mind and body are being purified, accelerating our personal evolution and allowing us to see through our patterns of attachment and addition. We are encouraged to take the necessary steps needed for our personal transformation. We are required to ground the energy within our physical body, thereby helping ourselves to become rooted and safe in a world of inevitable change and uncertainty.

Nature is our guide and many blessings of enchantment and beauty are being brought to us now. Nature shall assist us in creating our New Earth and we are asked to seek to live life in reverence for all of life and to remember to give thanks for all that we are and for all that we have.

We are capable of a great transformation at this time and have the very real possibility of fully embracing and consciously knowing our own innate divinity. This is a time of celebration for all of life and the birthing of a new cycle of transformation.

19 март, 2009

Master Kuthumi* The Holy Grail Revealed

The Holy Grail Revealed

I Kuthumi greet you on the matrix of Light, the web of Oneness which unites as though the portals of lateral time. Let us take a moment now to connect more fully our energies, to merge in a blissful moment of surrender in the Divine.

Now please settle comfortably as I come today with important knowledge. My brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood and some Andromedians join me. Their love and energy support my words and the energies you now experience.

You feel a peace, and a knowing do you not? A knowing that it is time? A knowing that my purpose today is great for the future of man.

It is a remembering of soul knowledge contained deep within you which I now uncover and bring to the fore of your thinking process, whose energies are enhanced now through the great love contained in your higher hearts, fed by the Master Gland, known as the Pineal.

For centuries man has sought the Holy Grail and the knowledge it contains. It has been held in reverence as a sacred vessel. Many have searched, most often being unsuccessful in their painstaking journey. Only when that searching soul has returned to our realms has he been able to see the futility of his chosen action. I say futility because at that time in your history, and the tales of the brave knights of that time, man was not ready to learn the great knowledge contained in the Holy Grail. No, he was not. Yet the Grail became part of a higher plan.

The Holy Grail has remained throughout time. The secret, the mystery contained and hidden behind a veil of speculation.

Now, I reveal this truth to you in a simplistic manner. I will work further with this one, (Lynette) to instruct and teach on a deeper level with more knowledge. But for now I keep this message simple. You may ask of me "why now"? "Why did we have to wait so long to be given the Holy Grail"?
It is as I said, man was not ready in his vibrational development. The knowledge would not have assisted his soul growth. He was not ready to accept the knowledge and to use it for the good of all, to step through the portal into a new Golden Age of awareness, you see?

I have told you in my previous teachings that new keys of knowledge would be given to you as you progressed further on your journey to the Light.

I have given many such keys, but perhaps none as great as the great key I give you now.

This is why so many of us have gathered. We are prepared. I now seek to prepare you further. Let us begin.

As you sit, allow your mind to wander back to your youth and all you experienced. Remember those who played their role, who helped you experience and learn - both good and what you think of as not so good. Review it all. As you review think of how you reacted, how you felt after the many experiences. Remember this is simply an overview. Do not get bogged down in the emotional body. It is of no use at this moment of time. Now take a step back and see the illusion of it all. See the many and varied experiences. See the duality of experience which was created. You see, as you step back, you begin to see the play, you begin to see in a different Light those who played a various part in enabling you to experience. At times enabling you to complete and release lifetimes of a repeated experience you had previously been unable to let go and move on from. In this life time such incidents and release involved emotional pain - yet always followed by great transformation of the mental and emotional bodies. This my friends was growth followed on from the pain and the letting go, which has often been repeated experience because your incarnated self could not complete what you chose on the soul plane. So others played a part to assist you.

As you sit and observe you see the experience, the play. During the previous ten years I and others have spoken through channels to prepare, to awaken man, to bring man to this point of readiness in his evolution. We have spoken of the seven seals, the seven bodies, the seven rays of awareness. We have led you, guided you. This has been the preparation of man. The opening of his consciousness, and his heart. We have raised your vibration step by step. For some this has been an easy process. Others have fought with a strong will, and yet have overcome. All are now vibrating in Divinity, sharing a Divine Light.

And so, you sit now and wonder what is the secret. What is the message that has remained for so long?

My friend it has been hidden. It has been contained in sacred knowledge. Revealed only to those who are ready and open to receive.

You are now ready. As you read my words, and feel our energies, you are ready. The Holy Grail contains the seven levels of wisdom. The seven levels of man's development. The levels he must climb to become a Divine being of Light. In this completion, he has the Holy Grail of wisdom.

I have already given you much through my teachings - many steps leading to various levels of awareness. For those who wish an overview. I will do so through this one (Lynette).
I would say in preparation, retain an open heart. Forgive. For all is an experience. It is a learning, in preparation to receive the Holy Grail.

The Light of Divinity, of Source which is contained in the Holy Grail, in each of you.

Yet I caution, only truth will lead you through the portal.

Lip service will not carry the correct vibration. The correct vibration is held in your knowing, in your heart, in your Soul.

Those of you who are truthfully ready to accept the Holy Grail now will do so. Not through vanity, but through the need to be a guiding Light to all. Those of you who are on any of the seven levels will be assisted through the levels to completion. To be made ready to accept the Holy Grail. I will assist you in this with my helpers and the service of this one (Lynette)
Rest in peace, in Light, in Oneness.

Master Kuthumi

I Ra Mu now come forward to lead you, to guide you to open to your Soul knowledge. To know healing and peace through the Great Light, the one God, one great Light for all.