02 февруари, 2008

Akashic Records of February 2008

by Jen Eramith MA
What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2008?

There is a phrase that can give you a sense for the energy of this month, but keep in mind that it is not meant to convey violence. The phrase is, “There will be blood.” We give you this phrase to convey the power of life force energy. The energy of February is a journey similar to that taken by a blood cell as it courses through a person’s body during exertion or when adrenaline is pumping. As we have helped you recognize for months, everything is speeding up and you are developing a personal rhythm, a pulse, by which to follow your life path. Like blood rushing through your bloodstream, it may seem chaotic but it is actually incredibly organized. February is a very red month. Red symbolizes and holds space for Love and passion, as well as violence and chaos. You will find passion this month, but what kind of passion will depend on your soul path and how you are making choices in your lives.

There is sharpness in the energy of the month. There is much potential for things to seem quite stark. If you are living your truth, you will find there is a beauty in stark clarity; if there is something that you are avoiding or denying, you will find discomfort when things are presented starkly. It is similar to when a person says something very bluntly. Sometimes just speaking the truth without excuse or explanation can be a great relief to a situation. At other times it can make people feel very awkward.

During the month of February, consider what is coming into stark relief in your lives and assume that whatever comes to your attention is vitally important. Give yourselves permission to engage it with all the passion that you have or can find in yourselves. Let your life force and your passion guide you to what needs to be more clear and more truthful in your lives. When we say, “There will be blood,” we invite you to recognize again your vitality and your passion. Let it draw you closer to those around you.

Again, this is not a threat of violence – it is an invitation to passion and social connection. When someone is socially active, they are involved in movements -- they are involved in trying to change the world or move the world in directions that they think it should be moving. Whether they are right or wrong or they agree or not, all social activity begins with passion, or with life force energy. Social activity, will become more important to many of you who may not have felt drawn to it before. This is a reflection of the call to service that defines the year 2008. The primary energy of this year is to call all of you into your life’s work – your calling. If you find yourself interested in a collective endeavor, do not hesitate to get involved.

February of 2008 is an excellent time to pool your collective energies. Do not try to find something simply for the sake of doing something. Instead wait until you feel interested, wait until you feel called. It is fine if you do not, each of you has a unique path and some of you will find your calling elsewhere. While it will not be true for everyone, there is an intense gathering energy around February 2008 that you may find inspiring. Within that, given the passion, the starkness and the bluntness of the month, do not be surprised if you find conflict -- conflict with others and conflict within yourselves. Do not shy away from this, just look for the clarity. Look for what is coming into contrast, what is becoming visible to you. Understanding and mending the places in which you were blind or in denial is all you need to concern yourself with for now.

How can we work with this energy in ways other than what you have described so far?

The best thing you can do for yourselves and for your collective endeavors is to take ownership for what is yours. It is time to see yourselves as stewards of your own lives. You have learned about taking accountability for your experience and the life you have chosen at a soul level, including taking accountability for the choices you make and the outcomes they lead to. Now it is time to take ownership. There is a new level at which you go beyond simply reacting to the choices you have made and trying to deal with them. There is a more proactive approach in taking ownership for your life and developing a sense of stewardship for the lives of those around you. It is time to take accountability for the fact that your soul has choreographed your life to lead you to meet people for a reason. You invited yourself into the lives of others in order to be a light bearer.

Do not confuse this with taking accountability for another’s choices. It is taking accountability for what you do in regard to that person that matters. For instance, imagine you have a neighbor who is in an abusive relationship and having a very difficult time. From across the street you are watching his situation unfold. You do not need to take accountability for his choices or for the life that he is living based on his choices. But you are learning to take accountability for what it means to be his neighbor. Consider that you are there, witnessing this, for a reason. You will find it becomes more comfortable for you to take ownership for your role in his life as his neighbor. It makes a difference if you smile at him from across the street. You do not become responsible for what occurs in his life, but you are responsible for how you engage with him. You cannot change the course of his life, but you must take ownership for the impact your choices have in his life and the lives of everyone around you. Choosing to smile or frown at someone can no longer be something you take lightly. Everything you do has profound effects in the world around you. Assume that anything and anyone in your life is there to be stewarded by you.

You do not have power over all of the people in your surroundings, but because you have chosen a connection with them, because of the intensity in this year and because of the intensity of collective service at this point on planet earth, it becomes useful to consider yourselves stewards of one another. This is entirely a new level of the old phrase from the old bibles to be your brother’s keeper. You are not responsible for one another, but you are responsible for how you choose to steward the people in the communities in your lives. For those of you listening or reading, you have moved into the enlightenment process enough that it becomes necessary for you to take this extended sense of ownership for your reality.

The difference between taking accountability for another person and taking on a sense of stewardship for them may not seem obvious at first. When it is unclear to you, in practice turn your attention to your heart. Every time there is a person in your life with whom you are not sure how to engage, or whenever you have a question about a person in your life, always assume that they are in your life because you, at a soul level, made a contract with them. You promised to witness or help, or at the very least to open your heart to them. This may mean smiling gently at them from the cash register line at the store, or it may mean dropping everything and to drive them home when their car has a flat tire.

Experiment with this a little bit. Experiment with how the moment might change for you if you choose to open your heart a bit more, to look someone in the eye a bit longer, or to simply soften the judgments you have about them just as much as you can in that moment. This is something that will develop for you over the course of the year. February makes it obvious -- it almost makes it necessary. Your survival as a human collective relies on your physical connections to one another. We return your attention to our phrase, “There will be blood.” Metaphorically it is your blood coursing through you that makes you human. It moves more quickly when you have an adrenaline rush or when you meet someone that you are excited about -- you feel things speed up; you get hot. This is what we mean. You have journeyed into new spiritual dimensions of yourselves, and will continue to do so, but for now you are returning inward to your bodies and your hearts. You are living in your bloodstreams a little bit more than you ever could before. This month, continually find ways to soften yourselves and steward the people around you.

What days are important during February 2008 and what should we pay attention to?

February 5th through 7th is the time for your hearts to open. You have a holiday, Valentine’s Day, in February. This year, the 5th through the 7th are more like Valentine’s Day than the 14th will be. This is like the bright red spot in the month. It is as if you have drawn a big heart with vivid crimson paint around these days. Metaphorically, watch for where blood is spilt in your lives. Look for where conflict arises, look for where you cut yourselves, or where your hearts have broken. Look for the judgments or the harsh things you think or say about yourselves. Look for any sign that someone is hurting in the world around you. Look for where blood has been spilled. Pay attention.

These are the places that are too sharp for the loving, sweet, gentle souls that you have become and that you were born to be. February will not give you a way to soften those sharp edges -- February will show you where they are. Metaphorically look for where blood has been spilled and ask yourself, “How is this related to my life. Is this a pattern of mine? Am I used to seeing this kind of behavior, or is it new?” It may be your own behavior; it may the behavior of those around you. Look for where blood has been spilled and consider how you contribute either by allowing harsh words or by thinking them yourselves. Notice where you allow conflict to go on when you could step away. Just look.

Gather information during the 5th through the 7th. The equivalent of this is to look for where your Love resides. The places where you are hurting or the place where you are purposefully or inadvertently hurting others, these places are where your Love is. You never hurt one another, you never judge one another except where you feel strongly. Beneath any hard feelings, there is always Love. Over the course of the year you will reclaim your Love for yourselves and for everything around you. For now, just notice where the wounds are. Notice how they got there and assume that this is where your Love is. That is the pathway for you to reclaim your Love. The 5th through the 7th, may be an intense time, but remember they are there for your Love.

You will find that February 21st is like a cool, clear breath of fresh air. It has an energy of water, like a babbling brook or like cool, clean water that you can use for refreshment. Around February 21st you will find an opportunity for clearing. For clearing the air, for cleaning things up, for putting right what may feel wrong or what may feel out of alignment. Give yourselves some time on February 21st to pay attention to yourselves and give yourselves a clearing. Say what needs to be said or spend some time writing so that you can iron your thoughts out and see things more clearly than you did before. It is like splashing your face with cold water.

February 29th looks like a big rock or stone. It is as if you were hiking on a trail and you find a boulder in the path. You will not easily see what is coming around the corner until you get to the boulder and peek around it. It is the same with February 29th. You may find, through the month, some situations arise and you cannot see how they are going to come to closure or be solved or dealt with. Do not worry too much about that which you cannot predict. March is going to open up a whole new world for you. Trying to see it and trying to predict it or plan will not be easy during February because the 29th provides a veil. You can guess what is on the other side of the veil, but you cannot really know until you get there and walk through it.

Do not predict too much and do your best not to plan anything that you will not be able to easily change after February. The energy of the 29th is not there to hurt you or get in your way; it is actually very beneficial. You will find the 29th is energetically holding energy in place for you. It holds opportunities that you will not understand until you arrive there. If you try to plan ahead or to predict your lives after February, you may find that the 29th is like running face forward into a boulder. Even if you are uncomfortable with the future, just let it be. Assume that March is going to give you what you need that will enable you to just gracefully skirt around the boulder once you get there. If it is possible, you will find it useful to have a relatively empty schedule on February 29th. If you can, be like a ghost. Just fly under the radar and take it easy that day. If you are working or if you have things you need to do, do them as gently as possible. Imagine that you are wearing an invisibility cloak. There is no danger, it is just a way to give yourselves the flexibility to get around the energy of the 29th and move into March.

Remember that the primary energy of the month is Love. Always go back to that. This is the best way to work with the month. Ask yourselves what is hurting and why you are hurting and assume that underneath that is Love or space for more Love.


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