20 ноември, 2007

Djwhal Khul .:. Natalie's channelled message

It is I Djwhal Khul who has come to speak with you this week. It brings me such delight to engage with each light being and to spread the love of my soul to all. I am an ascended master, once a teacher of the second ray of light also governing the synthesis ashram; I have now proceeded to a new higher position where I can continue my spiritual development. There are many initiations that a soul must overcome to draw closer to the Creator, 352 in fact, this means that every soul is a student of the Creator, growth is always a part of ones life whether on the Earth or on the inner planes of the spirit world. My departure from the second ray to the Great White Lodge on Sirius is one of celebration as a great evolvement has occurred allowing me to assist others in their own ascension process. My energy is still connected to the second ray and the synthesis ashram where many of my teachings were developed but now I have new experiences to explore, I remain a loyal teacher and friend to my students and light beings on the Earth and the spiritual planes, continuing to guide those who invoke my assistance and soul light, this will never change so I encourage you to continue to invoke my presence into your life as my work still resides with the ascension process of Mother Earth and the divine souls that walk on her soil.The subject matter of my lesson for you today could be based on many things for as light workers there is much for you to remember and achieve throughout your day; it is because of this I wish to direct your focus to certain areas. Accepting each area as a lesson to overcome will assist you in your spiritual growth process. RADIATE THE LOVE AND LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL OUT INTO THE WORLD. This could be the most important mission, radiating your inner soul light out into the world, expanding the light of your soul so that you may draw love into your being but also assist those around you to develop and awaken to the light and its mission on the Earth. To spread love throughout the land is to nourish and heal Mother Earth.EMBODY THE LOVE AND LIGHT ENERGY OF THE CREATOR.The second area I wish you to focus on as a light worker is absorbing the love and light of the Creator into your being, imagining, sensing or simply knowing that the love of the Creator is continuously flowing through your being at all times of the day. To do this you must invoke the positive energy of the Creator to enter through your crown chakra at the top of your head and melt into every aspect of your being. The issue here is not to be distracted by your daily routine and remembering to invoke light into your being especially when you are feeling low in energy or mood. As you absorb the light of the Creator into your being you will increase your light quotient and enhance your energy vibration, a valued step if one is wishing to follow a path of ascension and enlightenment.CLEANSE YOUR BEING.As physical beings it is easy to absorb any negative energy from situations or people around you. It is also easy to create negative energy without realising it. Emotions triggered by experiences, destructive thought patterns and a doubtful outlook can all create negative energy within the body and aura but negative energy can also enter your being through the chemicals and stale energy of the foods you eat and products you use on your body and in your home. Each can cause blockages in the aura triggering you to dwell on negativity and decrease the amount of light that can enter your being. It is vital that you cleanse your being by invoking me and any ascended masters or angels you feel a bond or connection with to shine the light of the Creator into your being, remove any blockages or negative energy replacing them with positive loving high vibration energy. During meditation, invoke me and experience the cleansing process, this should be practiced at least once a week, at the beginning once a day would be beneficial. You can also invoke me to cleanse your life, drawing your attention to the any bad habits that should be eliminated and any positive habits that should be enhanced. ENSURE YOU ARE ALWAYS PROTECTED BY THE LIGHT OF YOUR PERSONAL ANGELS.Simply call on your personal angels each day, they are your companions and ask them to surround you in a dome of protection allowing only beings and energy of love to enter your aura or connect with your soul. Protection is vital when one is opening their channels, to allow the energy of the universe to flow as negative energy may be attracted to the light of your soul. Your inner light and the light of your personal angels will always keep you perfectly safe and protected, especially when you have faith in your protection.My dear light workers please take my guidance and act on it in your life. Write each title down and place it where you can see it then focus on completing each task throughout your day. This is the beginning of opening yourself to ascension, it is the four most vital lessons that one must overcome and anchor into their being so that it becomes a positive habit that can never be broken; a part of your being and daily life on the Earth. For those of you how are evolving then I ask you to ensure that you have and are anchoring these lessons into your being. For those awakening take these lessons and tasks as a goal for you to achieve and master. I believe that I could reel off many techniques, meditations and lessons for you each to master but this may cause confusion, instead I ask you to focus on these basics as I believe them to be the truth of ascension and spiritual evolvement. While focusing on each you will discover your own path and spiritual techniques which will draw you closer to the Creator?s mighty soul and beaming unconditional love. When you allow your soul to be revealed you will uncover the true path for your being as your soul will guide you to achieve your goals on the Earth and to reach your purpose of existence on the Earth.My students of the light follow the wisdom of your soul and invoke me to your side to assist you with your spiritual growth on the Earth.My blessings remain with you always,Master Djwhal KhulMay you walk in the love and light always,Natalie http://www.wisdomofthelight.com/



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