15 април, 2008

Master Kuthumi : Your Sacred Self

Your Sacred Self

I greet you in the love and peace of all that is. I acknowledge your inner Light.

As I acknowledge your inner Light, I ask " how many of you also acknowledge your own inner Light?" You all carry inner Light within your higher heart. Indeed it is this inner spark which activates your heart chakra to heal, to love, to shower you with the emotion of compassion for another - for all. It is indeed your Sacred self from which all else radiates.

It is your choice as to how large you wish your own inner Light to become. For like many things on your planet, the more you 'feed' your inner Light, the more it will grow and expand. What can you feed it with? My friend, feed it with higher knowledge, with understanding, with love, with your own feelings of compassionate love and your desire for a peaceful state of being.

You are all glorious beings of Light.

This is how we see you. We see your Light essence, wether large or small. As you are aware you are now ending a great cycle of experiences. Of learning, of releasing old paradigms of ego and control. You begin to see now that to try to hold onto anything - or anyone - simply for control is futile. It no longer works.

I can tell you there that there are any workers of the Light who are releasing old issues of power and control. Issues left from past incarnations. This release through your emotional body is felt as anger, frustration or fear. Know that you are simply releasing. For the old must be released so that new energies, new ways can be absorbed, through the subtle bodies to the physical body.

I have spoken on previous teachings of the band of energy which has been placed around Earth, and the particles of Light which permeate your atmosphere. This is to assist mankind through these transformational times. If you are one who is experiencing negative emotions without understanding why, then know you are transforming, releasing the old emotions, in order to integrate higher energies into your awareness. This will allow you to feel and acknowledge yourself as a Sacred Being of Light.

Many souls are being given guidance, are being activated. Many more are questioning. It is all as it is meant to be. The veil between our dimensions is almost gone. This also allows you to build more Light into your being. Indeed, to become Light. This is created as you live more in the Light, breathe in more Light, live in the Light through your thoughts and actions. As your Light quotient grows within and around you, you are able to manifest at a much faster pace. Know all of this is available to you in these times of transformational creation.

As you fill yourself with more Light, your soul will guide you more and more - because you open yourself more to soul knowledge through the Light. Higher guidance will become very natural to you. Compassion and peace will be the state you choose to exist in. I tell you this is possible now. This higher state of Light has never been so available at any time in your history. It is your choice. It is available to you now.

My brother Jesus said "Seek and you shall find." And so it is.

My Blessings to you.

Master kuthumi





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