24 април, 2008

Heavenly Critical Mass

Sarrinn and the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

We greet you, as always, with love and such a feeling of sharing—well flavored with the potential that exists today as the future in which you of your reality awaken and remember clearly who you are. There is a new understanding spreading across your beautiful Gaia that will move large numbers of you into powerful and vibrant enlightenment.
This is causing great excitement throughout the universe because with this wave of spiritual evolution, the beings of your planet are approaching critical mass—the positive mass majority needed to lift your reality to a new and higher resonance permanently and elegantly. How glorious!

Much has been written about the concept of enlightenment achieving critical mass and the resultant “tipping of the scales” in the direction of world peace. Many of you have become disenchanted by the theory because you believe that the magic proportion has been reached and even surpassed, and yet the promised planetary shift to peace, joy and love has not yet occurred.

Meditation: Aligning with All That Is

Center yourself within the sacred energies of each of your seven primary chakras. Begin with the crown chakra and work your way down: crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. Breathe evenly and deeply, focusing more thoroughly on the in breath than the out, for when you do this the out breath will take care of itself. Ride your in breath to your sacred heart center, just above your heart
chakra and in the vicinity of your thymus. Find the spark of divinity that is purely you—made of the love that you are. Acknowledge this and align there now.
Next focus on the exhale and ride your out breath to the divine without. Be in the reality of Spirit. Notice that there is no separation, no “other”—only One. See the divine observing you, and know that this is only possible in unity and that it is eternal, ongoing and unending.

Carry this alignment in ever-increasing spirals of energy outward from your sacred heart center with each and every breath. Observe how it grows to touch All That Is using Spirit as the way, the high road, the One. Breathe love, light and universal peace to Spirit, to all. Participate!

Steps Toward Critical Mass

So why has critical mass not succeeded? Because it has not yet been achieved and held! But you are so very close! We suggest that rather than focusing on what many call the failure or at best the delay of the heavenly shift, let’s focus on what can be done to claim success now.

Know When You Are Centered in Unconditional Love:
Number one on our list is learning how to know when you are centered in unconditional love and, once understood, learning how to live from there. Do you remember the teachings of Abraham? “There is nothing more important in your life than that you feel good.” This is about recognizing and living from love. As you center
in unconditional love, you feel good. When you center there first thing in the morning and then move into your day from that inspired inception, your days will be blessed. And when you continue this as a daily process, the joy of your days will expand exponentially.
Likewise, as you proceed through your day, if you take the time to recenter in unconditional love often, your days are likely to stay aligned with your own divine path. We suggest that you don’t create the habit of analyzing whether or not you are centered there, for most of you go into negative analysis when you do. Rather than asking, “Am I in unconditional love?” and “Why not?” we suggest that you simply recenter there as often as your thoughts touch the topic. This kind of recentering is never a waste of time and is always a wonderful practice.

If you do observe that you are out of alinment with your own heart center, if you take a short break from whatever you are doing and realign with unconditional love, you will feel blessed in all your days. With practice, this takes only moments. And actually, with practice you will soon find that you are seldom out of alignment.

Learn Lucid Meditation: The magic number that represents critical mass is easy to reach. Your world has done it many times! We suggest that holding your energies in critical mass is what is missing. It is not enough to touch upon that sacred moment; it must be held long enough for the shift to happen. This is not a function of time, but rather this is about momentum.

Time and again teachers have reminded their students that one hour of meditation and twenty-three hours of anger will not create miraculous and joyous change—although any amount of meditation is an excellent start! Being dominantly positive will open the way for change, and “dominantly positive” means more than twelve hours out of every twentyfour— more than 50 percent of your time. Imagine the
transformation if you held the positive energy, the love, the “feeling good” for all twenty-four hours?

Love is truly the answer and is the simplicity of the enlightened life. Love is the energy of Mother/Father God and the least common denominator of all life everywhere. It can be the only answer needed if you let it be so.

So if you want more answers, our second suggestion is to learn lucid meditation. What is that?

Well, you know that lucid dreaming has to do with being awake and aware within a dream so that you direct the elements of your dream. Lucid meditation is quite similar. Understand, lightworker, that your soul is meditating and that you are living your life in that meditation. The more you align with your soul, the more clearly you will experience your participation in that meditation and the more elegantly you will blend with your soul. As you forge a strong, loving and vibrant association with your own soul, you will quickly learn that you can be a cocreator of your soul’s meditation—i. e. your life. What a wonderful form of participation this partnership is!

Embrace Compassion: The third suggestion we choose to share here has to do with compassion. You live in a participatory universe, whether you believe you want to or not. What you say, think and do impacts every other member of the universe—even in dimensions unknown to you. Compassion guides you to live this truth well.

For those of you who are confused about the difference between compassion and empathy, simply remember that empaths tend to take on and carry other people’s burdens, whereas compassionate beings help those same people without assuming their work, lessons or karma for them. With compassion you participate by living an exemplary life (by your own definition): you teach by example, you listen well, you
help as asked, you serve without taking over and you celebrate the lives and free-will choices of all others and also your own. Compassion is such a deep form of love that it is easily observed in the aura of enlightened beings.

Extend Your Gratitude Out: Fourth, critical mass gathers momentum as participants feel and give gratitude. Let your gratitude begin with a wonderful feeling of emotion in the Now moment, which responds to some receiving you have experienced, and then extend that gratitude out into each successive moment ad infinitum.

This is one of the finest ways to extend your resonance at a high frequency. As critical mass is reached and as each of you practices

perpetual gratitude, the life and momentum of critical mass is naturally extended and the planet—even the universe—shifts to a higher, more refined resonance permanently.

Contemplate That We Are One in Spirit: We have said it many times before: we are all one in Spirit. Our fifth suggestion is that you study what this means to you. Spirit is the All. Spirit is the energy of All That Is. Spirit exists everywhere, fills everything and unites All. When you center in love and feel Spirit, you exist in the divine. If that magic number of beings that represents critical mass does this and then sustains this, universal peace will be the result. Think Big: Our sixth suggestion is that you think big! If inner peace means a day with little stress, we suggest you expand that to a new definition of inner peace—living life without fear. If you wish to experience love beyond the normal understanding of love as a Hollywood-style relationship, learn about unconditional love and practice with yourself and all others. If world peace is your passion, we suggest you expand that to universal peace. Just think of the
number of beings you will connect with when you participate on a universal level and how much that joined group energy can accomplish!
Practice the Law of Attraction: The seventh suggestion is that you practice the law of attraction with the enlightenment of your world in mind. To do this, get clear about what you believe universal peace is like—this becomes your focused intention and your clear request to the universe. And of course, the universe will respond with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” And here it comes!

Then your job is to hold your resonance in an equal resonance to that which you are requesting: be love, be peace, center in your heart, offer compassion lavishly, practice perpetual gratitude, learn to participate consciously in the oneness of Spirit, and expand your world with new and outrageous definitions and experiences of life. And with all that, magnetize the wondrous fulfillment of universal peace into your own life and the lives of all.

Critical mass is not a myth, and it is likewise not yet a reality. Even so, in the next moment of your life, it can lock in. In the next instant of global experience, the momentum necessary to succeed in this great fulfillment can gush forward with a flood of energies that inundate your world once and for all, thus transforming your beautiful Gaia into the paradise she has always been meant to be. Critical mass can be missed by the withheld energy of one person. It can also be achieved by that same one being.
This is the time! The opportunity is now! And truly, dear friend, you
are the One. Namasté!

Daniele DeVoe
crystal@chartermi. net

www.LightandBalance .com




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