13 април, 2008

InfiniteBeing : The Joys of Spring

This week, we have some thoughts on Spring and on the
spiritual source of all Life.

This article is by Dreama Vance, the co-founder of


The day is gorgeous. Not a cloud in the sky. The sun warm. The
air clear and crisp. Clean. The sound of water in the fountain
is merry. The holly trees are full of berries.

Nothing hurts. My heart isn't aching. There are things to do,
but nothing pressing.

The joy of aliveness gushes up through me. The freedom of this
moment... I want to capture... to hold it close to me. The
experience of just now, of being, fills me, pressed down and
flowing over.

Thankfulness and happiness step out to say hello. They've been
on hiatus. I'm glad they're back.


There is only one Life, immortal, eternal.

There is only one Life - renewing, refreshing, reviving,
recreating, regenerating, breathing Life.

There is only the One, and that is Spirit. There is no death
and no need to beseech. The Infinite cannot deny itself. It is
only for us to become aware, to receive Truth.

Gaze upon the All That Is. Not the material world, but Spirit
that is Life, Spirit that is making, constantly Being, flowing,
expressing, moving.

Rest in this aliveness. Make way for this expression of the
Is-ness as you.

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