31 януари, 2008

AA Michael.:.Wisdom of the Light

from Natalie
29th January 2008
"From the divine within me I honour the Master,
I honour the Soul and Love of my being"

A gift to all from Master Joshua David Stone,
Chohan of the Second Ray of Light

Today I wish to continue with the theme of planetary healing as it is such a
needed energy and practice on the Earth; to assist the Mother Earth’s energy as
well as her inhabitants. When we focus on planetary healing every person in need on
the Earth benefits from the healing divine energies, invoked and sent out. Even the
universe benefits from the healing energy as the rays emanate out into the vast
universe, planets and planes that we are aware of and unaware of.

The healing energy is something that is more powerful then many dare to believe and yet it can be blocked as easily with disbelief. Doubt and the desire to remain unhealed are as
powerful as the healing energy and can create a barrier that is impassable for healing energy of any kind.

This is why as light workers we say that all must be open and receptive to the light with faith, trust and confidence in their own being and the healing energy. This is the same for all spiritual or unseen matters and energies. When a person disbelieves, they will not be punished by the Creator for their views as many would think, but it is simply the negative emotion or belief that builds a wall before you, stopping you receiving the energy you wish for. Faith is a great tool and is the key to ensuring that you are always open and receptive to the light and energies of the Creator. I ask you if you only take one thing away from this message that it is the importance of faith in your life when it comes to
spiritual matters.

I understand that as physical beings most of you are unaware of
the magical world that exists behind the veils on the inner plane. It may be difficult
to believe in a world you think you have never experienced but in truth you have
and the memories of this world are hidden within your being waiting to be
revealed. As soon as you grasped and understood these memories, your faith would
be unmovable and you would be certain of many things that you quibble about in your
life. This my friends is apart of your mission and the lessons of the Earth, it is up
to you to find these memories or raise your vibration until you can experience them
for yourself, it is the journey that is valuable and the result would be eternal faith
and confidence in yourself and the spirit world. Every step you take on your
spiritual path, the more your faith will enhance and the more will be revealed to you.

To give you an example it is like when Harry Potter first sees Diagon Alley in
the film or when the children walk through the wardrobe in the film Narnia, they
discover a new world that is true and exists before them, it is the same for you my
light workers except that you are piecing the bits together gradually to gain not
only a view into the inner planes but to understand and achieve self mastery and
enlightenment. If you don’t have faith then nothing will come to light or be
achievable. Faith is one of the keys to spiritual growth and healing.

Now I hope I have established the importance of faith when healing; now I
wish to move onto the healing meditation for this week’s planetary healing but
before I do so I wish to state that not every soul is ready to accept healing, it may
be their soul’s wish for them to experience pain or suffering so that they can grow
and overcome valuable life lessons, in some cases healing can have no affect but
there are also people who do not wish healing to be practiced as it will free many
people from poverty and disease which maintains control over certain counties.
During these healing process it is our aim to share our love and healing energy with
the world, those who wish to or need to accept the healing energy will naturally and
easily be able to, for those who are not yet ready because of various
circumstances, they will be affect on a higher level of the being. The healing
energy that is not claimed or used will then flow to neighboring planets, planes,
dimensions and light beings to enhance peace, love, tranquility and harmony.

With this in mind and faith in our hearts I shall lead you forward into the
healing meditation for this week.

I ask you to sit peacefully making yourself comfortable and focusing on the
calming and soothing rhythm of your breathing. Allow your body to relax and your
energy to soften. Invoke my energy, Archangel Michael to your side and ask me to
protect you in a big bubble of blue light which acts as a shield against any harmful
or negative energy.

Now let us imagine a white light of the purest form descending from the soul
of the mighty Creator and surrounding you in a pillar or cylinder of light. You are
engulfed in this white pure energy, which melts into every aspect of your being.
You may feel the high vibrational energy pulsating within or around you. Imagine
yourself standing in your home on the Earth; as if you are on the top of the world,
with the planet of Mother Earth below your feet. Allow the cylinder or pillar of
light that encompasses you to expand and develop so that it also surrounds the
Earth in a pillar or cylinder of pure white light. The light is cleansing and healing
for the Earth, as a whole and individually, enjoy the sensations of being healed
yourself while aiding the healing of the planet that you currently call home.

The pure white light of the Creator is being anchored into the Earth; we now
wish to anchor the Christ Consciousness energy into the Earth and invoke the
assistance of Lord Maitreya to send his energy through your being and into the
Earth below you. Imagine, sense or feel the golden yellow energy of the Christ
Consciousness and Lord Maitreya channelling into your being, absorb the energy
with every breath you inhale. Remember you are safe and protected always. When
you have experienced the energy ask it to step back slightly to allow a new energy
to enter your being.

We now wish to invoke the second ray of light of a blue colour from the
second ray ashram on the inner planes; we also invoke Master Kuthumi and Master
Joshua to assist with anchoring this energy which emanates and focuses on the
expression of love and wisdom from the Creator into the Earth. May the love and
wisdom of this ray fill your heart and encourage your soul to blossom within your
being as well as assisting in the dominance of love of the purest form on the Earth.
Enjoy the sensations of the blue energy and light channelling through your being
and into the Earth. When you are ready ask the second ray light and masters to
step backwards to allow a new energy to anchor into the Earth.

We invoke the seventh ray of light and its chohan as well as Saint Germain to
channel through your being and anchor its energy into the Earth and world. This
energy is a cleansing, high vibrational awakening energy that will allow the truth to
come forward through all on the Earth. Imagine the violet light and energy
channeling into your being and when you are ready ask it to withdraw.

Finally we invoke and anchor the eighth ray of light into your being and the
Earth, this is a high vibrational energy that will also illuminate the Earth, bringing
clarity, cleansing and a raise in consciousness. Allow yourself to experience this
blue-green energy flowing through your being and into the Earth. When you are
ready ask the energy to withdraw.

You have now invoked and anchored these divine energies into your being so
that they can assist your spiritual growth and into the Earth to help with the
healing and spiritual growth of others. Ask for the continuous flow of light to
withdraw but retain the energy you received within your being.

Relax and know that you have assisted yourself and mankind in spiritually
evolving. Invoke my energy, Archangel Michael, closer into your being and
reinforce your protection so that you can return to your natural state of being.
Healing has been granted to you and the Earth by the Creator. Whenever you need
healing all you must do is ask and hold faith in your heart and you will receive all you

It is important the healing energy flows though your physical body, into the
Earth as you become a tool of anchoring the light of the Creator into the Earth.

I am at your call always,

Archangel Michael

Best wishes and Blessings,

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