04 ноември, 2007

Michelle Eloff ©: NEW EARTH Grid anchoring in DUBAI

NEW EARTH Grid anchoring in DUBAI

The Divine Light of Spirit is calling to us to pass through the gates of the old world into the NEW EARTH. Dubai is a key component in this time of powerful change. As a result two pillars of Golden and Platinum Energy were anchored in the area to support the manifestation of the Divine Plan of the New Earth to ensure critical mass to wake up to the opportunities of Soul Liberation and merging with the Divine Compliment being offered. Each person participating is encoded with the Divine Seeds of the New Earth and activate their Divine Agreements that must now be carried out to ensure that this last stretch of Planetary Change unfolds in accordance with the Divine Structures of Light that the Great Beings of our Universe have set in place. This is the time of redirecting power to the masses. If ever you thought life is doomed to be a struggle, encountering challenges at every turn and being bound to unfulfilling and loveless relationships, then this is for you. Read the transcript of the channeling conducted by Michelle in Dubai on the 22nd of October 2007.
NEW EARTH Grid anchoring in DUBAI
Channelled through Michelle Eloff ©
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
22 October 2007
This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.
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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of empowerment, clear sight, authenticity and transparency. Greetings beloved one.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Beloved one, as we gather with the hierarchies of Light, we present the collective consciousness of planet earth with the final phase of activation relating to the androgyny grids that have been anchored upon planet earth over the past two weeks.
This energy is one that brings to humanity the Golden and Platinum Spirals of Unity Consciousness. We have chosen to activate these energies here in Dubai specifically so that this particular portal can be re-awoken.
The androgyny portal located here in Dubai is one that penetrates the intricate systems of consciousness on a planetary level. These intricate systems are interwoven between the grids of sacred knowledge. Those grids are systems containing information that when tuned into begin revealing the higher plan of the new earth to what we call the response-able ones. The light and power that the beings currently serving humanity are bringing is not a power or a light that can be taken lightly and by this we mean it is not something that is taken without the knowing that it requires of you a level of responsibility. Responsibility simply and always being the ability to respond to what life delivers you.
So the collective consciousness of humanity is going to be taken through a cycle of very deep change. Up until this particular time changes have been happening rapidly, but in truth there are forty-eight months left for us to complete the projects of light that have been set before us by the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos, the Galactic and Universal Logi, and as each of these groups present us with what our tasks are we need to acknowledge that what has been asked of us is for a very important reason and the same lies upon the Lightworkers, you are asked and called to service for a very important reason.
Within the next forty-eight months there will be many layers of the old world removed. As each of these layers are peeled away so new worlds will replace the old one, and for now let us say the new world is simply a new way of being, believing, living, perceiving and responding as opposed to the old world being what you have all become accustomed to being your life that you knew prior to the great shift you have been through.
Forty-eight months of rapid change. Forty-eight months of every soul being presented personally with this opportunity to step fully into the sacred power of their divine self, to walk their path of power empowered within a human form not having to drop the physical body to attain that level of power, but to be the empowered one within the human state of consciousness, and within that state being in a position to move beyond the dense consciousness of the planet, of the communities of ignorance.
Now there is another extraordinary thing that will happen, and I am aware that this channel has already presented this concept to certain people, and that is that a time comes when you are in a position to merge with the exact reflection of your innermost beauty, innermost light and right now we will call this for the sake of giving it a name the “Divine Compliment” or the “Divine Counterpart”.
When one merges with the Divine Counterpart, as a couple you are presented with a whole new level, a whole new world of opportunity in terms of ascending the Gold and Platinum Spirals of Androgyny and returning to the one light of the oneness within yourself as an individual, but reflecting it back to each other every step of the way.
That concept on it’s own is a very sensitive one because humanity attaches glamour to the identities of twin flame, twin soul, soul mate, divine compliment etc. However when one recognises the Divine Compliment of self it is recognized without question, you will recognize him/her immediatley, you will feel it energetically and physically. The knowing that one has met oneself mirrored within another is an unquestionable moment in time. Two worlds meeting, the magnetism of these two energies connecting create the Vesica Pisces and that connection cannot and will not ever be severed. This is the blessing of beauty that Father/Mother God are bestowing upon humanity at this time, in other words it is your reward for everything that you are addressing, every part of you that you allow to be healed, every obstacle you overcome, every part of self mastery leads to this divine gift, the greatest gift of love and unity combined in one expression is delivered to you. The connection when the Vesica Pisces manifests between all the chakras of you and your mirror and that is when a whole new level of mastery and ascension begins. This lnew evel of growth cannot be experienced unless you have merged with this aspect of self.
This has been an important time of progression for Lightworkers. Lightworkers are all people who choose to work with the light inside of themselves, the light present in situations, in life in general and who make the changes necessary. Lightworkers are not limited to healers or channels, counsellors or authors preaching words of philosophy and metaphysics, no, Lightworkers are every single person choosing to acknowledge the light within regardless of who they are or where they are or what they choose to do.
So now it is that the energies of the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos, the Galactic and the Universal Logi coming together, their energies forming the Sacred Golden and the Sacred Platinum Grids in the form of Spiral Consciousness.
We ask you now to close your eyes for a while and to feel the light of these two spirals gently penetrating the crown chakra of your body, and every breath you take in draws the platinum and golden spiral consciousness into your body. The vibration of the spiral consciousness is fed into the cells of your brain and encoded into the major glands within the brain manifesting an intricate recalibration of consciousness, deeper awareness and greater understanding of what your sacred role of service is, in alignment with and in unison with us, the Masters of the light who work under the auspices of the great Logi.
Relax as these powerful vortices are activated within the brain. These code the crown chakra and third eye chakras with the spiral consciousness of the sacred platinum and golden spirals. These spirals form vortices within the body which serve as magnetic fields attracting to you that divine expression of self, the divine compliment, that part of you that you are to become one with so as to continue your journey upon the pathway which has become your walk to freedom, your return to inner sense.
Continue breathing as these magnetic impulses begin aligning themselves within the sacred geometric patterns of attraction, and these impulses emit a very unique vibration, a vibration that only your divine compliment will recognise. Once this vibration is established and encoded into your magnetic field so another level of encoding begins, and this magnetic vibration is one that is set up to ensure that you are kept perfectly in alignment with your sacred role of service with and alongside the Masters of the light and the Logi of light.
Breathe as all the minor chakras on the head are activated and all the magnetic impulses align, and as each of these magnetic impulses are aligned so the planetary chakras reflecting the same are activated.
The Planetary Logos now activates the twenty-four sacred crystals held within the earth in Dubai which will serve as the beacons of light guarding and maintaining the activation of the portal we have spoken of, and over the next twenty-four hours this portal will be completely re-attuned, revived and all souls choosing to be aligned with this vibration will be resuscitated and life will return to the empowered ones. Those empowered by the light of Father/Mother God, those empowered by the visions of prosperity consciousness, victory consciousness, unconditional love and divine love consciousness, will be supported in taking their rightful position of power to ensure that the grids of the new earth be anchored within the physical world and materialise so that power be in it’s rightful place - with those who are response-able, those who are answer-able to the light, those who take what they ask Spirit sincerely and respond when what is being asked for is delivered.
Now the spiral consciousness of the gold and platinum spirals move into the spinal cord, and these magnetic impulses become one with the spinal cord, one with the cerebral spinal fluid and the two spirals wrap around the spine connecting with each of the chakras as each and every breath is taken in and released.
As the major chakras of your body are encoded with this divine and empowering vision so all the minor chakras of your body are encoded with the same. Mother Earth’s body responds to this magnetic vibration and all the major and minor chakras of her body respond and open to receive the divine imprint of what we bring now, and once again our message to all of you is this: you deserve love, you deserve the best, you deserve everything that feeds your soul, your heart, your body, your spirit and mind, and this is shared with you through the manifestation of what we call the Divine Compliment.
Many of you have experienced very negative experiences in love, many of you have experienced abuse, rejection, repression and suppression. Your experience of love in plain and simple English language sucks! This is why we tell you that Father/Mother God is presenting you with your reward for everything that you have been through, everything that you have mastered. You have mastered the dark side of life and your choice to move out of the dark and into the light means you are ready to receive this just reward.
So those of you that have walked away from very negative experiences of love, those of you who have turned your back on relationships because it is just too painful, too much effort and just not worth your time think again, feel again because all it was was the process of moving closer to the light. The stairway to heaven is what you have climbed. Every single negative experience has been a step getting you closer to the light, another level of mastering the dark side of life and we tell you now that it is not over, life that is, and we ask you, in fact we urge you to keep your heart open because your Divine Compliment is closer than you think.
Continue breathing as we complete the recalibration of the magnetic field being encoded by these magnetic impulses, every cell in your body is being recalibrated with this spiral consciousness frequency. Every cell of your body is being reminded of your return to power. The magnetic vibrations in the cells of your body will penetrate your DNA, the molecules and the atoms of your body and by the new day of the new year to come, 2008 for those of you working with this energy now, you will feel that a whole new world has anchored itself within you, through you and all around you.
Take a deep breath in exhaling fully as your body responds to the vibrations of these spirals.
Now it is that the Universal Logos extends from the left palm a platinum pillar, from the right palm a golden pillar which are anchored in the earth. These pillars rest on either side of Mother Earth’s body, her left and her right, east and west. The golden platinum spirals represent heaven and earth, above and below, north and south and so it is with you that the same pillars are to your left and to your right. Pillars holding, pillars anchoring and the spirals moving through you. All of this is the new support system that you require in your life now to ensure that the divine plan of your new life manifests synchronistically in every area and upon every level of your personal life, in perfect unison with the Divine Compliment and every other person and place that will compliment your life journey from this moment forward.
Take a deep breath in and as you exhale all these energies now move down your legs as well as through the base chakra, through the soles of your feet rooting firmly into Mother Earth’s body and encoding your sacred blueprint on earth as it is in heaven. This is the blueprint of the new earth that you have chosen, the blueprint of your light self for the dark self has been mastered.
The challenge that you face now beloved ones is to believe that the past is over, to believe that the dark side has been mastered, that the intensity of the trials and tribulations of your past have come to an end. This is not to say that you will never be challenged ever again, not to say that there will not be opportunities for more mastery and empowerment to happen, but how this will be will be very different, the quality of those lessons will be very different, they are not ones that are bound to the earth line, these are ones that move into the higher dimensions of mastery.
So are you ready to embrace the opportunity that moves you beyond the old paradigm? Are you willing to take a chance on life and love again and look what is right there by you and see that Mother/Father God is already presenting you with many of those just rewards for your efforts? Simply through a change of perception, the dropping of a fear, the acknowledgement of a strength, you will see it in a flash, the veil of illusion will drop and for some of you you will look into the eyes of your beloved and for the first time recognise them for who they truly are, what they represent and you will be able to step into that light. For some of you it will be a journey in a new direction where you will find the eyes of your beloved, either way it will happen.
All that is asked of you is to let go of your grip on any aspect of the dark world and to allow the residual energy of that past life to leave you and to embrace the new earth grids, to say yes to the new way, yes to true authentic love, to say yes to your true authentic self and to walk this path not alone but with your companion, your light side.
We ask you now to imagine all these powerful energies spreading out through Mother Earth’s body. Every beat of her heart sends a pulsation of this magnetic energy into the etheric field of planet earth which will then become a part of the planetary grids of higher awareness, and whoever is ready will be able to tap into this and receive their just reward. It is up to you to say yes to it, it is being presented but will not manifest unless you say yes to it, unless you open your heart, your mind, your body and your spirit to receive it therefore saying yes to a new pathway, to a new dance.
Allow your body to settle as all these energies move through every layer and every fibre of your being. This settles within the chakras, major and minor and over the next twenty-three hours we will continue bringing it all into divine balance. We ask you to maintain your focus on that which you choose to have in your life. The way you let go of the dark side is by concentrating on the light side nurturing and feeding those visions of love, of peace, harmony, joy and happiness. And so it shall then be done.
We thank you for your presence, for your time and your choice to serve. Peace always.
I am Kuthumi, Adonai.


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