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Saint-Germain and Yeshua .:. From Conflict to Harmony in New Relationships

Saint-Germain and Yeshua .:. From Conflict to Harmony in New Relationships

Hi Everybody,

This last Monday, Saint-Germain and Yeshua came to share their perspectives with us on conflicts, and how to go beyond them and achieve harmony in our relationships.

You can find the channel at this link:

A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel: "From Conflict to Harmony in New Relationships"

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Monday, May 5, 2008
A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel: "From Conflict to Harmony in New Relationships"

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Chichilianne, France
www.joyandclarity. com

Welcome back, Good Friends,

We invite you to breathe with us, and to honor the Human You in the midst of a very important transition.

Astrological alignments leading up to the New Moon (May 5th) have brought many negative emotions to the surface for your examination – emotions that have been entangled in your choices to begin and sustain a New Life. This clearing has affected relationships of all kinds, but particularly those in which you have been feeling insecure, unfulfilled, obstructed, and lacking in clear communication.

With the coming of the New Moon, you were brought into a moment of inner silence. This calm allowed you to evaluate, and begin correcting these situations. This period of reflection will continue. And if you choose, it will help bring your emotional reactions into alignment with the Deeper Feelings of your Soul.

Dear friends, the intensity of recent weeks has culminated. Know that you can find a better way to express what you feel now – that you can express your Deeper Feelings with clarity, and not from a place dominated by unbalanced emotion.

Breathe now, and feel the events of recent days. Be the observer of these events, and not their victim. If you do, you will see how far you can go in understanding what really happened.

Aligning with Truth

During the past three weeks, the choices you made about stepping into the New You have created a deepening and quickening. You are coming into resonance with the Truth About You – that you are a Child of God, you are God also, and that you can live your life now as your Soul does, without pain or drama.

When this alignment takes place, everything that doesn’t serve you, absolutely everything that is not in direct resonance with the Truth, begins to tremble. It begins to fall away, unable to stand on the ground of certainty That You Are.

Now take a look, especially at those situations that were full of conflict in these past weeks. And when you look at them, when you go deeper and strip away the drama surrounding them, observe how these situations revealed what you are ready to release from your life; what cannot exist around you anymore.

Releasing Conflict, Restoring Harmony

Release is not a reaction. It is not you, rebelling against something you don’t like, even if it may feel this way at first. When you release something, it occurs without a struggle, without a fight.

Release is a gateway to New Beginnings. When you feel the need to release anything, it means you are ready to embrace something different – something better, fresher, and more pleasant.

Think of renewal and release as the crests that rise and fall upon the ocean of your Manifesting Being. They are you, in your cycles of being and becoming. Being and becoming…

So, how then do you release conflict?

Releasing conflict is like letting go of any situation in which you have felt hurt.

Do you remember when you were a child? What did you do when you fell down unexpectedly? Did you dramatize your fall by staying on the ground, crying in despair? No. Soon you got up and walked on.

Well, perhaps you cried a little longer, feeling sorry for yourself as you continued along your way. But then you began to laugh, remembering how a silly distraction caused you to trip in the first place. You might have started paying more attention from this point on, choosing to look ahead from time to time and lift your feet higher whenever obstacles appeared in your path.

The same is true with conflicts. The easiest way to release a painful conflict is to acknowledge that you feel hurt, while remembering that it’s no one’s fault, really. It just happened. Then pick yourself up, consciously step out of it, and be willing to seek a Higher Resolution, instead.

Letting Things Be

Most conflicts result from miscommunication and judgment, followed by episodes of blaming and the entanglement of highly-charged emotional energies. When shaming and blaming are involved, the Soul-to-Body connection is also weakened, and this can result in injury to the psyche, as well.

But when people are allowed to Be As They Are – unconditioned by your expectations or desires for change – then they and you can free yourselves from conflict.

By denying judgment, blame, or shame any foothold in your disagreements, and just letting things be as they are – they will find their own way to freedom and resolution.

They will find their way to reSOULution, a soul-inspired solution.

When you call upon your Higher Awareness to help you in this, then stepping out of conflict will be the most natural thing for you to do. It will be the path of least resistance.

Your willingness to go higher – to BE HIGHER – will automatically move you in that direction. And when this shift takes place, you will see where you were emotionally and intellectually entangled, and what new road you might want to take up, instead.

When people in conflict are allowed to explore and expand upon their values, they often find Higher Expressions for them. But when you try to restrict or control others, indicating a certain direction for them that you consider appropriate, then you limit your understanding of them and their understanding of themselves.

Do you see this?

Each being, every relationship, and all situations have an inner compass orienting them toward Higher Expression. It is the natural way of things. It is the evolutionary, creative impulse at its simplest. When people, situations, and relationships are allowed to just Be As They Are – and I mean here, not restricting them with judgment, expectation, or blame of any kind – then you give them the opportunity to move forward in the best way they know how.

When you do not limit or hold others back with your judgments or beliefs about them, you free them to go beyond their self-imposed limitations and become more than they’ve demonstrated themselves to be.

Judgment and Conflict

Remember that judgments are derived from what you believe to be right or wrong with the world. They are not necessarily related to the Truth about the world.

Judgments fragment. They divide what is Wholly Perfect into “acceptable” and “unacceptable” categories determined solely by what you believe to be true – and not by what you KNOW to be Truth.

Do you see the difference?

Whenever you judge people or situations, you encircle them with beliefs about who you think they are, and forget who you know them to be in Truth. You blind yourselves to the Truth About Them.

It stands to reason that if your perceptions about a person or situation are limited to your beliefs about them, then your understanding of them will be limited, too. You will be unable to recognize their Wholeness, or their Divinity. And if you fail to recognize this in others, how will you see it in yourself? This is the root cause of conflict.

Let me repeat that. Forgetting your Divinity is the root cause of all conflict.

When you forget your Divinity – when you forget that you, and those you share this world with, are incarnations of God’s Love – then you have to rely on limited beliefs, opinions, judgments, and other forms of incomplete information to navigate your way through life and through relationships. Ask yourselves, what else but misunderstanding and conflict can come from this?

How Does Non-Judgment Work?

There is a way to remember the sacredness of your relationships and step out of conflict. It is called non-judgment.

Non-judgment begins as you become aware of your limiting beliefs – as you begin to realize that your interactions with others are driven by what you believe to be true about them, and not by the Truth About Them.

Non-judgment begins when you realize that your beliefs can separate you from others, whereas the Truth will always unite you. Paradoxically, as you gain this awareness, you become more tolerant of other’s beliefs. You do this because you no longer allow your beliefs, or those of other’s, to separate you from knowing that you, they, and God are One.

Non-judgment arises when you remember that your Divinity IS theirs, too.

When you go beyond beliefs and allow your Divine Nature to touch theirs, you will reach a point of contact. Here you will initiate a new form of communication with them; perhaps not with words, and perhaps not openly, but it will be Present, and it will be Soulful.

How do you do this in practice? How do you practice non-judgment in the middle of a misunderstanding or argument?

We would suggest that when the first signs of discord appear, you acknowledge that your beliefs may be limiting your understanding of people and situations. Then inwardly choose to go Higher. Choose to allow something greater than “understanding” to penetrate your perception. Choose to remember the Truth About Then and about you. Then silently offer this remembrance of Divinity to everyone involved, including yourself.

Once you remember your common Divinity, then grant everyone the freedom to express themselves and to evolve those expressions. Free them to go Higher with all they say and do. Offer them and yourselves a place for respectful, unrestricted exchange. When you do this – when you suspend judgment, let go of expectations, and stop blaming yourselves at every turn, you will come to see each other As You Truly Are, and appreciate your magnificence.

Responding, Instead of Reacting

When you remember your Divinity and share it, you free others to walk this path of remembrance with you. And when you remember to share your Divinity, you will have mastered conflict. You will respond to people, and not react to them, moving from conflict to harmony as you form New Relationships.

Saint-Germain has provided much information about relationships that we are incorporating into a book called “The New You, New Relationships, and the New Society”.

If you enjoyed this material, we will be exploring it further in a channeled, online workshop with Saint-Germain scheduled for Saturday, May 17th. To participate in this workshop, or for more information, please go to the following link, The New You and New Relationships, or contact us at mahlimay@yahoo. com

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