08 ноември, 2007

Lord Buddha as Planetary Logos .:. Natalie's channelled messages

Lord Buddha as Planetary Logos come to impart my divine wisdom with those who are willing to accept my energy channelled through these words. I have so much that I wish to share with you but as spiritual souls living your own reality on Earth I know that time is valuable to you so I shall only take a small amount of time speaking with you today but hope to create a large influence on your life, spiritual growth and the way in which you view the world through your eyes. Let me begin by first expressing my love and gratitude for the work that each light worker on the Earth achieves. Each of you are protected and guarded by my soul energy and the universal light. As Planetary Logos I embody the Earth and understand all aspects.It is the soul and its aspects that I wish to discuss today, I believe it to be a very important understanding to gain and hope that my words will bring some clarity. Remember if any questions do arise, I Lord Buddha am open to receiving questions and will try to answer them in a way that will enlighten your mind. Simply invoke my energy during meditation and ask your question. I will reply in the way that you will be most receptive, so have faith in your abilities, for faith releases blockages and opens you to receiving communication for my soul energy.Now let me come back to my main purpose of speaking with you today. I understand that questions have been arising and confusion is forming as many ascended masters communicate their messages. The confusion is created when ascended masters have taken many life times on the Earth as different characters. When a soul incarnates into a person on the Earth they become an extension of a soul, this soul is then an extension of another larger soul until the connections can be traced back to the Creator or original soul. Each soul on the Earth is an extension of the Creator?s mighty soul. But we must remember that each extension soul created is a soul with an existence and mission on the Earth, they become an aspect of the larger soul. Eventually these aspects through spiritual growth will merge with the soul they broke away from until the entire population of the universe as we know it ascends and merges with the Creator once more so you could say that we return back to where we started.I have had many lifetimes on the Earth, each personality I manifested into still lives on as an aspect of my being from which I can learn and grow from. These extensions of my soul can communicate with you as I am; they have their own experiences and wisdom to impart. The soul of the Creator and its many millions of extensions are powerful and limitless, while incarnate on the Earth this is difficult to grasp but it is important to understand that whoever you speak with they have connections and extensions that lead back to the might Creator as you do. The universe is a vast web of connected souls with the Creator being centre of the Web. I leave you with a question to puzzle over, is the Creator an extension of a greater soul, another universe that we within this universe are unaware of, how far does this connection of extensions span? This is something I wish you to think on light workers, for where does the universe and the limitlessness of the light extend to, is there ever an end to the light and the soul extensions that are created? I ask you to create your own opinion, not by your current views but by asking your soul to reveal the truth to you for it is far wiser than you believe it to be. Call upon me for I am here to assist all.May the souls on Earth be blessed by the radiance of the Creator,Lord Buddha, Planetary LogosMay you walk in the love and light always,Natalie http://www.wisdomofthelight.com/


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