02 ноември, 2007

AA GABRIEL~Going Within.:.Nov.2007

Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel~Going Within.:.Channelled by Rachael Doran
November 2007
Good evening dear friends, it is my pleasure to be here, to embrace you with my love and my affection and to instil hope into your hearts for your futures are very bright indeed, full of excitement, full of joy, full of new inspirations and full of new ideas, much of which will be given to you by many of your loved ones in the realms of light. There are many projects that you are undertaking at this time, many of you are doing practical things, creative things, mental things...
Everything you do in this life has a purpose, even some things that may seem a bit insignificant at the time. So Bear this in mind. But at the same time you must look within yourselves and make decisions when it is time for changing your lives, shifting and shaping your lives, and doing something more worthwhile perhaps. The more you use your creative streaks. The more you tap into your inner desires... the more fulfilling and the more abundant your life will be and become.
This new era sweeps you off your feet virtually. You will be taken and embraced by the winds of the wind as it moves you into the future so gently, it is a soft wind, a warm wind and many of you will feel the gentle embrace of this wind. Maybe Lets call it a breeze. It will push you forward and you'll end up exactly where you need to be at the right time. Towards the end of the year there will be a clearing, new horizons. The blazing sunshine that almost takes up all of the whole of the sky with its dynamic rays, pinks and moves and orange and golden colours will spread around the skies glowing upon each and everyone of you, sending you love, its rays of light warming you and inspiring you to do that which is necessary. As we go Into the cusp of January and February of the following year you will would of already stepped into the light. And you would of already begun your new journey. Many of you will be closing doors behind you and you will also be opening new ones, quite different from that which you have been part of up till now. Many of you will take big leaps and bounds into the future. The harvests will most definitely bear there fruits in the spring, Sow your seeds now, for that which is to come next year is going to be truly abundant. That which you have tried so hard to attain will most certainly and definitely come about next year. There is singing and dancing here this evening, much laughter and much joy and many are here to celebrate the coming of winter, a time for hibernating perhaps. But also for looking within and searching for ones truth. Why are you here, what is your purpose, Within these months of reflection we ask you to look within as much as you possibly can so that when it comes to the time of the spring you are ready to embrace. The greatness that is ready for you. There are many of us here and we would like to give you a little reward. You may not be able to see that which we are presenting to you. But rest assured that it is a gift from heaven for a job well done. We are very very gratified for the work you have all done up till now and we surely do trust in your ability to continue to do great things and to mould yourself in the way that you so wish too. To become the being that you set out to become. To reach that stage...to become enlighted...to move on to this plane to another with such grace and such ease as if you are walking from one room to another. That is what you are here for. The other is immaterial, but it is still necessary because there are still very small issues that you all need to sort out. But the main reason for you being here is to do just that, move from one plane to another as though you are walking from one room to another in your home, gently at peace and with such trust that everything is going to be okay.
But before this transition happens there’s a lot more work to be done and this is the time to search within to start your plans and to get excited about the future. To get excited about that which you have in your hearts to do next year. March time you will be bouncing around. The energies of the earth plane will be very very very electrifying, be part of that energy. Join in with that energy, open up to that energy and you will relish in the successes that follow. Due to your acknowledgement that that energy is there for you to grab hold of.
Things are changing, things will change and everything is going to plan so perfectly. The soup is being stirred, the ingredients are being placed within it and although it is taken a little while for the soup to cook, it is going to be the most delicious one you could ever dream to taste. But Make sure that the right things go into it. If you do that then next year will be your year. I will leave these thoughts with you and I will send you my blessings as will many of us here from the spirit realms.All information contained on this website is owned and copyrighted by the Rise Like A Phoenix Website. All Information may be shared freely, distributed and networked ....Please state the name of the author and the name of the website address. Bless You and Thank You
Rachael Doran.


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