07 март, 2008

Planetary Grid Transmissions: Friday, March 7

Our Economic Freedom: Plugging into the New Matrix

Working with the Alchemical Silver-Violet Flames and the Ruby Fire

We are in full celebration as the light body blueprint for the New Earth is in its glorious anchoring process!

This gifts us with a new consciousness matrix for co-creating our freedom on mass scale and for all of us choosing to live in the New Earth energy flows of divine sustenance and abundance for all. During this new moon, we are unplugging completely from the old fear-based controlled matrixes to live in abundance as Mother Earth teaches us to give and receive freely.

We are leaving, closing the door and unplugging from the old matrixes, once and for all. As we connect into the Crystalline Grid of Higher Consciousness, we, as a Unified Field are transforming any and all mis-qualified energy, personal perceptions, feeling and thought forms towards money, fear of lack, power control and beliefs in ownership. We are focusing on our graceful transition into the new world paradigm of abundance and the realignment of our own personal matrix to that of the New Earth.

Our Grid Focus

To assist us to unplug from the old fear based matrix and through any resistance that may be present, we are again working as spiritual alchemists while invoking and transmitting the sacred transmuting fires.

We are specifically working with the all consuming Silver-Violet Fire of transmutation. The purpose of this powerful light technology is to consume and transmute all of the old attachments, cellular imprinting, energy patterning, denser feelings and limiting thought forms towards money and power control into higher vibrational frequencies.

We are also working with the Ruby Fire which has an immense balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the earth and our own energetic body template. The Ruby Fire helps us ground into one stream of consciousness and to make these shifts in ease and grace.

These sacred fire energies also advance us into perfected resonance patterns matching the New Earth matrix harmonics.

During our new moon unified Grid focus, we are transmitting the transmuting and balancing power of the Silver-Violet and Ruby Fire:

1. Into our and humanity's fear-based beliefs, miscommunications and mis-qualified thought forms that keep us in bondage to the old paradigm fear based matrixes.

2. Into the matrix of consciousness that keeps us and humanity in survival fears and the illusions of ownership, financial lack, loss and scarcity.

3. Into our and humanity's fear of change and resistance to change.

We call this forth in alignment to the highest good of all concerned and in accordance to Divine Will.

The Vision and Energy that we are Projecting to the World

During our Grid connection and while in Unified Field, we are seeing, feeling and experiencing balance, economic stability and harmony for all countries, governments, communities, organizations and people who are operating in full integrity, peaceful cooperation and have the heart of the human in foremost consideration.

We are keeping our focus on the highest good and outcome in this matrix transition for our self, our families and all of humanity while holding the intention of living together in peace, divine equality, mutual respect and abundance for all.

Our role as Ambassadors of Light is to lift all consciousness and to help others across the bridge into the New Earth reality. To bring all separated systems into union, we are also transmitting love and the sacred fires into the hearts of every man, woman and child. We are transmitting love and compassionate blessing to all structures, systems and matrixes of the old world. We are merging our I AM Presence and Higher Light with every soul while seeing and feeling everyone and everything as a divine reflection of self. We are merging our own heart flame to support the highest potential in each and every person living purposely on this blessed Earth in this time of our great transition.

May we also be reminded that money is pure innocent energy and it is in giving that we receive the greatest gifts. Out of our abundance, let us set off a wave of mutual giving and receiving, to build momentum and enrich our new world.

The Crystalline Grid is Gaia's new matrix of unification, gifting us with expanding and infinite possibilities for co-creation. Join Children of the Sun this Friday as we plug into this New Earth matrix of abundance and nourishment. We are the shining children of the New Earth, the sons and daughters of the Great Illuminating Source of Love and Abundance.

Live it, feel it, be ONE with all energy and matrix fields. Bless the old, bring in the new!

In the Oneness, Children of the Sun


I call forth my I AM Presence and Higher Light and ask by the grace of God, to be completely and permanently cleansed and removed from the core fear and illusory matrixes of the old world for my ascension into the New Earth frequency of Love and Abundance.

I AM a being of the Silver-Violet Fire I AM the purity God desires I AM that I AM The Mahatma in Love

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