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The Ascending Cosmic Pulse.:.ENHANCING OUR FOUNDATION

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

By Shala Mata

FEBRUARY 1, 2008


Dear Light Family,

The energy of February will highlight the tremendous shifts that have occurred since we moved through the 1:1:1 gateway in January. The astrological significance in February will help us clarify the energy dynamics that have been “enhancing our foundation.” During this month, we will interact more consciously with the corridor or bridge that is the 5th Dimension. For years, we have known and read that the veils between the 3rd & 5th dimension have been thinning.

The gateway in January along with the potent New Moon/Full Moon aligned a more potent balanceand understanding of the energy and symptoms, we experienced in the early days of 2008.

January felt intense and for the most part challenging. An understanding of what was occurring will help us in the coming months of 2008. During the first two weeks of January many felt deep emotions coming to the surface. I mentioned last month the 1:1:1 gateway energy would feel overwhelming, chaotic, and challenging. As the light intensified I personally had such an intense headache along with body and neck pain that I went to bed for 3 days. I felt like the wiring in my body was unplugged. There was a sense of loss and being disconnected. Emotions were raw and tears flowed for what seemed to be no apparent reason.

Image courtesy of Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

Many of you shared similar experiences with me. Intense neck, shoulder, & back pain. Depression, feeling alone, nausea, chills, and flu-like detox symptoms. Our body was deeply integrating this “new energy” and like many times in the past, it was painful and uncomfortable. Our physical body is the most dense of our four bodies, and while our emotional, mental, and spiritual body were also intensely affected, we feel our 3D body the most.

For the most part this is behind us now. I felt things lift quite dramatically after the new moon on January 8. During the early part of January I was not remembering my dreams – everything seemed blank. After the full moon on Jan 22/08, my dream memory returned. I noticed many dreams had the element of water in them. I was swimming, surfing, bathing, floating, painting, or ingesting water. I also found myself listening to opera more than ever, both in my dreams and my wakened life. The pure tones seemed to soothe and open my heart, even the dolphin & whale sounds seemed like opera.

Water is the element associated with emotions and the feminine energy of the moon. During the month of February, we will be feeling the energy as a more congruent flow between our emotional & physical, the intensity of January will not be the norm. We have passed through that gateway and now we can begin to feel like the “new” energy beings we are becoming.

Our foundation is a balanced combination between our 3rd dimensional life and our spiritual life. Creating a balance has often been a challenge for Lightworkers and Starseeds. We often feel that taking care of body, health, finances, relationships are taking us away from our spiritual life. In truth, when all of these aspects are in harmony, our foundation is strengthened.

Image courtesy of Daniel B Holeman at http://awakenvisions.com

The energy of February will help us further enhance our foundation, which is vital as we move deeper into the “new beginnings” of 2008. The corridor or portal that connects us with the 5th dimension will (in a linear aspect) become closer during February and will culminate at the 8:8:8 (August 8/08) Over the coming weeks and months, a continual wave of higher frequency and

energy will bathe our planet. This shimmering 5D energy will be a harmonic balance of feminine and masculine energy.

Shimmering energy is a bridge between the 5th dimension and the 3rd. It is a precursor to the ascension energy and a vital support to our overall preparation for the ascension. The stronger our foundation, the more fluid are interaction upon this bridge. Our beloved Mother Earth is actively transforming in this shimmering light. The “new beginning” energy is detoxing several areas of her 3rd dimensional life just as we experienced in January. We have come to accept the wild changes in weather, volcanic activity, floods, wind, etc as the norm. Deeper changes are underway in stagnant dense areas of our political and economic arenas.

Shifts and changes will transform old energy as the Earth’s foundation takes on more light and frequency. It is an exciting time and one filled with opportunity, however when change on a global scale is underway it can trigger deep-seated fear, drama and illusion for those that are unaware of the higher nature of these changes. The planetary support in February will support the ongoing transformation, and it is important to understand the stronger our personal foundation, the more light we can articulate for the overall good of each other and our beloved Earth.

The “new beginning” of 2008 represents a deeper manifestation of our spiritual life than ever before. Many of us (myself included) have a tendency to commit 150% when it comes to our spiritual lives and sometimes we can neglect the more mundane aspects of our 3D lives. While an intention and deep desire is necessary, Balance is key and this process will begin in earnest in February. In January we felt “old stuff” coming to the surface, the same could be felt as we begin this balance process. The conscious or unconscious thoughts we may have about money, aging, enlightenment, self-worth will have an opportunity to present themselves for further review.

We have been given tremendous tools that help us navigate these illusions, and the loving support of our spirit guides & teachers is ever present. It will be important that we each find what keeps us in our hearts and open. For me it is listening to opera or watching amazing DVD’s of whales and dolphins. For some it may be reading spiritually uplifting books, toning, chanting, ceremony, massage, sauna’s etc.

There is no one way to surf these times. What is important is to learn what is right for you, your body, and foundation on a daily basis. Some days you may need more sleep than others, or heavier protein one day and fruit the next. Massage may be perfect at one time but walking the next. Awareness is half the battle so too speak, it helps us stay out of fear or panic when things become intense. Energy follows thought and our thoughts are the most dynamic tools we have.

The astrology of February is unique and certainly will add some fuel to the balancing process. On January 26th, Mercury went Retrograde and will remain so until February 18th. Mercury Retrograde is often blamed for things becoming difficult, particularly with communication; however, it also holds a powerful too for deep inner exploration and finding what is really going on.

February 6th brings the New Moon along with a Solar Eclipse. This timing builds on our ability to move into “new” beginnings or untapped areas of our lives or foundation. A feeling of excitement and creativity can flow during this time. February 20th brings the Full Moon with the Lunar Eclipse. It is during this timing that we could feel a little vulnerable and fear could creep into our consciousness. This is part of the balancing we discussed earlier. If viewed as a tool or opportunity as it truly is, then we will feel upbeat with our creative juices flowing by month end.

February is also known as the month of love and the heart. February 14th is Valentines Day, a time to honour those we love and celebrate LOVE in all its glory.

Feeling and thinking from the heart will be the perfect energy to collaborate with during the coming weeks. The joy of feeling our hearts open and filled with shimmering light will offer tremendous support during the shifts, changes, and challenges ahead.

May the golden shimmering light flood your heart and flow with harmonic celestial sounds, enhancing and strengthening your foundation.

Love and Deep Blessings, Shala

© Shala Mata 2008

Heart-Rose created by artist Bruce Harman
at http://www.harmanvisions.com/


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