29 април, 2008

A Saint-Germain Channel: "Highlights from Welcoming the New You"

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Chichilianne, France

The following material was presented on April 19, 2008, during an online workshop with Saint-Germain. It has been edited and expanded from the original transcript for greater clarity and understanding.

“Beloved friends,

“We are here today to experience another way of sharing, fathom another way of feeling, and explore a New Way of embodying your Soul Self.

“I am Saint-Germain, and I am delighted to be here with you, to feel your particular energies, and to create with you a space that will enable you to grow in consciousness.

“I can feel your excitement, and I am very happy to work with you in this stimulating environment.”

With these words we began the workshop, Welcoming the New You, the first of three online events with Saint-Germain to explore the Soul-blended self.

The New You is the highest expression of Self that we can become in this human form, when we consciously choose to embody and live our Souls’ desires. The New You is characterized by many attributes, including sovereignty, Self-governance, and freedom.

Exploring the New You

Saint-Germain began the session by asking participants how they perceived the New You. How might it feel to step into the New You?

“Turn your attention inward on this matter. I would like you to feel deeply into this. Don’t be shy, but please take time and check your feelings before responding.”

Answers varied from person to person, but there was a common thread… to live outside the box, stop pretending, go beyond the rules, release habitual reactions, and to be one’s Self again.

Proclaiming the Truth About You

Saint-Germain followed with another question, asking the participants what it means to be your Self. Then he launched into a clear explanation of stepping into the New You.

“Being your Self means that you have nothing to demonstrate. Nothing to justify. There’s nothing to defend or argue about.

“You don't have to prove to yourselves, or to the world, Who You Are.

“You Are Your Self. Period.

“You assume this stance from within, and maintain it with every breath you take. You stop pretending that you are anything different!

“You claim your Self, and proclaim it.”

This was the crux of the workshop: Naming, claiming, and proclaiming Who You Are.

By engaging the Truth of your identity at this fundamental level, you begin to disentangle yourself from the complications of living and expressing your Self in the world.

When you proclaim the Truth About You, you will stop struggling with the world.

“You will find that the challenges you encountered in expressing your Self were only imaginary. They only reflected the energy you expended keeping your masks in place – masks that hid your true identity.

“When you decide to drop your masks – when you stop pretending to be something you are not, you will stop wasting your energy.

“You will simply embody Who You Are…apply ‘effortless effort’ to your life. This requires nothing of you other than being your Self.”

Being Authentic

Saint-Germain made it perfectly clear that welcoming the New You means proclaiming the Truth About Who You Are. And as you become more comfortable expressing this Truth, you will step into Authentic, Self expression...

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