26 март, 2008



Channeled by Aruna

March 25, 2008

I AM Saint Germain.

My decision to address the Tibetan conflict is for my chelas to become more conscious of ALL the claims of deceit in their daily awareness. This includes the common deceits they maintain about themselves. No deceit “out there” can give more awareness than those examples of mental deceptions being mirrored to chelas right now.

Tibet cannot come to terms with the Chinese government as long as either maintains a control mentality. Control of anything is negative. Decisions made to control anything contribute darkness to the mass consciousness. Mass consciousness does not create darkness; decisions made in the minds of men delete man’s ability to greatly increase light. Control deletes all the light being created in monasteries and allows the death of awareness.

Chinese methods of control are no more negative than control in other areas of daily life; i.e. when ego mind defeats the creative expression of the divine I AM nature in one man. Only when man’s negativity is decoded can man come to terms with the negative ego. The negative ego is being mirrored in any condition where control is demanded.

Peace within can counter this darkness. Man can delete density by being less deceitful about his own negativity and giving his mind daily doses of mental neutrality. Claiming to be a gift of light and condemning ANYONE or ANYTHING is not in alignment. Nothing is dark and nothing is light in the highest awareness – all is loved equally as it is. Peace comes with love, not concerns about what the mind determines to be dark.

The Dalai Lama does not condemn China. Nor does he desire control. His example is God’s divine allowance of whatever man designs. Condemning anyone is not consciousness complaining; it is merely an ego’s opinion.

Condemnation of Tibet cannot alter Chinese opinion. Condemnation deletes neutrality. Only neutrality can alter mass consciousness with clarity about desire and control. Neutrality must be chosen, in any situation, as the way to defeat darkness. An example of alignment with God’s divine acceptance can begin with one individual. Bless the man in orange robes who shines his light so brightly for all to gain awareness by.

Can Tibet give the world the ability to see its own deceit? Can one man’s neutrality give the world an example of divine grace? Can the Dalai Lama’s neutrality be recognized as an example of the divine consciousness in man? Only when this can be the common awareness, can anything be done to change the mental decisions of anyone in control mode.


Saint Germain


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