25 декември, 2007

Celia Fenn's Earth Log 24th and 25th December

December 24th and 25th : Christmas in Africa....and Hawaii....and wherever you are....Peace on Earth. : On this Sacred and Beautiful day before Christmas, I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a day of Peace and Love, wherever You Are.

May we all remember that the birth of Christ was a moment that allowed for an awareness of a change of Consciousness, and that we are experiencing the culmination of that change right now. We are learning to access the Christ light within ourselves.


So, on this Christmas of 2007, I wish for you all that you may experience and radiate the brilliant light that lives in each one of you.

May you Be Light!

May you Radiate that Light to All

May you find Peace and Grace Within

May there be Peace on Earth

And so it Is!

And now for some Christmas fun.....Thank you to all of you who sent me Santa and the singing reindeer...and for those of you who don't know this one...here is "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" by the Drifters a.k.a. Santa and the singing reindeer. Click Here.

I thought I would share with you some of the energy of Christmas, here in Africa. The Community that I work in with the Starchild Children's Project is traditionally Christian, and so Christmas is part of their traditional celebrations. Starchild hosted a party for 100 of the less privileged children in this Community. So...here is Wilma, our co-ordinator, having some party fun with the children:

Wilma reappears as Santa, to hand out presents:


Santa hands out food as well..an abundance on this day.....:


And here Santa takes a well deserved smoke break....


And now...to the other side of the planet, and some beautiful Christmas music from Kauwila. The first is a Hawaian rendition of "Silent Night"...I just love what he does with this traditional song. The second is a song he wrote himself, to remind us all that "Christ is born in Us"! So, thank you to Kauwila for these beautiful songs. (www.letyourjoyshine.com.)





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