25 септември, 2007

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan.:.Update

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan .:.Update
You each represent ingredients in the cosmic soup of the universe. You come together as galactic ingredients to create a recipe of love and a recipe of light in your human experience; and, yet, you are not that system in totality.

You all wear in your human body, 12 universes, 12 galaxies, 12 dimensions. That is what your DNA represents. But as you are able to birth more, you will find new dimensions, new galaxies, and new star systems coming forth into your remembrance. It will no longer be limited to 12

Your Creator, your Source, as ours, is limitless. There are no words in your human vocabulary to express the experience and the potentiality of un-limitedness. Your human experience and understanding is of perimeters, parameters and limitations, seeing all situations in your everyday life as structured, as formatted, time sequences of events that you must try to push your starriness into.

Many times, your starriness bucks the systems of time enterprise, breaks through the fence and the perimeters you have placed around it and immerses itself in the cosmic soup of life. When this happens, you grow angry. That anger aborts the experience of expansion.

Visualize a stream that does not want to be a stream any longer. The stream is tired of its perimeters. It is tired of its borders and it wants to become as the ocean. It wants to feel all of itself and remember all of itself; it has grown very, very structured as a stream, and it so longs to be that ocean.

As you expand into your interdimensional understandings and your multidimensional frequencies, more and more episodes of your humanness will be breaking past the limitations and the streamlined experience of your previous equation. More and more often you will find events around you spiraling and twirling and dancing away from you.

You are a "Star". You are the sons and the daughters of God in human form. You represent galaxies and universes beyond. And when you come to Earth, you allow all the stop lights, the stop signs, the staying between the lines of self, the structures of your vehicles, your cars, your houses to limit you, to compress you. This summer was as a decompression chamber. You are diving to depths of self which in truth, seems like a new universe. You can go up to reach the stars or you can dive in to reach the stars; it is the same frequency. The decompression chamber is necessary to help you understand that you are able to go to new heights and new depths and not suffer any molecular compression.

Do not allow Earth to rule you, time to rule you, governments and religion to rule you. You are the beings that came here in the beginning; you will be the beings that leave here when time ends, as you know it. You are beyond time and space. You are beyond humanness. You are beyond physical. You are nonstructural. You are components of universal expression that have lovingly, willingly, and gracefully allowed themselves to be coated with matter..
As a child of Earth the animals once talked to you, the stars shone just for you, the moon was your mirror and the sun lived within you. You saw between worlds. you saw the dreams the Creator had placed in your heart and you tried hard to hold on to them. Manytold you, day after day, minute after minute, what you believed was impossible.

It is time to place the 'I Am" in possible. All things are in the field of possibility, the field of creation, the field of manifestation. There is not one situation on this earthen experience that is impossible. Strike that word from your thinking. You are in a field of possibilities continually. That is who you are, that is what you are, that is what you are remembering to become. Honor the "time of in-possibilities" that awakens and comes. You are becoming the galactic human. You are weaving and creating your light body. You have the wool, you just are not sure about the stitch.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO Box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee


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Titania Starlight каза...

Wonderful message that spoke to me very deeply.

Blessings of love and light.