08 април, 2009

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse* April 2009 Letting Go

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

By Shala Mata

April 2009

~~ Letting Go ~~

Image Copyright Daniel B Holeman www.awakenvisions.com
The powerful equinox on March 20th coupled with the potent energy transmission of the New Moon March 26th have brought forth a tremendous opportunity to transform the old and “let go” of anything, we are holding within our lives. This is a massive undertaking and all of us are feeling or experiencing a disconnect from many aspects of lives. It requires courage and fortitude to walk our path at the moment.

For me personally the past week has been a roller-coaster ride of letting go and witnessing transformational change. On March 31st, my 90-year-old mum had a stroke, causing her to fall and fracture her hip. It appeared her passing was imminient and we took the steps to allow her transisiton. My family held vigil at the hospital and she said she was ready. Three days later, she began to awaken and said she was hungry. Clearly, she decided to stay and has just returned from hip surgery this morning. It is an emotional time yet a fascinating view of how our beliefs and perceptions create our reality. The “letting go” is different for everyone, whether that be of a loved one, a belief, a cause, an agenda or a fear.

All of us at this pivotal time on our beloved Mother Earth are being bathed in the frequencies and transcended light of the Central Sun. The recent cosmic alignments are amplifying our ability to receive this light and accelerate our 5th Dimensional awareness of our Cosmic Blueprint and our ascension process. Our letting go further maps our ability to know all aspects of ourselves and allows us to remain in the moment.

The golden shimmering light of the Central Sun bathes the grids in and around the planet; activating codes held deep within our heart and allows our evolution to soar. Our heart is the “chalice of change” and “letting go.” We are transforming ourselves on every possible level, and the transition from the “old” to the “new” is a daunting often overwhelming process. It helps to remember that this is truly, what we came here to do, and everyday brings a trigger for deeper recalibration.

April brings a further transmission of potentials and possibilities. As our frequency and vibration increases from our letting go – we participate more consciously with the choices we make for our personal and planetary evolution. We are literally walking into the “new” in everyway this month, and the viewpoint or awareness of our truth will continue to be challenged, refined and updated constantly.

Image copyright Gilbert Williams www.gilbertwilliams.com

Letting go is an individual and personal journey. Our emotions at this time can feel raw as we shift and clear old patterns. A dear friend of mine uses an expression “Build a Bridge and walk over it” when working with clients whose emotions or beliefs are keeping them in a holding pattern. April’s energy builds that bridge yet often we feel afraid to take that first step, uncertain of what we will find. When we let go and take those transforming steps we find an unconditional love and transcended light of immense potential. We never walk our bridge alone, when we stay present in the moment of “now,” our bridge is the Hologram that is our universe. We are actually living in an ocean of energy, an intelligent universal field of infinite possibilities that is vibrant and alive. Within the quantum nature of the hologram, our current and past lives spin concurrently through the illusion of time. Each of us comprises or holds a piece of this holographic energy.

The quantum beauty of holographic energy is that each piece contains the whole: therefore, if we affect change by taking one small step upon our bridge, we affect change within the whole.

April brings the cosmic alignment and support of infinite possibilities held in each moment. As challenging as letting go is, the upbeat energy of the Golden Christed Light that is magnified during Easter offers a sweet union of our masculine and feminine with our heart. Celia Fenn www.starchildglobal.com channels this so perfectly:

The Full Moon falls on the 9th of April, with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, the House of Relationship. At this time, celebrate all forms of Relationship that exist in Unconditional Love. The Full Moon is followed by the traditional christian festival of easter and "Holy Week." At this time, the Divine and Compassionate Grace of Mary Magdalene, the Female Christ, will also support the Planet as it emerges to a Higher Vibration of the Christ Light. Celebrate the Sacred Union of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, the Avatars of the Christ Consciousness and Sacred Union.

The New Moon falls on the 25th of April, in Taurus. The Taurus energy is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, but with its representation with the glyph of the Bull it also carries powerful Male energy. Celebrate the Union of God and Goddess to produce the New Energy as you move towards the "Buddha" moon of Enlightenment on the 9th of May. At this time, the Compassionate Love of Kwan Yin will encircle the Earth as the Buddha energy awakens Hearts and prepares Humanity for the big "leap" forwards.

Image copyright Gilbert Williams www.gilbertwilliams.com

Sacred union and our beloved are found within our own heart, in the golden chalice or flame that is our personal holographic gateway. The energy of beloved Magdalene is being felt more powerfully in 2009 as we heal the wounded feminine within each of us. This is not a gender issue but a sacred frequency of Light from the Central Sun. During April as our planet aligns with a higher vibration of the Christ Light, beloved Jeshua and Magdalene will meet each of us as our beloved within our heart chalice. This sweet sacred space once

acknowledged will remain open and forever a power support and inner healer.

April opens us further to our galactic nature and will help us de-code the daily upgrades of multi-dimensional frequency and light that further support our transformation. It is a time of becoming very aware and open to this support allowing the gifts of creation to flow effortlessly within our lives.

As we learn to trust more deeply than ever before this inner process, our physical body will require constant support. Letting go affects every cell in our body, and is not confined to our emotional, mental or spirit body. A congruent flow of energy and information is vital as we integrate more of our cosmic blueprint. Open your inner healer when communicating with your body, and trust the nudges that are always present with awareness. Imagine yourself having an informed dialogue with your cells; allow your body to teach what it needs during your “letting go.” The rapid changes affect everyone in a slightly different way. For the most part, allowing and acceptance of what our body requires and reveals is a dramatic step upon our path to mastery. The conscious direction of love into our cells is a powerful way to increase our Life Force.

The greater our Life Force the greater our Light. Laughter is the quickest way to feel your soul and a smile given or received – the kiss of an angel. We are ALL connected on this amazing journey.

Keep shining your gorgeous Light

Love Shala

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I am hosting a monthly meditation to connect and work with our beloved Whales and Dolphins. The March meditation have been recorded and the links below will allow you to listen and participate now. The schedule for April is as follows:

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A Day with Shala

A one-day workshop with Shala, where she will share information and tools on navigating the current earth and galactic energies, working with our whales & dolphins and supporting the physical body. Understanding our cellular communication and codes of healing.

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A limited amount of private sessions will be available in both locations.





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