15 май, 2008

A Message from Divine Mother : The Stillness Within

a message from Divine Mother channeled by Sol’Ara An
Monday, 5 May, 2008 (posted 14 May, 2008)

Dear ones of my being, it is with great love and light activating your very beingness that we welcome you once again into our hearts of warmth and love. It is a high time indeed for all of our children of light. In the weeks to come we believe you will see the reason for the tensions of the past 3 months. It takes a brave heart to surrender themselves to the messages and guidance of the unseen, does it not? In any case, you might look at this as a time of your homecoming, the home within your very own hearts! For you see, for many of your Earth years you have searched high and low to find the truth about your God and the purpose for the human life, and now you have come to the top of the highest mountain…and if you will find the stillness within…perhaps you shall see the light.

For in finding that true stillness, within oneself, one is lifted up into a higher and more pure state of consciousness. This place is where you begin to know, not see, or hear, or feel, but truly KNOW who you are … and sometimes you may get a glimpse of who your God is. But in the wholeness of it all, simply to be in that still place within… is the truth you have been searching for these many lives upon this sweet Earth.

What meaning then does this give to one? This stillness? Youth find this a boring topic indeed, for it would seem being energetic and in constant movement and chaos is your purpose, yet still do you not find something missing at the end of your day as your sweet head lies upon your pillow…do you not weep to know the emptiness of that moment? We hear you weeping our children of light, we know the pain you suffer, and what we have to offer in this most holy of your moments is Love, unconditional… true… Divine Love. Love is the essence of Oneness within all that exists, indeed Love is the creator and the weaver of these realms of living beingness. If not for Love your life would not exist, and in order to be Love or loved you must honor the heart within your own beingness.

I have much compassion for these ones whom strive so hard to "find it!", anything that keeps the darkness at bay…yet my beloved dear children, your fear of this darkness within is what keeps the Love from being known. Do you see that as soon as you are willing to drop the illusion of fear, any fear, you open the door for Divine Love to penetrate your consciousness and enlighten your beingness? Truly I tell you this is how it is. We must stand back and allow our children of light their illusions, as we agreed to from the beginning of this great Earth experience. And you agreed, though many do not remember, to ask for our assistance when you could not know truth and found yourselves steeped in darkness and fear.

Some wonder - "What is this Love? What is this Light?... when all around us are wars and poverty? And look Divine Mother at the Iraqi people! What then is this?" And we look into your hearts and we see the door has closed to us, for when a divine light being, co-creator of all that is chooses on any level of consciousness to not see their part in this, we are not allowed to assist. So in this scenario we have just presented, what is this indeed?

Dear children of Light, we know you have forgotten the path you chose prior to your birth, and we know that you have learned well to fall victim to your world, but this does not and cannot change Universal Laws that were set in place before any of this was born. You come with veiled consciousness, and indeed we tell you this was by choice. Our love and our compassion speaks to your hearts, to those who will listen, to those who will hear us, we speak to your hearts with our deepest love…change your thinking, stop your judgments of self and others, and allow that which is truth to be born within you! How can you see Love when all you focus on is your TV news media, and your war games on your video players… how many have you killed today on those "just for fun" video games? Do you truly not understand what you are doing? What is real? You who create consciousness into this human form on the Earth create consciousness wherever your mind takes you. And so what is your mind thinking today? It is easy to judge and condemn all those you believe are responsible for your wars, and it is a false perspective dear ones, for you do not see your part. Until you are willing to take responsibility for all of your creations on this Earth…you will not know Love.

Love does not come and go; Love abides within and never leaves. Thus we tell you, your love is still in its safe place, the small stillness within your hearts. When one is Love, one cannot lose Love. And yet, that is the "golden ring" in your society. Finding love is as simple as being love, and holding that love out with every word, look, and touch you give to yourselves and to your sisters and brothers of Earth. And not only do you become Love when you understand that you always have been Love, you will then radiate that Love to everyone and everything around you! What an amazing gift the human has been given. You are the only species on Earth that has been given the opportunity to choose Love or not! You have been given conscious choice, and if you don't like the choice you have made…you choose again! You can always choose again! This is the highest gift I, your Creator/Divine Mother can give to her children and now I ask you: will you finally accept this gift into your hearts knowing? There is no wrong, no right , no light, and no dark! There simply is Love! And within Love then all things are contained!

What many do not allow for is the possibility that they are not in their right thinking mind. Ah… perhaps you believe I've made a mistake here using the word "right"… the "right" I speak of is the "right" side of your brain. The feminine brain as it were, the part of your brain that allows the energies and frequencies of thought to come from intuitive knowing, to feel the truth, and to nurture the truth in a loving and most gentle way. Here we begin to speak of balance. Can balance come to the human mind? Indeed, most certainly! The opportunity is within your own thought process, to intend to work within the inner knowing and using the logic to see the other point of view, thus creating two sides of the coin in full consciousness and then melding the two into one true thought…more aptly one true awareness!

You live in a world believed to be illusion, light…electrons...protons and atoms, and perhaps you have mistaken this? What is real is real within the one who sees and believes what they see and feel! This world was created …yes, and is another plane of existence… yes, but it is real I assure you! And as long as the billions of you see this Earth as she is, she will remain as you see her. And so there is no rescue party coming dear ones, YOU are the ones you are waiting for!

When you are ready to release the pain, to truly allow the remembrance of the divine light beings you ALL ARE, then perhaps you will create too the Peace you strive for. If even 10 or 20 percent of you truly focused their energy on Love and the allowance of all beings, exactly as they are…you would transform this world! Indeed! Why only 10 or 20 percent? Because even one person full of Divine Love and conscious awareness can open the hearts of millions! That is the power of true Divine Unconditional Love! It may not shake your world into shape as you believe it should be, but many minds believing in a peaceful and oneness filled existence can create their world as they see it, and truly walk into that created dimension of Love and live the life they choose now.

We know this is a challenge, and we see that it seems impossible to many, and yet this truth is as it is. You are fully capable of choosing what you want, and that is as simple as it gets. Simple, but certainly not easy! That is why in every way, and every day, we do not leave your hearts! We are with you, and will continue to be with you as long as you exist…for you see dear ones…we know you all to well, and we know you will move past these moments of darkness and bring union into the light within! We believe in you in every way! We have seen you do this before, as in truth, you have already completed this Earth assignment and you succeeded far beyond your expectations!

The veils have thinned to such a degree that we believe you are experiencing many different energies at this time that have to do with your ancestors and past lives carried within your genes and DNA structure. Therefore, it is most difficult at times to see beyond the pain of the old agreements and judgments that prevail still within you. The blessing dear ones, in this time, are the opportunities you now have to release all that you have been compressing into your cells for all of your life existences! What you may not understand is that you do indeed carry all of those compressed emotions, and then bring them with you into each life experience to give opportunity for you to release them. The problem we see is in not understanding what these emotions are about. And that is because you have been taught that you must understand everything you feel, you must have a reason for each moment of pain or misunderstanding, yet that is not truth. Truth is that you do not need to understand and most probably will not. Your job, if you decide to take it on, is to simply allow these compressed emotions to come up, as they will now anyway, and let them go…feel them, sit with them and release them to your Divine Mother, Holy Father Creator! We do know what they are, and we shall love them and unite them within us once more. You must love these feelings, unconditionally, for these were a gift for you. These emotions came to offer you the opportunity to finally clear a millennia, for some, of old heavy compressed energies. Just think how light you will feel and be, once you release them! What a way to let go of weight!! Seriously, I believe you have experienced enough of your pain these past months to see our point of view. Will you finally release your old judgments, agreements, beliefs and vows to us with Love and forgiveness of self? We will gladly transmute them into Love and bring the cherished gift of Oneness back to our children of Light!

Wounded ones may not see the light in this message, but perhaps one day, when you are ready to let go, and trust your Divine Mother, Holy Father's love for you, and you surrender all that weighs heavily upon your heart…that day we will once more open your true eyes and your true heart and you will see… it was only a dream! That day, we look forward to! For that day another of our children comes home, into the heart of their Divine Mothers Love, and knows all is well!

Release the "war" within you, and you will bring peace to your world! This is my message for today dear ones. Take this into your hearts, and hear my love speak to you, for this is the true Divine Love you weep for. Walk with me into the stillness within you…and Love will be known! And I stand here, holding my hand out … please take of this Love and know all is well!

With great Love and Blessings dear children,

I am Divine Mother within the Oneness with Divine Father… We Are One! Anon, Anon, Anon….peace is!

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