01 март, 2008

Akashic Records of March 2008

a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA
Saturday, 1 March, 2008

What energy and experiences can we expect in March of 2008?

March 2008 opens new energy. It is as if the month of March 2008 is bigger than the other months; as if it takes up more time than months. The energy of March has a lot of pressure in it because change is occurring. Change is occurring like waves on the open ocean. You can see undulations that reveal a great deal of energy under the surface, but not all the waves crest and create whitecaps. From above, there may appear to be very few whitecaps, but there is far more change going on than is readily apparent. You will likely find that small things seem big, or you have strong feelings about things that you know are relatively small. This is fine – there is nothing wrong with feeling strongly. Usually your strong feelings are pointing you to where you need to change personally. If you find yourself overreacting to things, do not try to talk yourself out of your feelings. Simply redirect them into something that can help you change yourself for the better. Avoid directing your feelings and your attention onto what is occurring around you. Usually the things happening around you are not as important and they feel. It is important to honor your feelings, but it is also important to not create drama just because you are having strong feelings. In March, watch your feelings, but wait to act until you have established a sense of calm.

For many of you, the month will feel as if it drags on forever. You may feel like a bubble is about to burst. Watch for feelings of tension, which is a result of your expansion. Some of you may find that your lives have a fullness to them; things may get richer, more interesting, and more fulfilling. The tension and change do not lead this to be a chaotic month. If you find that you are deeply uncomfortable with the tension inherent in the month you might accidentally create chaos to support your feelings, so watch for a tendency to make things more complicated or dramatic than they really are.

Whenever you find that your life is chaotic, sit back and recognize your ability to sit with the pressure you feel. It may be useful to explore how pressure can make some experiences delightful. Bubble gum is a good example. People can only blow bubbles with their bubble gum if they create pressure to blow the bubble. There has to be pressure inside the bubble to hold it open. It is the same with balloons. Play with things that require pressure to succeed. Watch how water pressure allows you to have water come out of the faucet in your kitchen. Look around you this month and notice how pressure can be a gift. It does not always need to be a cause of distress or concern. Notice all of the forms of pressure that exist around you that you are comfortable with, such as air pressure and gravity. Consider that the new pressures in your life can be equally comfortable if you will sit and be still. March is an excellent time for you to use any practices that encourage you to turn within and sit with stillness. For some of you that is meditation, prayer, or something like running or playing a game or solving a puzzle. Anything that helps you be still and quiet will serve you well in March 2008.

You will find that March is a good time to clean up what has come to the surface in the last two months. Again, there is an enormous sense of change under the surface. While there is always potential for collective change, in March there is not a strong potential for something to blow up or for a far-reaching disaster. Instead there is a paradoxical thing that might happen, which is some of you may yearn for things to blow up. It is not that you want something hurtful to happen, but this sense of pressure or tension will leave some of you yearning for something to burst the bubble. You may feel like you are a volcano, particularly for some of you who are sensitive to energy in the collective unconscious. It will serve you to find an outlet for this tension. Again, one that directs you toward positive change in your life rather than one that creates more drama in your social circles or personal life. March of 2008 can be relatively empty. It is like air pressure; there is nothing to grab onto, but you feel pressure nonetheless.

How can we best work with the energy of March 2008?

In addition to having a meditative or centering practice of your own, employ forgiveness this month. It may not be easy to enact discipline with this sense of pressure building. March 2008 is not a good time to start a new discipline. If you did not already meditate every day or every week, do not try to start it on a regular basis now. You will find yourself running up against a wall. Use the practices that you already have developed and that already come easily to you. Do not tell yourself that you will suddenly develop a firm, disciplined meditation practice or exercise regimen. This is not the time to start -- there is too much pressure and it is far too easy for you to be hard on yourselves this month. Instead, as you engage any centering practices, also give yourselves a great deal of forgiveness.

It is likely that many of you will make a lot of mistakes in March of 2008. Imagine a carpenter who has worked all day long and who is tired and hungry. This person has one final project to complete so she or he decides to ignore hunger and fatigue and finish the project. It is not surprising that this is when they are most likely to make a mistake. They might injure themselves or damage the project. March is like that last hour when you are trying to push through something but you feel unsupported and unfocused. Watch for mistakes, and try not to be surprised when you make them. Develop a habit of forgiveness. You may find yourself saying you are sorry a lot this month. Taking accountability for your mistakes and apologizing for them can diffuse them pretty quickly, so engage a sense of forgiveness for yourselves and offer an attitude of forgiveness for others. The perfect motto or mantra for the month is, “We are all human.” Assume goodwill on behalf of your fellow humans, because there may be a lot of bumbling around and apologizing this month!

Are there any days that are important for us to know about during the month of March 2008?

March 8th is like a bubble within a bubble. This day is a small, quiet space. There is hollow sense to the day, which can create something like an energetic echo. Whatever your intentions are this day will likely come to pass tenfold. If you plan something that you dread for this day, your dread will be experienced tenfold. If you think ahead and intentionally set yourselves up to get the support or to do something you enjoy on this day, you will experience that the love and tenfold as well. Mindfulness in planning for the 8th will serve you incredibly well. Anything you intend will be amplified.

March 19th is an important turning point associated with the Equinox. Use this day to release the old things in your life and embrace the new. It is a very useful sort of baptism -- a day when you can actively turn your life in a new direction.

March 17th through the 21st you will much shifting socially and collectively. You might see some changes in the election process in the U.S. You might see a change of heart from some of the leaders of the world. You might see a social group take on a new dimension. Watch for the changes that occur and items that are covered in your news during those days. These will be pointing you to see the directions that humanity is taking collectively. There is nothing to fear here. If something destructive occurs in those days, you can know that whatever has been destroyed is something that needs to be released. Whatever it represents is no longer serving humanity. If something is being built in those days, notice how it takes humanity in a new direction. It is a very enlightened window of time.

The energy of the month, as a whole, is so strong that there are not many days that have a particular energy. The whole month has a strong energy. Have faith that the purpose will emerge as you accept and care for yourself right where you are this month!

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