18 декември, 2007

City of Light Andromeda- Integration

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya

Greetings beloved ones

This is The Council of light City of Light Andromeda. This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service this day.

Channelling on: Responsibility of Integration of Higher Self

Responsibility of integration of Higher Self is not left to your guides alone. This takes work from a 3rd dimensional perspective that also includes a deep understanding of the spiritual aspect if the mind, body and spirit. All essential components, for one cannot integrate one aspect alone. Balance is attained by the whole body integration of mind, body, spirit. Your karmic influences have played an important part of the completion phase this year. This gift has placed you on an important road for the new beginning of 2008. For you cannot carry the energetic burden of karma for ASCENSION.

Aspiring to vibrate higher includes shining light into many dark aspects of the human soul where full integration cannot occur if this has not been acknowledged. Each aspect of the human self where emotions exist have a dual dark side and the many experiences you have had over your lifetimes come to the fore through the AKASHIC record in your DNA. There is no place to hide at this present time as you work on your outstanding issues your guides present you with. Also comes with it the guidance to assist you in dealing with the best possible outcome. As you vibrate higher you access the dimensions that are compatible to you and you draw these experiences to you and presents itself in your everyday scenarios.

Integration occurs on many levels and an understanding of mind, body, spirit component with an understanding of human emotions of the mind, the physical aspect of DNA and the spiritual component of the spirit body. Many are unaware that integration takes time and effort to complete.


The left and right hemispheres of the brain


Sub conscious



DNA and all aspects and layers within the DNA, AKASHIC record and all stranding both physical and spiritual (etheric)

Spirit Body





For Ascension for you this means that all components of the higher self are fully integrated. Ascension is the incension of your higher self and the preparations for this occur on all levels within your physical body, your mind components, and your spirit body. The responsibility is yours to complete with guiding hands available at your disposal. If you are not sure, then ask your guide team for advice and wait for the answers to come. They come in many ways and it is up to you to take note of the answers given to you.

The practical application of Integration is similar to integration of an oversoul. The moment of incarnation into a foetus requires a period of integration by the incoming soul. This is not well documented nor understood, but as you well know, many of you are experiencing many symptoms of the awakening and incension of your higher souls, the density of this dimension makes it uncomfortable. The light shining into many places of your own DNA, the activating and awakening of your layers of DNA making available to you your past life experiences coming through to you in emotional turmoil. These emotional feelings are karmic in nature and require your attention before further integration can take place. Little by little as you work on yourselves and complete your given assignment from your blueprint overlay with your guides, that your connections to the higher dimensions are your reward.

As this energetic clearing takes place the visions you have increase, the knowing you have as intuition plays in important role in your next phase of the new beginnings. This includes your integration process of the full entity of you.

We invite you to THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT AND SOUND to receive meditations and guidance on the integration process that is accelerating.

Meditation for the Integration of Higher Self Process

Bring yourself to the Temple of Light and Sound and envisualising it in any way that makes you feel peaceful. In the centre of this Temple is a sacred circle. Place yourself in the middle of this sacred circle and invite your guide team, guardian angels to assist you. The Masters of Healing from The City of Light join you in your assistance. We ask you to bring the pranic breath from below your earth star chakra and through your feet and into your heart, we ask you to bring the pranic breath from the sky and through your crown star chakra and into your heart, and as you breath let this pranic breath infuse your physical being, mental, emotional bodies, light body and merkaba.

Now ask for the sacred geometry you need to complete this particular phase of your journey. Know that there is no limit to what you need to experience.

We leave you on the rays of golden light that we see before you and ask you to hold the visions of light as you go about your daily affairs.

You are honoured and assisted on every part of the way, but listen carefully for the answers you need at present, it is important to communicate with your guides, and those assisting you. Making time in your day for this is recommended.

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.
Channelling completed 17-12-2007
Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya


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