27 март, 2008

AA Raphael : On the Way to Ascension

a message from Archangel Raphael channeled by Jeane R. Pothier
Tuesday, 25 March, 2008 (posted 27 March, 2008)

I Am Raphael, Angel of Healing and Transformation and I come here this day to share this moment, this bit of time out of time with you, because it is lovely to do so! These moments such as these are never pre-determined and so, when the opportunity strikes, I delight in coming through to speak with you.

These last 3 months have been unprecedented in human consciousness. While the message was given by the Kryon in December of this last year that there were indeed grand potentials to make shifts and changes, it is the extent of what those shifts and changes to human consciousness that have excited the Realms and Hosts of Heaven.

It was not just a few humans, a few Lightworkers and such who made the choice to take a grand leap of consciousness now. It was a combination of all humans who made this choice, even those who for the most part go through their lives with quiet desperation and with closed minds and closed eyes to their inner world. It was such a massive number of individual humans who made this choice that the shifting that has been thus possible is so much greater than anyone of us on this realm had even thought to be possible!

And you wonder how it is that you feel like you have been pulled through the proverbial knothole!

For even as you have been making your own personal shifts of vibration and frequency, you have been contributing your own energies to those who are only now awakening themselves to new potentials. You have agreed to add your own energies to the mix, so to speak, and thus is was that wave upon wave of increasingly higher vibration were able to be generated. And each wave brought with it new potentials, new energies, new lives for a great many humans.

Our dear friend Kuthumi brought through the saying of, “On the way to ascension I lost everything.” What is now much more prevalent is along the line of, “On the way to ascension, I let go of everything.”

For this last period of time has been completely about letting go of everything. Everything that was of an old life, an old belief system, old friends and relationships, in some cases even an old body! For while there have been those who have chosen to leave this earth during this period of time, there have also been those who have performed the walk-out walk-in scenario and are now residing in new bodies.

Most of all, this time has been about trusting yourself to let go of everything and everyone who did not truly serve you in your higher vibrational energies in support and honor. You have given yourself permission to be free of what dear Kuthumi has even called the parasites! Each movement that has come from that place of choice and free will has been able to birth new energies in your life. It is from that place of truly allowing yourself to surrender to YOU, the higher Self Yoham YOU that is your soul connection, that is now the divine place of creating new potentials for you in your life.

On the way to ascension you let go of everything. Feel this energy for a moment my friend. Feel how much lighter your dear body feels. Yes, there has been a great deal of heaviness associated with this journey and it has been difficult on the physical body. Do you now feel that this heaviness, this burden of protection for the cells of your body, will be lessened in the physical from this point forward? Feel this my friend, for it is so.

On the way to ascension you let go of everything that did not feel comfortable. This included those roles of identity that no longer felt good to perform for the sake of others. It became more and more uncomfortable to be the mirror for others who were stumbling along their own path. More and more there was the siren call of the soul to be authentic, to put down the barriers and simply be who you are, in every moment, in every situation, at all times.

And most of all, you came to a place where you could no longer truly suffer the fools to be in your life. Those dear ones who have pretended that they desperately needed you to hold their hand, to hold them up and most of all, to feed them in their own creations. No dear one, those times of being in your existence for the sake of others is over. Feel this, own this, exult in this energy, for it is a signal that has been in the making for eons of time.

On the way to ascension you let go of everything that was about helping and serving others. You let go of everything that was directly about being the one who “takes care” and is responsible for the health and well being and even the spiritual path of others. Again, feel the energy of this burden that is now gone from your etheric shoulders! Feel those many energies of freedom that are far more the true reflection of your divinity!

Dear one, the path that you walk now is whatever you choose it to be. Oh, you can still be the healer, the teacher, the facilitator if that is what you desire and if that is your passion. The greatest difference now in this new energy is that this passion come from a place of freedom, of true and divine choice. Not something that is required of you nor demanded of you from eons of conditioning and programming from old soul contracts.

On the way to ascension you let go of everything that was in any way a constriction or restriction of your divine freedom! Look around you now, at the life that you are beginning to see in it’s full, living color on your inner screen. Feel the energy of the potentials that are revealed to you in this way. Can you reach out your hand and grasp that which is being shown to you? Can you take hold of all those many gifts and visions that you’ve put off receiving for those many lifetimes when you came to be in service without compensation? For those times are now finished, there is completion of all realms of existence for you. Feel this, own this my friend.

On the way to ascension you let go of everything. And the inner trust and fortitude that it took to do this is the catapult that takes you into the magic of the New Energy life that is all around you. Enjoy each unfolding moment, for it is one that you have worked a billion lifetimes to bring to yourself. It is now yours and no one else’s. You need not share what you receive, only receive what is yours as a gift from YOU!

I AM Raphael and it is a delight to be here with you once more. I so much love these times of sharing our energies and I watch over you in all ways. Trust your self, trust your life and above all, have some major fun with what you are now bringing to yourself!

We are complete.

© Copyright. Jeane R. Pothier. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.




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