21 март, 2009

The Awakening - Equinox of March 2009

The Awakening - Equinox of March 2009

This Equinox brings the energy for a powerful awakening allowing for the birth of a new purpose. We are now being called to take a stand, to cultivate our faith and to take action.

During the time of this Equinox our core energies are being activated which allows for us to connect with the power centers held within our Mother Earth. We are being gifted with an opportunity to come into union with our Creator, the Great Spirit, and to become powerful channels of unlimited love, light and wisdom. As we channel this energy into the power centers of our Earth, we connect with our destiny and create a rainbow bridge of opportunity, moving us beyond the confines of our attachments and fears, revealing a deep and abiding inner freedom.

As we open our hearts and souls to the energy of this time, many new opportunities will be presented and we will have the potential of being able to manifest in all spheres and in all situations. New values, concepts and ideas are forming within and it will not be to our advantage to choose to stay stuck in our same routines, fearing the significant changes on our horizon.

We have been shown the power of our Spiritual and Human choices and if we move beyond judgment and limitation, allowing our defensive tactics and forms of denial to all away, we shall find that the key to our fulfillment and happiness lies within our own hearts and minds. We will find the wisdom of our true nature.

We are responsible for what today shall bring and as we allow the light of this Equinox to activate our core energies, burning through our veils of illusion and attachment, our ability to fully embrace our destiny is birthed.

Our inner life will be electrified by the energies of the Equinox and powerful and unexpected events may surface, asking us to look deeply into the foundations of our current life circumstances. We are asked to have faith in ourselves and in the changes we are invited to make. It is vital that we move with this energy by speaking our truth and making the necessary changes required to set us free from the confines of our past and the mistaken ideas and beliefs that have caused our suffering.

As the essence of love is being breathed into our world, wisdom and compassion are radiated directly into our hearts, awakening the knowing that all of life is a miracle. We are asked to live within the core of humanity as a bearer of unconditional love, bringing the essence of joy to our planet and demonstrating that we are all blessed beyond measure.

In opening to the energy of this time we will discover the courage we need to live our truest passions, showing us our path to true liberation and freedom. Peace and contentment will blossom within our hearts and we shall rediscover the childlike qualities of playfulness, innocence and adventure.

The Great Spirit comes to us at this time to purge us of our impure intentions, that which has brought much suffering to our Soul. Our heart, mind and body are being purified, accelerating our personal evolution and allowing us to see through our patterns of attachment and addition. We are encouraged to take the necessary steps needed for our personal transformation. We are required to ground the energy within our physical body, thereby helping ourselves to become rooted and safe in a world of inevitable change and uncertainty.

Nature is our guide and many blessings of enchantment and beauty are being brought to us now. Nature shall assist us in creating our New Earth and we are asked to seek to live life in reverence for all of life and to remember to give thanks for all that we are and for all that we have.

We are capable of a great transformation at this time and have the very real possibility of fully embracing and consciously knowing our own innate divinity. This is a time of celebration for all of life and the birthing of a new cycle of transformation.

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