11 декември, 2007

Cosmic PEACE 12:12 .:.How The 12:12 Will Affect Our Daily Lives


Every December 12, Every year till 2012
12:00 PM, GMT
4:00 AM PT


Please include this important information in your Calendar and Newsletter.
This celebration takes place every year December 12th, 12:00 Noon, Greenwich Mean Time bringing PEACE and HEALING in to the consciousness of humanity, Mother Earth and ALL LIFE.

Please join us for this very special event, unifying our heart energies with the heart energies of people around the planet. The light of GOD is eternally victorious, and we look forward to working with you through this sacred activity. If you wish to expand the Reality of PEACE, you can join together
every day at 12:00 Noon, local time, to meditate, be silent or ring a bell to celebrate PEACE. Take from one minute to 12 minutes until 12:12.
12th day of every month, join in groups to celebrate PEACE at 12:00 noon, local time.

Let's accept that "PEACE begins with me" is a reality.
Good Thoughts - Good Words - Good Deeds
Bring PEACE into your heart for PEACEFUL hearts make a PEACEFUL world.

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Iniitiated by Pari Mahinpey
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How The 12:12 Will Affect Our Daily Lives
Channeled by The Golden Man,
(A Direct Messenger from the God-Source through Mary Margareht Rose)

The 12:12 means Union and Reunion. This energy is bringing everybody together, and balancing the female and the male aspects. This is also bringing in the energies for people to knowingly -- or unknowingly -- move into gifts from past lives that served to help others. More and more people are going to become conscious of helping others.

This doesn't mean everyone is going to wake up and be a healer -- people are going to wake up and smile and mean it, hug somebody and mean it! And these are meaningful gestures that will help the world come into the union that has been predicted. The 12:12 is probably the most significant energy change. People who used to lie will feel uncomfortable lying. People who used to blatantly do things without thinking, just to suit themselves, will lessen that behavior until it disappears.

This is also setting the energy for when the ET's arrive to help, so they will be accepted by the people. You will come to see that many of the horrendous things that have been predicted will be softly spent. Many things will be reversed through this loving energy. The crashes predicted for the United States will be softer -- they will be short-lived recessions -- softened because of this energy of love and unification coming in. Prepare yourself for wonderful surprises. Negative predictions will be reversed as people change their thinking. People who have a tendency to channel death and destruction will suddenly be channeling in new voices -- channeling in new waves of Light.

There will be many changes, and all of you grouped together here will join hands and move ahead -- being one of the centers to reach out and to help everyone move on their path in a new way of knowing. And so, when you speak to somebody who is about to wake up, the words you speak will enable them to move faster. People who are just awakening will find you. You will see that many things to come are here for you and other of like mind. Many things are now going to change drastically because of the belief that this is going to happen.

It's important for the doomsday people to move gently aside with love; not to say "you're wrong" or to blame. No name calling just say that the Light has worked to such a wonderful degree that we are not doomed. We are not only going to survive, but we're going to survive in a magnificent way. And this message need to be spread near and far.

12:12 = 3:3 The Christ Healing Energy

Those who lived during the time of Jesus are gathered here to do the same thing in this lifetime, only on a larger scale; to again reach out to others to help make this a lasting and meaningful shift. There was a lot of shifting in those days that nobody talks about. All the events were not recorded. Many papers and manuscripts are appearing that establish that we don't really know what went on. What we are saying is that all of you have been gathered here; and the 3:3, the Christ number, is going to come up right in the middle of the 12:12 , and move each of you into who you are to resume what you did in that lifetime. It is here. It is now. You will begin to see that the Christ energy is emerging in the midst of the 12:12 .
People are searching...people are hurting...and when they hear "unify" -- this will get their attention. It doesn't matter whether they totally understand or not.
The union of many people is about to take place. People are going to see others in a different light. People are going to view those who have hurt them with a new love.

People are going to understand universal love -- just move it towards people -- you don't have to know them. A lot of people send all their time loving only those who give them what they want. The 12:12 energy will enable everybody to love everybody. It doesn't matter what has been done to you. You will see this energy move through the atmosphere of the planet Earth, and cause many things to flow with positive results.

It will be a totally different place to live by this time next year.

We will begin to resonate more and more with those people who recognize the importance of this powerful energy. This will be a time for people to recognize who they are and to flow with this very powerful energy.

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