29 октомври, 2007

Earth Log 28th October : The Joy and Compassion Choices.

Earthlog: The Joy and Compassion Choices

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn
Sunday, 28 October, 2007 (posted 29 October, 2007)
I don't know about you, but I found the energy over the Full Moon to be very intense and difficult. In fact, for me it was a point where I felt my energy dropping and I became tired and a little depressed. So, since we passed through the Diamond portal, this is not an energy that I choose to indulge in my life. It may still be the energy that defines the Planetary emotional body, this being the reason why it is so strong at Full Moon, but I know that I need to make new choices for my life.
Archangel Michael has been talking to me about the New Earth choices...Joy and Compassion, and I was delighted when two friends mailed me on the same day with pretty much the same idea as to how we need to go forward into the new energy.
My friend, Szuson, from New Mexico in the USA, mailed me about her choice to re-pattern her relationship life so that all her relationships could be held in Joy and Unconditional Love. She was determined not to let her past experiences of loss and woundedness affect her present life. Right! The only choice to make right now. If we choose for Joy and Unconditional Love, we place these energies into the Planetary Grid or matrix. That is what the Earth needs right now, as much Love and Joy as it can get. And each of us can choose individually for Joy in our own Lives.
People sometimes ask me "how"?, when they are feeling so low, or they have to pay the rent and they have no money, or they are feeling sick, or fearful or confused. Well, this is the time you need to make that choice. That is what I did when I felt my energy falling. I made the choice to "have a great time" and to feel joy. I chose to do things that brought me joy. Now, only you know what brings you joy. I chose to spend the day of the Full Moon working in my garden, a decision that was helped because we had a power blackout and I could not use my computer. Then, I spent the next day with a good friend. We laughed and shared some fun together. I played great music. Gradually, I felt my spirits lifting back into that place of joy where I choose to be. Its not about spending money, or getting drunk to have fun, if you are doing these things you are probably not in Joy. It is about finding out what your soul and spirit enjoy and that will lift you. The clues are in the Creative nature of the soul and spirit. Your inner being loves creativity, whether it is music or art or gardening or writing...whatever works for you. Even just listening to great music can lift your soul and spirit.
But, it is up to us to make that choice, and to make it every day.
Then, my friend Will from Michigan in the USA wrote to tell me his experiences of hearing the Dalai Lama speak about Compassion and how it affects our daily lives. I was delighted when he shared his story, as Archangel Michael oftens tells me that the Dalai Lama should be a kind of "role model" for those who would be spiritual leaders and teachers. What he means, as I see it, is that the Dalai Lama is both a Spiritual Leader and a person who is active in the real world. he leads in a spiritual way, but he also makes people aware of what is happening in Tibet and what needs to be done to assist the Tibetan people. He lives in both worlds, the Spiritual and the Physical. He is a "grounded" spiritual leader, and his teachings affect the daily lives of many people in positive ways, as does his presence when he speaks.
His words on Compassion and Love urged his American audience to live in these feelings and emotions, and to raise their children to experience them. It is Compasssion that will open our hearts and make us realize that we are not alone. We are One. We are part of the "Great Heart", and we can love and support each other, and especially the children of our planet.
Dear Lightworkers, now, at this time, expressing Love and Compassion in the Real World is so important. Being out there as a Light and Shining your Light is so important. Being able to bring Joy to Others is so important.
When people ask me why they feel so bad, I often say, because you have chosen to feel that way. It is not a conscious choice, maybe, but a past life decision that you made when you decided to accept the religions and prophecies that were focussed on the "end" of the Planet through War and Catastrophe. For many lifetimes, perhaps, you have seen life as a headlong rush towards some huge and transformative disaster where lots of people get killed. It is this beliefe in the Collective that political leaders who seek nuclear wars and world war III are drawing on when they attempt to create these scenarios. By accepting that there will be a great disaster, we are helping them to create such things.
Let it be now, at this time, that we as Lightworkers, give up the disaster and catastrophe perceptions that make us depressed on a deep level, and focus on the Joy of life.
I live here in Africa, and we have more problems than most people, but we can still make the choice for Joy and Love. I have many friends who are doing this. It is time for us all to make that choice.
So, to help you to get into the "spirit" of the Joy choice...here is a song from South Africa, from my part of the world. It is by Johnny Clegg. Thank you to Manfred Hauck in Germany, who reminded me of this music when I was in Germany. This song is called "Great Heart", and the recording is from a 2005 concert at Fancourt in South Africa. Don't miss the picture of Nelson Mandela, our own icon of Peace, Love and Compassion, especially for his work with children in South Africa.
I love this recording, it is sooooo South African, so what this country is all about for me, right down to the large African Mama with the Mega Voice! This is the South Africa that I love!
So.....here we are.....Searching for the Spirit of the Great Heart/ Under African Skies........Enjoy and may it bring you Laughter and Joy!

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