30 март, 2008

Saint Germain : Sovereignty and the New You

a message from Saint Germain channeled by Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Monday, 24 March, 2008 at Chichilianne, France (posted 30 March, 2008)

Dear Friends,

Planetary alignments around the time of the equinox dislodged many of your conflicting beliefs and fearful emotions. Like rocks tumbling down a canyon wall, they triggered echoes from the past that challenged you to stay clear.

Yes, it has been another intense week for many of you – a time that required your full attention, presence, and clarity.

Can you stand back now and observe these events from a neutral perspective?

Try it for a moment and see if you can...

Well done.

You were able to observe that the experiences you had last week – no matter how disturbing – have not altered your peaceful center.

But revisiting the past was not your only experience. For many of you, these planetary alignments activated a sense of forward movement – a feeling that things were finally breaking free from limitations.

Perhaps this felt rough, but was it really so unpleasant?

I thought not.

Now, let’s consider for a moment, what felt good last week? Please recall the things you were able to enjoy, despite the intensity of your experiences.

Don’t pretend they’re not there because I know better.

Just give it a try…

Wonderful, you did it.

You observed, again from a place of neutrality, that certain experiences you had during the past week inspired you to joy. They reminded you that you are safe and loved, and they encouraged you to acknowledge the birthing of the New You.

The New You

The New You has arrived, and you are starting to perceive it clearly.

No longer lingering just beyond the edge of your comprehension, it is here now and coming into focus. You – are coming into focus.

Some of you are experiencing this as a growing desire to have your inner and outer worlds blend together in greater harmony. To give voice to your inspiration, without being misunderstood or judged by those around you.

Others may register this desire as frustration or anger, reacting with impatience to the world and how slowly it is responding to the impulses of change.

But rest assured, the Old World doesn’t interest you anymore. Its melodrama may entertain those around you. But for you it is a misportrayal of life. It no longer appeals to you. And it cannot touch you.

Instead, your attention is upon the New You.

To focus upon the New You is to blend with your Core Divinity – allowing clarity and vision to guide your life. To trust in the New You is to be fully present.

Trusting the New You

Some of you have doubted whether the New You is emerging, and ask…

“How can I bring it closer?”

“How can I manifest it?”

“Surely, there must be something I can do to help it along.”

My friends, you have felt the presence of the New You around you, yet doubted your feelings when they told you this was true.

Learn to trust them.

Deeper Feelings are not intellectual constructs. Instead, they originate from the part of you that knows exactly Who It Is.

In addition, these deeper intuitive perceptions are Truth-aligned, so you can trust them. Just as you can trust that the New You is present in your lives now.

Interestingly, the more you trust your Deeper Feelings about the presence of the New You, the more you demonstrate this fact to be so.

This is because trust and experience are mutually reinforcing. Trust strengthens your experience of the New You, just as experiencing the New You validates that trust, thereby amplifying it.

So, trust yourselves and allow your experiences to unfold. They will speak for themselves.


When you allow yourselves to experience the New You, it will speak to you of your sovereignty. Sovereignty is the chief attribute of the New You.

How does it feel to be sovereign?

There are many misperceptions of this State of Being.

Does being sovereign mean that you feel superior to others? That you have more knowledge than they do? More authority? That your desires are relevant, while another’s are not, or that your needs are the only ones of consequence?

No, it doesn’t mean any of these things.

Being sovereign means you accept your grandeur and uniqueness within the vaster world of Divine Expression, and then choose to act from that point of Unity.

To do this in a practical way, you align your personal will with Divine Will and invoke what is best for you and all concerned in any given situation.

You don’t even have to know what this is in the moment it is asked of you. Your loving intention to do so will be enough.

By doing this, and then releasing attachments to the results of your actions, you set the wheels of the Cosmos in motion to create Heaven on Earth.

Additionally, you fulfill the only mandate placed upon you by the Creator at your making: Love, and do as you will.


What are some other attributes of the New You?

Well, there are many, of course. But a few more can be mentioned here.

First, the New You is Self-governing.

This means that as a sovereign being, the New You responds to the promptings of the Soul, rather than the fears of the ego or the will of others. This freedom from the illusion of constraint is the province of the Soul and the foundation of Self-governance. Neither subject to others, nor a slave to compulsion – a sovereign being is truly free.

Yes, the New You is free.


Sovereignty gives you the freedom to live your life right now. Right here and now, you can enjoy the fact that you, as your Soul, are having a marvelous human experience.

That’s right.

As the New You, your sovereignty anchors you in full awareness of your human experience. It doesn’t magically whisk you away. You don’t ascend some lofty perch and sit upon a golden throne reserved for you alone.


You become firmly anchored in your life.

You become firmly anchored because you choose to embody Divinity within your human form. You can walk into situations that would have shaken you in the past, yet remain calm and unperturbed. You are fearless, yet free – and responsive to love in a way that is appropriate for the moment…

Saint-Germain has provided much information about sovereignty that we are incorporating into a book called “The New You, New Relationships, and the New Society”.

If you enjoyed this material, we will be exploring it further in a channeled, online workshop with Saint-Germain scheduled for Saturday, April 19th. To participate in this workshop, or for more information, please contact us at mahlimay@yahoo.com


Alexandra and Dan

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