19 март, 2009

Master Kuthumi* The Holy Grail Revealed

The Holy Grail Revealed

I Kuthumi greet you on the matrix of Light, the web of Oneness which unites as though the portals of lateral time. Let us take a moment now to connect more fully our energies, to merge in a blissful moment of surrender in the Divine.

Now please settle comfortably as I come today with important knowledge. My brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood and some Andromedians join me. Their love and energy support my words and the energies you now experience.

You feel a peace, and a knowing do you not? A knowing that it is time? A knowing that my purpose today is great for the future of man.

It is a remembering of soul knowledge contained deep within you which I now uncover and bring to the fore of your thinking process, whose energies are enhanced now through the great love contained in your higher hearts, fed by the Master Gland, known as the Pineal.

For centuries man has sought the Holy Grail and the knowledge it contains. It has been held in reverence as a sacred vessel. Many have searched, most often being unsuccessful in their painstaking journey. Only when that searching soul has returned to our realms has he been able to see the futility of his chosen action. I say futility because at that time in your history, and the tales of the brave knights of that time, man was not ready to learn the great knowledge contained in the Holy Grail. No, he was not. Yet the Grail became part of a higher plan.

The Holy Grail has remained throughout time. The secret, the mystery contained and hidden behind a veil of speculation.

Now, I reveal this truth to you in a simplistic manner. I will work further with this one, (Lynette) to instruct and teach on a deeper level with more knowledge. But for now I keep this message simple. You may ask of me "why now"? "Why did we have to wait so long to be given the Holy Grail"?
It is as I said, man was not ready in his vibrational development. The knowledge would not have assisted his soul growth. He was not ready to accept the knowledge and to use it for the good of all, to step through the portal into a new Golden Age of awareness, you see?

I have told you in my previous teachings that new keys of knowledge would be given to you as you progressed further on your journey to the Light.

I have given many such keys, but perhaps none as great as the great key I give you now.

This is why so many of us have gathered. We are prepared. I now seek to prepare you further. Let us begin.

As you sit, allow your mind to wander back to your youth and all you experienced. Remember those who played their role, who helped you experience and learn - both good and what you think of as not so good. Review it all. As you review think of how you reacted, how you felt after the many experiences. Remember this is simply an overview. Do not get bogged down in the emotional body. It is of no use at this moment of time. Now take a step back and see the illusion of it all. See the many and varied experiences. See the duality of experience which was created. You see, as you step back, you begin to see the play, you begin to see in a different Light those who played a various part in enabling you to experience. At times enabling you to complete and release lifetimes of a repeated experience you had previously been unable to let go and move on from. In this life time such incidents and release involved emotional pain - yet always followed by great transformation of the mental and emotional bodies. This my friends was growth followed on from the pain and the letting go, which has often been repeated experience because your incarnated self could not complete what you chose on the soul plane. So others played a part to assist you.

As you sit and observe you see the experience, the play. During the previous ten years I and others have spoken through channels to prepare, to awaken man, to bring man to this point of readiness in his evolution. We have spoken of the seven seals, the seven bodies, the seven rays of awareness. We have led you, guided you. This has been the preparation of man. The opening of his consciousness, and his heart. We have raised your vibration step by step. For some this has been an easy process. Others have fought with a strong will, and yet have overcome. All are now vibrating in Divinity, sharing a Divine Light.

And so, you sit now and wonder what is the secret. What is the message that has remained for so long?

My friend it has been hidden. It has been contained in sacred knowledge. Revealed only to those who are ready and open to receive.

You are now ready. As you read my words, and feel our energies, you are ready. The Holy Grail contains the seven levels of wisdom. The seven levels of man's development. The levels he must climb to become a Divine being of Light. In this completion, he has the Holy Grail of wisdom.

I have already given you much through my teachings - many steps leading to various levels of awareness. For those who wish an overview. I will do so through this one (Lynette).
I would say in preparation, retain an open heart. Forgive. For all is an experience. It is a learning, in preparation to receive the Holy Grail.

The Light of Divinity, of Source which is contained in the Holy Grail, in each of you.

Yet I caution, only truth will lead you through the portal.

Lip service will not carry the correct vibration. The correct vibration is held in your knowing, in your heart, in your Soul.

Those of you who are truthfully ready to accept the Holy Grail now will do so. Not through vanity, but through the need to be a guiding Light to all. Those of you who are on any of the seven levels will be assisted through the levels to completion. To be made ready to accept the Holy Grail. I will assist you in this with my helpers and the service of this one (Lynette)
Rest in peace, in Light, in Oneness.

Master Kuthumi

I Ra Mu now come forward to lead you, to guide you to open to your Soul knowledge. To know healing and peace through the Great Light, the one God, one great Light for all.




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