09 декември, 2007

Adama on The Seat of Your Soul's Intentions

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Adama on The Seat of Your Soul's Intentions

I am Adama, Ascended Master, High Priest and Lord of the inner earth city of Telos. It is an honor to speak with you this day and of divine decree. Blessings from on high. I have come forth to speak with you on behalf of the entire civilization of Telosians, an ascended group of souls at the center of earth assisting in the planetary evolution of Shan.

We are a civilization of light and love and we have a great role to play in the ascension of earth. We hold the keys to many of the energetic portals on the surface of earth and allow for select few to enter our world of high frequency and communication. You (who are) are of the great historic lineage that make up our current population... are a descendant(s) of Lemurian ancestry and carry important codes for planetary activation.

We come in honor to communicate with you in a timely fashion for you are of the wayshowers of the new world, delightful beings of the stars with a great role to play in the plan for new earth. Your role(s) in this lifetime (are) of honor and prestige, for (it is you) who carries the ancient dna and genetic codes of light to anchor into earths core. You are the beacon(s) of transmission with receptors for these diagnostic codes transmitted upon the surface of earth. Generously and graciously you beam light outward and into the great biosphere enabling the activations of new grid systems for all of mankind.

You have traveled the cosmos far and wide and have had many trials and tribulations of soul growth and learning specifically for this very lifetime for you knew it would be quite impacting on your personal level of soulular achievement and for the achievements of your fellow man. The call in your heart is awakening you to the many dimensional wonders of your divine multidimensional nature.

This means that you are in a position to awaken to the totality of who you are and why you have come to earth during this very special time. You hold within your heart all of the information necessary to carry out divine plans and only you can divulge and engage the fire burning within for a new way. Undoubtedly you remain at a crossroads, knowing deeply that there is something more for you, something fulfilling on many levels.

This is the call of the heart, the soulular nudge to your divinity. Each ancient being who awakens to their dormant potential ignites a fire that burns within and around the earths sphere adding to the brilliant light of transmutation and reinforcing the potential for global upliftment.

What you long for is what all of those with ancient DNA long for, your special part or contribution to the whole of creation. The essence that you carry is one of divine importance and though you have known many times of strife in lives past, those moments added to the great strength of your demeanor....the quiet awareness of purposefulness and the silent revolution that is sweeping over the surface of earth and erupting in monumental change.

What role do you play in this part? I will share with you that the role you play is not nearly as pressing as the essence of you. Your light is your contribution and how you share it is the divine decree of co-creation that you employ. To share your essence with the world is a creative endeavor of divinity and yours to uphold. Have you not considered your ability to lead the way as an example of this power? Have you wondered how to share this unique essence that you embody for a most fulfilling cause?

We bring these questions to your awareness for you to realize the foothold you have already on your many abilities to co-create with the world in a unique way. Your passions, your desires are what you came to explore and implement, that which drives at the heart of you.

Beloved wonders, know that this time of great shifting on the planet is still in the throes of upheaval and confusion but that does not mean that you must take part in what is falling away to be productive. Contrarily, to remain in a space of peacefulness is the most beneficial contribution you could offer. Your creative endeavors of the heart will manifest as a result of this peace-keeping and you will have the ability to explore a new direction in the coming days of the new cycle.

Your wayward elements are uniting and the many disparate parts of the whole are rushing to meet you for this magnificent entrance into the seat of your soul's intentions. As you integrate these aspects of your multidimensional nature you will surely embody more of your truth, your path becomes clear and you will find that you have the ability to take your next steps with grace, ease & spiritual confidence.

Take not the words of others as your guide, but honor the guidance within that is leading you perfectly to your intended outcome. Those who went before you watch over you and lead you to your destiny, but it is you who must determine your fate. Stay true to your feelings and press on in your pursuits and you will have ventured well. This final month of endings is clearing the way for many who chose to step forward into the vastness of their expanded potential as the leaders of a new domain and the unknown holds much promise for those who capture it in faith.

The underground network of light supports you in your endeavors and we call to you from the space in your heart. We acknowledge your intent to grow new wings and we faithfully honor the highest in you. Through the uncertainty of all of life, one things remains...we are all One on the quest for greater truth and united under the grace of Prime Creator. The light that shines within you shines within us all and it is only those with the courage to notice & the brevity to live fulfilling lives who will lead humanity in the upward spiral of evolution for a cause.

We are your cohabiters, your friends of home who call to you... We are linked over many lifetimes and our connection is undeniable. Thank you for honoring the space in your heart that runs deeply into the core of earth connecting you with all of life. Your light shines outward but your love shines within. Share your self with one and you have affected millions, that is how powerful you are.

The new year holds much promise for those who are connected to the light and hope for a new earth. Transformation, enlightenment, and rapid manifestation beckon you in the bewildering cycle of new beginnings for the ongoing process of Earth's great plan. Opportunities will abound, choose wisely. Soul team members will avail themselves, you will know them deeply by their light. Bearers of good news may come under the guise of great challenge, pay close attention to the many ways that spirit communicates and remain open to the path that tugs at your heartstrings.

Creating a new life means choosing it.

With deep and abiding love, we guide you onward. Farewell good friend(s).


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