21 март, 2008

A special message from Saint Germain

Special Message from Saint Germain

March 20, 2008

Channeled by Aruna

I AM Saint Germain.

It is my role as Mahachohan to lead many during conditions of major change. It gives me great comfort to deliver my messages to mankind on the days leading up to the changes that are coming. My choice would be ‘change without difficulties’, but this cannot occur. Both of my closest advisors tell me that no change can be complete without another major development to convince the human race that God’s will is not destruction, it is love. No battles were ever God’s will. No lack was ever God’s will.

Denying God’s will does not prevent the healing of those who have no concept of God’s grace in their mental capacity. One God is all there is, and one God is all there will ever be. Our one God does not control those who believe themselves to be more dominant than others and act accordingly. Our God is giving, caring and totally accepting of those who deny an awareness of divine grace. Belief is not necessary for grace to come forth. God’s grace comes with no agenda and no demands. Ponder this: God’s grace comes to all who are open to giving and caring. This condition is the only condition needed to bring grace into your life.

Battles over control do not lead grace to those who drive the fight. Battles to defeat another’s control for their own condition of dominance does not delete grace, it merely negates dramas being acted out by demigods so God’s grace can be delivered to those who are caring and giving. Peace cannot bring grace. Grace is peace!

Today’s message is about healing. It comes on the brink of conditions that are needed but not desired. As money conditions continue to delete the ability of God’s children to continue life as they’ve known it, many can do more for their fellow man than they have done. Needy families losing their homes will need help. Managing their lives is becoming less about them living well, than about them being able to deliver light to their mental concerns. Mental concerns can destroy an anchor of light; the anchor develops negative thinking bit by bit, and the light gradually turns into density.

Because my commitment to humanity is to deliver Ascension to all who came into bodies to complete their mastery over the mental demons claiming their attention, I have chosen to deliver this message. Please give it complete acceptance:

You are Masters without the mind. Mastery is not about what you know or what you believe. Mastery is hearing the voice of God within and acting on this guidance. Mastery does not desire control of anything. A Master delivers truth and does not fear rejection. A Master will follow the voice within even when the mind calls the concepts received “delusionary.” Masters are not afraid of dying, aging or being left without their mind’s direction. Masters deliver themselves to the gates of heaven with an open heart and no attachments.

Possible opportunities for Ascension are coming on the days that may appear the most difficult. Masters will not get distracted by these external events and will deliver themselves to the Ascension gateway with a quiet mind and a heart open to whatever comes next. Being a Master will be needed to take the next conditions lightly.

The next major disturbance will occur very soon. Be ready to follow instructions from the voice within!




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