02 април, 2009

Master Maitreya* New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I, Maitreya come to speak with you, to share knowledge with you as we sit together in the One Light. The angels (archangels) Urial and Michael accompany me. My brothers Kuthumi and El Moyra are ever close also - and so we unite.

I come today to speak of new beginnings on many levels - many levels. For it is time now for your conscious adjustment. It is time for you of the Light, of the faithful will and desire to step forward, to create the new. Many here have spoken to you, many have healed and guided you on your rocky paths toward this time. Man has awaited this time in his development for thousands of years. Now it is here. It has begun.

As you think of the fire you think of the many forms - and the colors also. You are already familiar with the violet flame used to transmute negative memories, emotions and matter. I speak of another two this day - the red and the yellow flames. Yes there is also the blue and white flames, given also with great purpose to mankind.

The Red Flame of will, of boundaries of the mind, boundaries of development now reaches a renewed higher purpose. It is this flame which has been related to the rising of the Kundalini energy. For this flame destroys all old decay, old boundaries, old attitudes contained within you, so great is it's power and strength.

Yet it breathes new life also into the void which it leaves behind. The Light and breath of the Universe travels on the Red Flame of new creation.

To create new from the old, tired worn out energies. A new birth, a fresh spirit of life born within you once more.

The Red Flame is the new fire spirit - the creator, not the destroyer. New attitudes are being birthed at this wondrous time on your planet. New attitudes. For it is not enough to read, and go on your way again. The new knowledge of spirit, of the Universe must be given life through a pure attitude, and chosen actions. The Red Flame may leave you breathless, feeling light in the head. The physical aching as the adjustments of the Universe continue to course through your cells into the very atoms of creation.

This all happens within you. Your physical bodies are adjusting to a new energy force in your atmosphere - you are breathing the change dear children. Understand you are expericing this. You feel tired, weary.

What can you do now? Relax, breath and change your attitude to one of acceptance, one of gratitude. For the change written of in your history books for Earth is upon you. You are experiencing it, yes.

How wondrous this is, is it not? Scientists are now verifying the many changing energies, the photon energy, the sun's energy changes. This will assist those among you who doubt what we say. You may doubt because you are as yet unable to see us, yet if you let the wall you built around you down, you would feel us, and verify our presence.

It is a time to change your attitude, to one of acceptance.

Not only of the Earth changes, but of mankind's evolutionary changes as well. Nothing remains the same, all things move, pulsate with vibration and grow. It has always been this way. What is different now in your time, is that we now tell you, we explain the changes to you and help you overcome the old worn out negative attitudes and ways.

You have just experienced an Equinox time. We celebrate this time here in the most joyous celebrationary ways. We dance, sing, play instruments of music, and spread our joy and love to all in celebration. The Equinox is the Universal New Year, a time of new beginnings, a time to create anew.

To breath in new life force energies, wonderful united energies where your Heaven and Earth merge, where you merge with God, the Creator, opening yourself to universal abundance and harmony, with Divine Spirit. It is a great time of Union, of Oneness.

The planet Earth also now is entering a time of rebirth, and change will be felt by all life forms who inhabit Earth. She will spew up your rubbish which you sought to hide in her sea beds with no forethought nor care for another. But now, you must change your thinking, you must change as you leave the lower dimensions behind and embrace fully the 5th dimension, the beginning of another, the 6th dimension on your horizon. Only those who are prepared, who are willing to shed the old ways, the old attitude and embrace the Universal Divine Light will enjoy the benefits of the Yellow Flame which I give now.

For it is the Yellow Flame which lies in the shadow of the Divine Trinity, which will cleanse, refresh and renew your spirit in readiness for the final step in Oneness. Only those who are ready are able to hold and birth into the Yellow Flame. Those who hold an incorrect attitude will not be able to endure nor hold the vibration of this Flame. This flame radiates in the Light of the Higher Heart which Kuthumi has spoken to you of. This prepares you to embrace fully the 6th Dimensional energy.

So it is a great time, a time for birth of the new. Your hopes, desires and wishes are waiting to be made manifest. Doubt of any kind, no matter how small is not tolerated, nor given any form of energy in the realms of manifestation - our realms. We have all we desire. It is in our knowledge that we may create all joyous and wondrous fantasies. We have abundant attitudes held in the Divine Light where all is possible.

Yet the manifestation which I speak to you of now is within you. Within the chambers of your mind, and your heart. For it is necessary as you progress forward to believe totally, to rebirth your faith as a child of the Universe, of the Light. Rebirth an abundant, positive attitude of Light. Where you will no longer perform an act without considering any impact of your action on another, and I include Earth.

So now, who among you are ready to transverse the eye of the Light? Who is prepared? Who will make themselves ready throughout dimensional shifts?

I Maitreya give thanks to those present here with me. Uriel (archangel) will assist you in your manifestations, and as always Michael (archangel) will seek truth and justice. El Moyra will assist you with the correct use of your will.
Kuthumi now will lead you to us, travel in peace and love.

Through Lynette, chosen channel.





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