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2007 Winter Solstice .:.Christ Consciousness Rising Global Link

2007 Winter Solstice
Christ Consciousness Rising Global Link

For many years we were working directly with the work of the modern Christian Mystic Corinne Heline. For several years we even had a service that we did each month while were in Crestone, CO that tied into that work and added to it some unique zodiacal perspectives provided by Thoth through Maia.

The core information from Thoth that we were working with survives today on the Spirit Mythos website on the Mystical Astrology page:


Corinne Heline had a unique perspective on the relationship between the Christ Consciousness in the Earth and its celestial journey around the Sun each year. In her model the Christ Consciousness was focused most intently within the Holy of Holies in the center of the Earth at Winter Solstice. Thoth refers to the Holy of Holies within the center of the Earth as its atoma. Each celestial orb and every ensouled being also has an atoma. The atoma is an Infinity Point, like the center of the figure eight loop or lemniscate, and is therefore its Holy of Holies.

All atomas or Holy of Holies are thus the SAME point of reference throughout the universe. It does not matter which dimension(s) of experience the celestial orb or being may be projected into, all of them share this point of unity we are referring to as the atoma or Holy of Holies.

Corinne Heline stated that the Christ Consciousness would arise from the Holy of Holies at the center of the Earth starting with Winter Solstice and reach its zenith in the high ethers at Summer Solstice and then would move back to the Holy of Holies again at the following Winter Solstice. Thus, at the Spring Equinox (roughly Easter, Resurrection), and the Fall Equinox, the Christ Consciousness in the Earth was equally balanced throughout all of her beingness. The primary difference being that in Spring the Christ Consciousness was arising from the center of the Earth as a wave of illumination whereas in the Fall it was moving inwards for a more concentrated focus within our core being.

It is no "accident" despite the nefarious history of how Christmas came to be celebrated on December 25th that this celebration of the birth of Christ follows the celestial event Corinne Heline spoke of at Winter Solstice. Indeed it is being celebrated 3 days after Winter Solstice when the Christ Consciousness in the Earth is birthed anew for the year and rises to meet us in our conscious awareness by Spring at a whole new level.

The continued rising of this energy between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice is where our greatest potential in the year lies to "ride the wave" of Christic Consciousness in an ascending evolutionary mode into the high ethers of our collective being.

I working with this over the years I have found that setting our intention to be aligned to this movement is best accomplished at Winter Solstice, it is after all the birthing point for the next coming cycle.

I (Simeon) therefore invite all of you to join me this year in this focus anytime that is convenient for you on the day of Winter Solstice. The actual time of Solstice is at 12/22/07 at 6:08 UT. To convert Universal Time into your local time to be sure of what day it is occurring on for you (could possibly be Friday 12/21 or Saturday 12/22 depending on your time zone):


Our overriding intent and understanding is that we do not need to coordinate at the same time, just on day which the Solstice occurs within our local time zone and with the same intent, and we know that God-Spirit-Source brings all of our energy together in a unified matrix for the benefit of all beings.

I will be using the following meditative procedure for the purpose of aligning myself and the planetary consciousness to this celestial movement of the Christ Consciousness in the Earth:

1) Place all of your attention on your heart chakra. Breath slowly and rhythmically in and out through the Heart Chakra, long deep breaths in through the heart and down into the belly, then slowly back out again through the heart.

For those of you who have done the Radiant Heart Initiation (http://www.spiritheart.org/ascension/sessions.htm) with me this is the Heart Breathing technique that I taught you then. When you feel a deeper sense of peace and relaxation come over you move to the next step but keep this breathing up throughout the whole meditation.

2) Focus even deeper now within the center of your entire being.

Thoth tells us that the energetic point of our atoma is a few inches below the heart chakra and a couple inches away from the body. I have found it helpful at times to use this point of reference to gain access more deeply to my core beingness.

3) Open to experiencing the Christ Consciousness in the Earth focused intently there within your atoma, which is the same and at-one with the atoma or Holy of Holies in the Earth, in our Sun, in all stars, planets and beings.

4) See this brilliant diadem of Superluminal Light expanding outward within the planetary ether and your own etheric field through the course of the next cycle. Get a sense of the point where it crosses into your conscious threshold of understanding around Spring Equinox.

5) Ask your Divinity to help you be aware throughout the year of this sublime movement and to help you align with it through its expanding evolutionary and contracting involutionary phases of development as it responds to the even larger cycles of the Mayan Long Count Calendar governed by the long-wave magnetic waves emanating from galactic core, the Galactic Tree of harmonics setting the threshold for consciousness development in all World Systems in our galactic plane of reality.

6) Ask the Elohim to now take you on your own personal journey through this Galactic Program of Light, to impart to you the awareness and understanding you need right now to accept and flow with it and to move beyond any resistance that may reside within you or the collective soul of humanity.

7) Reside within deep stillness for as long as guided to allow these energy harmonics to integrate more deeply within your cellular being.

For those of you who have the SpiritWare
Thoth Master Guardian (http://www.shsstore.org/spiritware/mg_thoth.html) you can also program your intentions into the program, and if you also have obtained your Seraphi Personal Profile (http://www.spiritmythos.org/mystreams/seraphi_profiles.htm) you can add that numerical sequence at the end of the intention to employ the Pymander Elohim Inner Earth Computer to help amplify, broadcast and align your intentions.

I look forward to experiencing the group energy with all of you who participate on the upcoming Winter Solstice!

Ua ola loko ik ke aloha (love brings life within),
Simeon Nartoomid

Spirit Heart Sanctuary

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