30 януари, 2008

New Earth by an Archangel

They're taking Reservations...... A Heart Melting in the Glow of Grace
New Earth by an Archangel

New Earth is like a song that has not been sung – a totally new
sound in Creation. A song with a sound of hope. When earth changes from
one garment to the next, some harmony and harmonic will be set within
the Universal scale of music – you could say, that is of a new key.

It is like this – a song will be born. And to carry it's new
structure of notes – a higher pitch will come to the song. The
voices of the group consciousness who carry the tune of this song are
and will be so sweet – it is astounding, magnificent in harmony and
ringing with possibility.

This song is a hymn of balance, an ode to unity, a ballad of perfection
– a rhyme in the Rhythm of Joy, of ecstasy, of contentment not known
on Earth. This song will fill Creation even as it mixes with galactic
and universal songs also reaching into higher frequencies of mirth, of
beauty, purpose and Love's union.

Happy is the heart who listens to such a song. Happy are those who will
sing the song and who will sing of the song – carrying its message
of Promise and Hope elsewhere in existence.

We are so happy in the Angelic worlds to hear such composition and to be
part of such celebration –

When the auras of Planet Earth as she is now populated and The New Earth
Planet preparing for continued population touched – there was a song
of Sheer Excitement, a ripple of Hope – a beautiful first kiss
saluting a union we have been watching and waiting for. Each touch of
auras and each time this occurs in the Universe it is again a
magnificent first embrace that opens the heart of wonder.

The auras of 2 worlds have touched and a song of excellence,
thanksgivingness and joy rang out in many parts of Creation – no
song is small

All songs are listened to with wonder and appreciation –

Every bird has a course to follow

Every bud its opening of splendor

The auras have touched –

May the hope of this Union carry hope and love into every heart in each
of you who will pass through the transition now coming into bloom in
your lives.
May it be graceful as the planets pass through one another

May Peace, harmony and Total Love and Love's Awakening pass gently
through each of you –

May the Shift be sweet and carved into your memory as beautiful

familiar - and inspiring.

May you pass into a higher world with an angel's wing holding you
tight and caressing you with a smile in your full eyes

And a kind word + open hand to your sisters and brothers

Who come along with you –

May you rejoice in your heart as your soul and spirit convey to the rest
of you – that which you have awaited is around the corner now. It is
Truly Begun.

-- An Archangel

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