26 ноември, 2007

Master Kuthumi Message .::. Natalie Sian Glasson

This weeks message from Master Kuthumit hrough Natalie Sian Glasson

My dear beloved friends incarnate on the Earth, I am privileged tobring to you my soul love and a message from the truth of my heart. Iam a light being, I am an Ascended Master and I am the Creatorincarnate, as are we all! My name is Master Kuthumi and I am currentlyworking with the Great White Brotherhood of Light and the light beingsof Sirius at the Great White Lodge, accompanied by Master Djwhal Khul.I believe that Master Djwhal Khul emanated his own message last week;it is my turn to do so this week.My dear friends in my opening paragraph I said that I am the Creatorincarnate. I wish to discuss this subject for a moment. 'I am,' simplymeans God or the Creator, so every time you are saying I am (yourname, e.g. Master Kuthumi) you are saying that you are the God or theCreator. This is a powerful statement to make that will assist youwith your spiritual growth process while on the Earth. You areaccepting the light of the Creator into your being and honouring thelove that flows from the mighty Creator into your being. All lightworkers must be powerful in a loving harmonious way and many peoplecurrently incarnate on the Earth are embodying this inner power andstrength that originates from the divine love within their being andthe mighty Creator's soul. Now I wish to encourage every person toaccept the divine energy of the Creator into their being, not as aseparate energy but as a whole and connected energy of your being. Youare the Creator manifest on the Earth and this is what the second partof the sentence states, 'I am the Creator incarnate,' you are simplysaying that you are the Creator and you are acting as the Creator onthe Earth. This is not an ego trip to make yourself appear better thanothers as when you accept this statement you are accept also thatevery person around you is also the Creator incarnate acting as theCreator on the Earth. If everyone practiced this on Earth would wethink twice about emotionally hurting, judging or ridiculing another?I ask you to sit and meditate invoking the divine energy of theCreator into your being through your crown chakra and fearlessly askto become the embodiment of the Creator on the Earth, radiating thelight, love, power and peace of the universe as the Creator does. Thensimply enjoy and be alert to any sensations or insights that youreceive. This is a powerful invocation that will raise your energyvibration, light quotient and centre you onto your correct spiritualpath. If you feel unworthy of the Creator's love then there is workthat you must do first on yourself, affirming and knowing with faiththat you love yourself unconditionally, that the Creator loves youunconditionally and that you are worthy of divine miracles andexperiences in your life. When you truly believe this then you willfeel the honour and need to invoke and embody the light of theCreator, acting as a beacon of light on the Earth.My friends I ask you to keep two affirmations in the forefront of yourmind this week.'I am (your name),' focusing on its meaning, (God is .)'I am the Creator incarnate on the Earth,' also focusing on itsmeaning and truth.This belief will increase your connection with the light and theCreator while also assisting you to embody the powerful and pureenergies of the Creator and unconditional love of the universe. It isimportant for you each to build your confidence and faith in your ownbeing and your connection with the Creator in order to continue onyour spiritual growth process on the Earth.My dear beloved friends my blessing and love always remain with you,until the next time we speak,Master Kuthumi

May you walk in the love and light always,Natalie



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