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Metatron .:. Envoys of Crystalline Light : Back from the Future

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January 2008 - Issue # 12

Channel : Envoys of Crystalline Light : Back from the Future

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings, I am Metatron, and I welcome you! I welcome you with words
of salutation, and with an energy that encircles you, and energy of warmth
and love, an energy of what you are, have been and will become. I greet you
in the eternal moment of NOW!

Now, many of you involved in the Planetary Ascension find yourselves
in a phase of Earth time that you occasionally cannot fully fathom, cannot
totally embrace. It is at times as if you are a visitor here, far from home,
and your energies do not exactly fit into the earth of 2008 and beyond.

Dear ones, know that these feelings are valid, and are in a true
sense, culture shock, as you awaken into the multidimensionality that is
unfolding before you. You see many of you, in your terms, are indeed from
the future!

There are a vast number of souls who have chosen to come to the Earth
at this time, from dimensions beyond the fifth from both the future of
Earth, and from the future of higher dimensional worlds that will become
better understood to you in linear time progression.

You are indeed Envoys of Crystalline Light, Ambassadors of Love. You
have moved back from the future, in your terms, in linear Earth time, to
assist mankind in navigating through the tumultuous times that have unfolded
in the last forty tears, and the times that will be presented in the next

You began accumulating in mass in what is termed the 'Baby-Boomer'
generation, the post WWII era; and your numbers have steadily increased into
what is termed Generation X, Indigo and Crystalline children. You are the
Envoys of Crystalline Light, the pioneers of the alternate Earth.. the

You have had many roles, many assignments, and many duties. You are
the Wisdom-Keepers, the Earth-Keepers, the Shamangelics, the Fire Dancers,
Dream Walkers, Warriors of Light, Shape-Shifters, Star Beings, Elders,
Strength Bearers & Healers of Time!

You came here to engineer the reconstruction of a different outcome
here on the planet of duality, the Earth! You are here to guide mankind
through the parallels of probable calamities and potential catastrophes that
otherwise could wreak havoc, as has happened so many times before through
troubled waters. You are here to make sure history is NOT repeated. And we
tell you , you are succeeding.

You see, you are the troubleshooters, the renegades, the paradigm
busters! We use the analogy of the sea to clarify this concept of the Envoys
of Light. Imagine the ascension as a sea going vessel, the Light Envoys are
expert navigators that know exactly where the currents are perilous, where
the tides are crashing into rocks.and the Envoys know how to avoid them,
where to sail past, how to maintain ballast. They are the teachers, with
expertise in many fields, and in your vast gathering you bring a collective
wisdom that is unparalleled on the earth at any time in the planets history.

You see, many of you have experienced the Ascension of other planets
and other worlds, several times; and you know the perils. You understand the

We tell you that the Earth of 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2008 has
made great progress, much has been diverted, much is on path. The Envoys of
Light have made a difference, but much remains to be done.

However, you see a great deal of events around you that are
confounding & quite confusing. You look at the condition of mankind, and you
know it is a far cry from the Futures of which you came. You aren't
comfortable with where you are; it doesn't quite feel like home. You see
wars, poverty, corruption, pollution and hopelessness around the globe, and
you ask, "How have we made a difference? How can this planet be Ascending?"

You see a world controlled by power and greed, and the masses of
society in cages of manipulated ignorance and fear. You see nations blinded,
and the majority of people intoxicated by quantity.

Is it any wonder you don't feel 'at home'. As Envoys of Light you know
deep within that a better society can & will exist, because you have been
there. Its in the future Dear Ones, and you came back to manifest it. Don't
doubt it! Don't lose hope!

Dear Ones, listen carefully, and have faith in the truth we share
herewith: The Light Quotient on the Earth is at a higher level now, than at
any other time in the planets linear history.

Does that surprise you? We tell you that approximately ten percent
of the planets population of some 6.7 billion souls now carries sufficient
light to manifest the Ascension. We tell you that you are not only on
schedule you are slightly ahead! The work you have done and will do, Dear
Ones, is right on track. You are well beyond the halfway point. You are well
on your way to achieving what you came here to do!

Now, much remains to be done. There are still rough waters ahead that
require expert navigation.

The great majority of the Envoys of Crystalline Light have been drawn
to the metaphysical world, from all walks of life. Many have chosen to focus
on spiritual growth and have selected humble paths, choosing not to be
involved in what may be termed the material aspects. Choosing to be energy
holders of the Crystalline Light that powers the planetary graduation that
lies before you. Know that we commend you, all of you for this noble and
necessary task.

But we tell you, there are indeed many Envoys of Light that have
chosen to make changes from the inside of what you may term the 'traditional
establishment' . Many Envoys of Light, many advanced souls from the 'future'
are now in positions of leadership in governments, in corporations, in
universities, in the sciences, in the arts, and in medicine. But these are
not leaders in the traditional sense of the status quo. These are not
paradigm busters from the school of shake, rattle and roll! For they know
such a path would limit their ability to achieve the change from within, you

You will not often find these individuals drawing followers around
them to protest the current state of affairs in open rallies to incite
discontent. Rather it is their wisdom and nature to seek change through
achieving credentials, achieving grounded wellness, and then projecting
their influence through the example of a life of confidence and balance
within the 'establishment' . These Envoys inspire wellness through living
it; they gain respect through quiet demeanor and example. Accordingly others
are drawn to seek their council, and hear their opinions.

These are wisdom keepers with the ability to see issues from many
perspectives, and discuss changes and shifts from a broad stance. Truly
these are teachers from the grandest sense because their thoughts are
expansive, and their experience has been varied and prolific. As Envoys from
the future, they have little to actually learn from the current sojourn, but
a great deal to offer, in a purposely chosen demeanor, of seeking change
from inside the complex organizations of the governments, academia and
corporate worlds. Truly a delicate task, for within these power structures
are many of great wealth and will who will seek to block them.

Now, Indeed there are Light Envoys who have chosen a more pronounced
voice. These are brave souls, of crisp clear energy, and quite easily
discerned. Many from that termed the Arts and Entertainment, some in
medicines, some in political arenas. Quite often these are the energizers
that tend to mock the status quo and demand change. They draw many behind
their leadership through their high public profile and achievements, yet
often are they termed as radicals and essentially become easier targets for
those that would block them. Do you see how it takes both the front line and
back line to truly teach change?

You must understand, Dear Ones, that the 90% of the populace who do
not carry the bright Light Quotient, are just as valid in their soul aspect,
as are you, the Envoys. The masses of the status quo will not be changed
through bulldozing, they will not be changed through force ! Rather they
will be changed though Light, through Love. Yet both approaches of Light,
front and back, serve to the whole.

An example of this can be derived from the life of the great soul,
called Martin Luther King, and his counterpoint termed Malcolm X. One
sought peaceful change, the other change through violent revolution. In a
valid sense they were opposite sides of the same movement. In truth Malcolm
X, whose preaching of extreme methods, caused many more to see the greater
functionality and greater truth of the nonviolent methodology taught by
Martin Luther King. Without Malcolm X, Martin Luther King would not have
achieved as many followers, you see.

The movement for racial equality that began in the 1960's in the
United States is quite an example of how different advanced souls played
remarkably varied roles in a concerted group effort to open the eyes &
hearts of the majority masses. A great number of brilliant souls very
advanced in the art of sound, reincarnated in ethnicity in this period to
create a great wave of popular music you termed Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and
Mo-Town. The contagious artistry swept the World, and was embraced by all.
Even those of the prejudicial culture were forced to quietly ask themselves
how could such musical brilliance, music loved by all, be created by a
'lesser race'. Thus the wheels of change began to gradually turn in the most
varied & subtle of mechanisms.

The point we wish to make is that the changes sought on the planet are
being worked from inside and outside the status quo. There are great souls
working in tandem, in concerted synergy from many sides. Change will come,
but ultimately true change will come through light, through the growth
conceived by love, not through force.

So whether you are an Envoy in a modest life of quiet spirituality or
an Envoy of high profile, both have very valid and very potent purpose. All
of your efforts exponentially add to the Quotient of Light. Remember the
ten percent has changed the course of the planet. Love is a far greater
power than hate or greed. Consciousness is far greater than ignorance.

So we tell you, do not just dream the 'impossible' , you must also
envision it! That is why you are here, hold that dream, carry that vision
daily and exude the LIGHT! Not through forcing your will on another, but by
shining your Love to ALL! Perhaps when you are asked about your opinions,
some will shake their heads and say, " This one is totally delusional,
completely out of touch with the real world!". But Dear Ones, As Envoys from
the Future, how could it be otherwise? Your hearts are aligned to the
future, and the future is indeed a beautiful dream. A dream that comes true,
a vision that is being birthed into manifestation through the hearts of the
ten percent!

You perceive a world in which mankind cares for one another. A world
where all are equal, where all are cared for, and all are given opportunity
to grow and love and live life in joyous unconditional LOVE in the dimension
of five and beyond. Truly Unconditional Love cannot exist in the dimension
of three. It can only be imagined, but not grasped. But the Ascension brings
in the higher frequency and the true graduation to higher love is thus

So our message to you is hold fast! Know who you are, from whence you
have come, and that what you are doing IS making a difference. Carry the
light, and do not fall into despair. Do not feel that you are not making
changes. YOU ARE!

Truly from our perspective of higher dimension, your Earth lifetimes
are but a flash of time, but an instant of infinity. In the plane of duality
the years can seem to bog down, and the burdens may at times feel greater
than they truly are. Dear Ones, time is such an illusion. Do not despair!

Thoughts and vision create reality, there is NO other rule.and visions
of light & love are exponentially more powerful than any other frequency of
manifestation thought within duality. Do you understand?

Know that if you perceive that things are not totally in place as yet
for your new role in constructing the new Earth, that they are only a dream
vision away, an awakening poised to happen. Dear Ones, if you do not feel
this is your home, make it your home. Indeed you are doing just that, and we
honor you far more than you realize. We love you so deeply, and we know your
doubts, we sense your fears within the filters of duality. We tell you that
you have done so much more than you may know. We tell you that you are not
alone. The Cosmos is gathered to observe this great graduation, this great
dimensional expansion called the Ascension. It will occur!

As Envoys of Light , you are part of a Divine Guild, the Guild of 777.
Engineers and artist of Ascensions, the prophesized 144,000 squared! You
can & are connecting to one another far more than you may realize.

Indeed, you are Divine sparks of GOD pretending to be human, and for
that we honor & love you so much more than you may sense within the filters
of duality. So rise beyond duality, indeed you must! Seek the true divinity
within you, the Impeccable Divine Self, and draw from that source. A source
based in the dimension of Unconditional Love.

Seek the strength that is available to you; achieve the well being
that is your soul right! You are Warriors of Light! You are the chivalrous
Knights, the Magdalene's! Strength is not gender based, it is honest &
righteous, and it is your nature. It is humble but forthright. You do not
impose or attack, but you do defend. True Power lies in the fortitude of
light, in the divine clarity of Impeccability, and the higher knowledge of
multidimensionality .

There will be a time in the Future, several centuries from now in your
terms, when many of you may be asked, " Was there really an Ascension?" And
you will smile the smile of inner joy and you will say, " Where there is
Light and Love, there is always Ascension". And you will say it from
experience, Dear Ones, for you will know that expanding the expereince of
Light is why you are here, in the eternal NOW of this moment.

I am Metatron, and you are Beloved.

.and so it is.

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Tyberonn with Toltec Elder Abuela Margarita - Peru 2007



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