09 януари, 2008

Celia Fenn's EARTHLOG.:.Jan 8th : Solar Activity and some more Information on the Fifth-dimensional Body

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

January 8th : Solar Activity and some more Information on the Fifth-dimensional Body : The sun has been active in the last few days. There have been smallish Solar Flares, and the Earth is currently within a Solar wind stream. I find this heightened energy tends to make me restless and anxious, and I need to really remember to hold my center within this intense flow of Fire energy.

Here is an image of an Aurora taken in Alaska. The Aurora is a result of charged particles entering the Earth's atmosphere from the Sun, as far as I remember:


This is bascically what happens to your Solar Light Body when these "winds" of charged energy particles come into your field. It looks very beautiful, and you glow with a wonderful Radiance. But, your body is still getting used to dealing with the increased luminescence and radiance, and so you may feel an increase in anxiety. This is because the light, as electrical impulses, is conducted through your body via the nervous system. The way to create balance, as Archangel Michael tells me, is to increase the intake of Water! Yes, water acts as a conductor of energy within the body, and helps to cushion and absorb the effects of the increased Radiance on the Physical Body.

Many people wrote to me about the Log I did on the 5th, talking about the new way of eating and diet for the Fifth-dimensional body. I was happy to hear that so many of you have been finding your path to better health and balance in the same way. Archangel Michael tells me that the two issues here are Purification and taking in "Living Light" or energy.

The "Purification" that he speaks of is a purification of the physical body, in order that the body may carry more Light Energy and become more comfortable with the increasing Radiance as the Solar Light Body becomes stronger and becomes part of you. At this time, your Higher Self is guiding you towards ways of cleansing the body at the level of the deep tissues and cells. Water is the substance that will cleanse the body and facilitate this process of phycial cleasing and purification.

The purpose of this, is so that the physical body is able to absorb energy from sources other than food. About five years ago, Archangel Michael shared with me, as part of the work we did on the "Original Template" of the Human Body, that the body was designed with a Digestive System as a Secondary or back up system of energy provision. The body was designed to access energy primarily from Light and Water. So, the Third-dimensional belief that we carry that we derive all our energy requirements from food is just not true of the original design, or the Fifth-dimensional design. At this time, however, our bodies are in transition, and it is certainly not a good idea to just stop eating in the beilief that you do not need food. What is needed, to ensure maximum health and vitality at this time, is a simplification of the food diet and an emphasis on pure, clean water.

I have heard accounts of Crystal children who eat very little or refuse to eat what is given to them. This is often because they know that they are designed on the Fifth-dimensional template and they do not need to eat as much as is considered "normal". Some Crystals just want to eat sweets, fuelling an addiction to sugar, because they see that food is an addiction in adults,and not a neccessity, and they choose sugar as their particular addiction. However, that is another story. At this time of change, we need to find a balance and work out for ourselves what it is that we need for our energy and survival requirements.

According to Michael, the food that we do eat needs to be filled with Light energy. That means eating food that is raw and fresh, and preferably organically grown, as much as possible. Processed food is essentially "dead" in energy terms, it has been broken down and reconstituted, and it is "dead" matter in an advanced form of decay. Often it is filled with chemical "preservatives" so that you will not notice the decay. Fresh food, that still contains the energy as a by-product of photosynthesis in vital form, is far better for the body. It enables the body to access the light energy stored in the food in a simple and clear way. My own experience has been that when I eat processed and heavy food, my body has to use too much energy to digest it and deal with the toxic chemicals, and I get acidic and burning indigestion, and I am very tired all the time. And, when you are always exhausted, it is hard to enjoy life and find the Joy in life.

Also, food has a social function that is still important to us. We invite our friends to eat with us, and we enjoy preparing food for them and sharing it with them. I think we will continue to do this as a social ritual, but we will become much more aware of what we eat and how we prepare and it and how we share it together. The intention with which food is prepared and shared is also a very important part of the process of eating food for energy and vitality.

While I was working on these ideas, someone sent me a link to the work of Judy Beebe, whom I had encountered last year. Judy is working on using water as a form of energy, and creating a battery cell that runs on water. I was impressed by the explanation that she gives for th importance of Water in our Physical energy system. This is inforamtion taken from her website www.omegaenergycell.com:

Judy's....studies in medicine have led to further research into the physical body and our spiritual connection to the cosmos. Looking for a connection between the microcosm and macrocosm has taken her through all the world religions and texts.

During this journey over the last twelve years, she discovered some very vital information. She was led to an understanding that water was more than we thought it was. She discovered its importance in all religions and, thus, she knew there must be something more here.

Medically, she already knew the importance of water to the human body. She began to consciously direct her thoughts to the components of water and made a startling leap in understanding. She realized that the SA (sinoatrial) node in the heart was really the power by which the beat continues throughout a lifetime. This heartbeat can only begin in a developing fetus after the amniotic fluid (water with a pH of 6.7) is in place. Here again was a connection to something special. This heartbeat, once started, will continue to beat for 70-80 years or as long as the body will support it. This is a very long time for such a small area (less than 1 cm). Judy discovered that the three ingredients of water, hydrogen, and oxygen are the very substances which can power our world now and in the future. The harmony in the body is reached by a pH (parts of hydrogen) which is about 7.3. The oxygen that we breathe burns the hydrogen from the water we drink and produces energy in the human body to keep us going. This is a gentle energy and it starts in a gentle way in a developing fetus. Our DNA uses hydrogen as the glue in the double-stranded helix.

At the center of our human body, we can find the clues to the energy source of tomorrow.

Yes, there is a connection between the pulse of our heart, and the pulse of the Cosmos, and that connection may well be found in Water. I think in the time that comes, we will discover more and more about the importance of Water in our daily lives as Fifth-Dimensional Beings on the New Earth.

Here is a link to some work that I did on water a while ago, and a reference to the writing of Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto:Click Here

And Here is a Link to a beautiful song by "Starchild" called "Healing Waters". I love this song.....it seems to carry the healing energy of water....!





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