05 февруари, 2008

AA Uriel.:.Revealing The Truth

Archangel Uriel
Revealing The Truth

Channelled by Rachael

February 2008

Good evening, I hear whispers from the trees as they call out to you and beckon to you, they give you such upliftment and positivity, and they stand so strong, they give there strength to you, there wisdom and knowledge. All you have to do is to link in to the energy of that tree. As you go to the top of the tree, climbing up the branches and the twigs, the leaves, as you get to the top of the tree you can see beyond the woodland, you can see everything clearer then you would have ever expected. But it takes a little bit of time to climb the tree.

But once you have climbed it everything is how you expected it to be. Full of hope, full of new horizons and full of gleaming skies that beckon you to go with them across the seas also to different lands to see different landscapes to open your mind to different situations.

Many of you who are listening today we welcome you and we send you our blessings and good wishes for the new year a lot of celebration. There will be many newcomers to the earth plane around the time of march and these newcomers come with great skills that will enhance your planet and bring about a sense of awareness that is needed at this time. So look out for those babies that come. The year will be full of so much, excitement promise and expansion. But we urge you to take notice of the animal kingdom and also mother nature in general.

Earlier we spoke of the beautiful tree, the strong sturdy energy of the tree. It will never fall yet the energies that you are allowing to attract to this tree are in actual fact causing the trees to weep a little. So we ask you to take note of this and the energies of the woodlands and there importance on your lives and do what you can to revitalize them and to keep them proudly in there positions, doing that which is necessary for them to have pride in themselves, to be strong and to be ever powerful and allow them to send you the energies that you need also.

There is a blend of energies that blend together when man is at peace, the woodlands are at peace, the animals are at peace, the birds, the sea creatures. When man is at war the energies of the rest of your domain pick up on this and there is disturbance there too. There is far more intelligence within beings than you could imagine and there level of intelligence is very high. Some of you may say that some animals are more clever than you human beings and we would not dispute that fact.

Just because an animal cannot talk in your language... try to have empathy with that animal and understand it and feel its energy. Tune into its energy and you will be overwhelmed by the love that comes from it and how it can help you on your earthly journey. Now is a time for man to become united with mother earth, united with the animal kingdom so that you can become one.

This year is a very important year for unity and we are seeking to join forces with you and the earthly energies to make sure that your pattern of existence is blending in with our energies at the correct time so as to bring in new patterns of peace and harmony. There are new structures being built that will form the new age. You are all as one and you will be all as one and the coming together of humanity and all the earthly energies is not far away. You will join together in force as we will with you and there will be those coming from higher realms and different energy forces of different planets and spheres who will come and make themselves known.

It will be like a celebration of energy, a celebration of souls yearning to be with one another. It is the time, the time for celebration this year. There will be many sightings, interesting sightings that may cause a little bit of disbelief in some areas. But there will be enough scientific proof to prove the skeptics wrong although to begin with this will not be publicized.

There has been much hidden, yet no one can hide the truth for to long. It always comes out and this year will be the beginning of the truth coming out of the bag. Now enjoy every moment of this year, enjoy every breath that you breathe, fill your lungs up with excitement and energy and unite with your friends, unite with your loved ones, the rest of mother earth unite...even if its just in thought unite with them and bring there energies to you.

Utilize loving energies to make you a better person and help you to get to where you need to get to. Be positive, be of good heart and open up your mind to the possibilities of great things. For manifestation in abundance is being given to you and a beautiful dove of peace is being presented to each and everyone of you. Feel the energy of the dove engulfing you and blessing your being.

Before you leave Today I would like you all to take three deep breathes all the way to the bottom of your stomach and just let it all out. Let go of your thoughts, Let it all out... Feel relaxed and just let go of everything. Feel your inner connection with the universe and most importantly your Godself... "Know that you are God", you are a beautiful unique expression of God...feel the sense of liberation and freedom that this brings.

I leave these blessings with you.

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