27 февруари, 2008

Message from Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos : Wisdomofthelight

Fear is a companion to many as they travel the spiritual path;
fear stops us from achieving our soul's desires and shields us from seeing
the truth of our being. Fear can even cause us to blame another for our own
actions when it is simply the presence of fear which distorts our view of
the Earth. As a light being, an ascended master and the planetary logos I
still have an element of fear or negativity within me but I focus always on
the light and try to control and tame the negative and fearful thoughts that
can and wish to take control. Every person in the universe holds a small
amount of fear; it is natural and is a constant challenge to overcome. This
doesn't make us negative beings as our focus remains on the light of the
Creator. It is the same for beings who dwell on the dark negative side,
within their being is a glimmer of light that can be nourished and loved
until it is allowed to gain a greater influence. You must not fear the
darkness or believe that it is around every corner, it is not, unless you
believe it to be. When you are focused on the light you would not even dwell
on the thought of negativity in the world as you will be completely safe and
protected by your positive thoughts, your angel and soul light which are
tremendously powerful. You understand that love has power beyond anything so
why think of the negativity in the world when you can share your love and
light with other souls, in every moment of your day raising the energy
vibration of the world. Fear is not here to harm you; it cannot unless you
believe it can. When you focus on the light everything of the divine loving
Creator is attracted to you and outside influences of negativity is simply
blocked by the barrier of your light. So light workers do not worry but
place your faith in your soul, your individual power and the Creator. When
something goes wrong or you experience something negative in your life do
not look to others to blame but turn to yourself and say why did I attract
this situation into my life and what can I learn from it. Remember that
Earth is a school, experiences are with you not just for fun, they are
lessons that help you to grow in awareness and faith.

As Lord Buddha, I am the Lord of the World and embody the world, I
observe and experience the fear, worry and negative thoughts that run
through minds and I celebrate in the spiritual growth and enlightenment
experienced. I am one with the Earth; nothing can escape my attention, for I
am the Earth's protector, guiding light and overseer. I ask you to think on
my words and eliminate any actions that are resulting from fear. Examine
your life, are you being influenced by fear or love, and then make changes
within you that are appropriate for you and your life. Everything in your
life stems from within your being. You can invoke my energy and guidance to
assist you. I wanted to make you aware of this so that as a group we can
raise the energy vibration and frequency of the Earth and humanity together
by eliminating fear even if it is only by a small percentage; it is
sufficient in transforming the world.

Now I wish to bring a meditation to you that you may practice to
assist your spiritual growth process. Sit peaceful and gain a meditative
state of being, focus on your breathing and allow yourself to relax. Invoke
my energy to assist you and the sacred Buddhas who work with me as Planetary
Logos to surround you in a circle. Let them surround you in their light.
Breathe this light into your being and know that you are safe and protected
always. You may ask your personal angels to surround you for extra security,
support and to stabilise your energy. Imagine a white pure beam of light
extending from my soul, the white beam of light descends through the
dimensions and your higher chakras of the planetary system and on a
planetary level. Simply imagine that the white light is collecting the
energy from each dimension and chakra system as it descends towards your
being. It will reach your crown chakra and you must give your consent for
these higher dimensions and chakra systems, which you will gradually evolve
through in your future on the Earth and the inner planes, to anchor into
your being. This will assist you in raising your energy vibration and
increase your light quotient. Imagine, sense or see the white energy of me,
Lord Buddha and the dimensions and chakras that exist between myself and
your place and level on the Earth, descend into your body and current chakra
system. See the light filling your chakras and pouring into your body and
aura. You may feel the energy pulsating from your palm chakras into your
surroundings. Experience the high vibrational energy and the imagine the
light descending through your lower chakras into the Earth to the Core of
Mother Earth's soul so that she may benefit from this energy assisting her
with her own spiritual growth process. This is a simple but powerful and
effective meditation that can be performed each day if this appeals to you.

Remember that we are one and we are one with the Creator, we
experience everything together. As one we can eliminate the fear on the

My blessings and love to you,

Lord Buddha,
Planetary Logos

Best wishes and Blessings,
www.wisdomoftheligh t.com



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