27 октомври, 2007

New Potentials in Creating

New Potentials in Creating

a message from Saint Germain channeled by Jeane R. Pothier
Sunday, 7 October, 2007 (posted 26 October, 2007
This message was originally brought through for a lovely lady in Australia who was inquiring about what was blocking her from finding a publisher for her book and keeping it from being published. This response has been added to and enhanced with editing from dear Adamus to be presented here.
I greet you this day my dear friend!
I AM Adamus St. Germaine and I have stepped forward once more to sit with you and talk about what you are creating and endeavoring to manifest in this life, during this time. Take a moment to breathe with me and know that I dearly love to come forth and sit with you!
For every project that you have that you are desiring to manifest, there is a divine cycle. This cycle runs from the dreaming or conception to the final manifestation and physical expression, with much potential for to-ing and fro-ing in between. During the course of what I would call an average creation, there are steps that are taken and energies attached here and there at specific points and the linearity of the flow of all of this can be projected and pinpointed and relied upon. At least this was the case in the old energy paradigms that you’ve long come to rely upon in your physical expression! In other words, this was the case in the past linearity.
No longer. And this is what is underlying a great deal of your frustration with these projects that you are now trying to bring to fruition. They have been "in the works" for such a long time and you feel that it is way past time that they find their way into full manifestation. Some of them have been worked and reworked so many times that you might not even recognize them in their current form! I agree with you on this and I do recognize your frustration and doubts and wonderings about what is going on with these and when will they finally move into the next stage.
So this day, as we sit and breathe together, we will address some of these layers of energy that are part and parcel of the new creations of the divine human who is now in the New Energy.
First of all, you are no longer creating in a 3 dimensional energy as you did for so many years. In the easiest way that I can describe this is that, when you now add the multi-dimensional energies and the New Energy to what you are creating, you are suddenly dealing with layers of energy that were not ever present before. For example, with your book, when it comes to fruition in this physical life, it will also become available in energetic form in an infinite number of realities and dimensions, never before open and flowing to you. So in a manner of speaking, you are juggling all these additional potentials at the same time you are now putting your projects together in this realm.
And most frustrating of all, this adds more time to the whole process, as you will find that there are delays and changes and shifts and you wonder what is happening again and again with all of this. These are again being activated in other realms and being flowed to you in this realm, for nothing that happens in the other realms will manifest there now without first being actuated in this realm. And how's that for responsibility?!
And so what does mean for you now with these many pending projects? What I would offer to you this day my friend, is that you give yourself a bit of time and simply sit with this book, sit in the energy of the publisher that you are considering and be open to what is before you. Sit in those energies and ask in that moment, if there is anything else that you can contribute that will bring about the final result that you desire to have. Ask the book (or your creation) itself if this is the most appropriate publisher for this creation, for I can guarantee you, this book definitely has an opinion!
And most of all, ask the energy of your creation what is the most appropriate avenue for flowing out to it's physical expression. And as you do this, be the Yo Ham that you are and feel how the energy swirls around you. For when you are in this place of being open to the input from the creation itself, you are opening yourself also to the other dimensions and realities that will be receiving this creation as it flows from you.
A bit mindblowing? Yes, indeed. This is a preview of what is coming for you. Because you are now a sovereign being who is in the New Energy, there is much more available for you than at any other time on this earth. You will be more and more aware of just exactly what your creations consist of and what they are desiring from you and also what potentials they have to be the highest and best of their own resolution. and in this connecting with your creations you will also find that it takes so much less efforting overall to bring your creations into manifestation from inception to the physical expression.
And now, more than at any other time, when you sit with yourself and talk to the energy in that moment, you will be receiving and perceiving interesting and mind opening answers! Yes dear friend, for the New Energy is a bit of a bridge to other realms and dimensions and you will be more and more aware of the information that is flowing to you from those other realms. This is the beginning of an interesting learning experience. And the more you are open to the input from those other realms the more easily they will be with you easily, flowing into those creations that are so much more now that they ever were before!
Take time each day to honor yourself and trust what is being presented to you in any given moment. You've worked damn hard to get here to this New Energy and now it's about an easy life. Let go of the efforting and follow your guidance, for you are truly gifted and strong in your knowing. Be at peace and know that all is well.
I AM Adamus and I am always here for you in any moment. Call me close and talk with me and share what's on your mind. The veil is thinner now than ever before and you have a great entourage of supporters here with you. Breathe this in and know that you are so dearly loved.
And we are complete.

© Copyright. Jeane R. Pothier. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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