04 март, 2008

Message from Master Djwhal Khul~Wisdomofthelight

It is I Master Djwhal Khul; I extend my blessings to you and bow my head in honour of standing before you and communicating my words. I wish to share the love of my soul with all as well as the love of the second ray of light; a deep and divine expression of the Creator?s love for all beings on the Earth, throughout the universe and beyond. I wish to share my purest love with you now so that you may in turn spread the love and energy you receive to those you meet on the Earth. For I wish a bubble of love to expand across the world to create peace, harmony and tranquility on the Earth but mostly in the minds, souls, and four body systems of humans. Let peace and love be experienced by all, and allow fear to be dissolved, no longer significant in the world. I ask you as initiates and students of the Creator to absorb the love that I offer you now and the love that flows from the mighty Creator, in this one moment allow yourself to be open and receptive to love of the purest form and allow it to heal, rejuvenate and energise your physical body. Expand the energy and thought of love further into your mind, emotions and aura, allow it to encompass you in the purest of energy so that you may experience a sense of peace throughout your entire being. Let love prevail on the Earth through your soul, mind, emotions, physical body and cells. Allow yourself to be one with the Creator and the cosmic energies of the universe. Never think or see yourself as alone, for the love of your guides and the Creator not only surrounds you but is within you. If you visualise yourself alone then you are disconnected from the Creator, you are the Creator, with every breathe you breath you absorb the love of the Creator, anchoring it into your being and expanding it forth into your godly body; your body is a manifestation of the Creator, every part of you is one with the Creator, connected and whole. As you understand and experience this wholeness now, in later days and lifetimes you will become to truly trust and honour yourself as the Creator in the purest way, respecting and honouring the almighty Creator for your life and spiritual growth to return to the almighty soul of the Creator.

Love of the purest form is the key to the world on this dimension and the higher dimensions, on this world and on the inner planes, to awaken your soul and your integration with the Creator. Love is the greatest manifestation and I ask you to absorb its divine energies into your being, life and reality. Allow love to be the focus of your mind and love every being on the Earth as you wish to be loved and respected. I am speaking of a spiritual love, a love that is greater than any physical love on the Earth.
My lesson today is not a new lesson but it is an awakening, a reminder that you are a vast being of love and you can assist the world and your own spiritual growth with the love and energy that exists within your being. Your inner and personal power is your divine spiritual love from your soul and the Creator.
I am open to being called on to assist you in your life and to aid you to anchor the greater love of the Creator into your being. During meditation simply repeat my name or ask me to surround you with my loving energy, to assist you in drawing and anchoring the love of the Creator into your being. I am here for you and you can invoke me to assist you with anything you wish especially spiritual matters.
?I invoke the divine, loving and cosmic energies of Master Djwhal Khul to assist me in anchoring the love of the Creator into my being, allowing me to share this divine love to assist humanity.?
Sit in meditation and feel the love pouring into your body.
My blessings and love remain with you always,
Master Djwhal Khul
Best wishes and Blessings,

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