23 май, 2008

A Saint-Germain Channel: "The New You and New Relationships"

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Chichilianne, France/ www.joyandclarity.com

The following material was presented on May 17, 2008, during an online workshop. It has been edited and expanded from the original transcript for greater clarity and understanding.

Welcome. We are here today to discuss relationships. Specifically, to explore how the New You, the Soul-blended you, is forming and participating in New Relationships. As we do this, you will come to see some important differences between the New Relationships, and the old ones that you formed in the past.

So let us begin.

How wonderful relationships are! What grand opportunities to express and share your Divinity with other human beings.

You might have heard some stories about my life on Earth, and about my relationships from that time. However, that is not the topic for our gathering. Instead, let’s take a deep breath together and look at you, first.

Dear ones, now that you’ve decided to allow the New You into your lives, you’re seeing that some of your relationships are shaking loose, and even falling apart. They are no longer what they used to be.

Since the quality of your relationships depends on who you think you are, let’s review who the New You is.

The New You

The New You is Who You Really Are. It is you, merging with your Soul, in this body and in this lifetime. Do not underrate this experience. It is majestic and humbling, at the same time.

Oh, I know you would like to hide yourselves away and dismiss it all. I’m aware of these doubts.

“Impossible,” you say. “How could I ever embody my Soul in this lifetime? There are so many things I have yet to learn and master.”

But I am telling you, the time HAS come. And whether you hide yourselves or not, you have chosen this. And it is happening now.

My friends, welcome to the New World.

How does it feel to enter into this New Life, to be welcoming the New You? Consider this for a moment, and please feel free to answer.

Participant 1: [I’m] excited, stumbling, and learning.

Participant 2: I’m confused.

Participant 3: I'm excited, and see that the more I let in the flow, the happier I feel. But life puts up many barriers as a distraction, and then I get really frustrated.

Participant 4: I feel like a new born…[with] no real connection to the past or to what happened before. [I’m] not sure what the New will be, [it’s] just a vague feeling of what's coming. [I’m] excited and impatient.

Participant 5: [I’m] feeling excited [with] some anxiety [in] my relationships with people, as always.

Participant 6: [I feel] fine. But how do I let it flow in every minute?

Thank you. This is wonderful.

I see that each of you is excited to be in this New Life, although you are perhaps expressing it in different ways. This is fine. It is exciting – especially as you begin to share it with others. Then your excitement grows and expands.

Now, let us continue.

The Newness of Being

Please understand that as you take up this New Life, you are going to experience a sensation of Newness, more and more often. This is fine and natural, so please don’t worry.

Newness of Being is a condition of your Soul, which does not die, but eternally arises in the Mind of the Creator in each Now Moment.

But even as you are experiencing this Newness – this freshness – you are also having interactions with the people around you. These encounters with others create various sensations within you, including, from time to time, a sense of doubt about whether you are really taking up your New Life. Doubt not. You are.

But remember, it is easy to fall into doubt when you are in contact with the Old World, and with the many people who inhabit it still and are governed by its rules.

Rules of Engagement

Relationships in the Old World operate, often unconsciously, by rules of engagement. The use of this term is not casual here. These rules are used by your police and military bodies to determine how, when, and where force shall be used during a conflict.

Rules of engagement do not ask why harm should ever be directed toward another human being with whom we stand in relation. They only assume that hurting another may be necessary when conflict exists.

My friends, New Relationships don’t work this way. And this is why you may experience difficulty now functioning in the context of old relationships.

Old relationships are based on neediness and lack. The things you perceive you lack in yourself, you seek in another and vice versa. You form relationships based on mutual exploitation in order to feel better about yourselves, simply because you have forgotten Who You Really Are – Children of God, and God also. You call this love, but it is not.

When the conditions of these alliances break down, conflict begins. One or more participants are blamed, and this leads to attack and defense. And the first rule of engagement during any conflict is the right to attack another in order to defend yourself.

These are the beliefs that govern old relationships.

And this is what you have chosen to leave behind.

Welcome to the New World?

You are freshly arrived in the New World and you may not feel very grounded. You are like the early buds on an orchard tree – opening yourselves to the warm possibilities of Spring, but still feeling the last chill of Winter.

Please understand that when you choose to step into a New World, into a Higher Expression of yourself, the people you interact with may try to pull you back into old, familiar patterns of relationships. When this happens, you may feel insecure, and even confused, because you have so clearly chosen to create something better for yourselves.

Don’t be concerned. All is well. Just remember that these are your first steps – your baby steps – into the New World, and into this experience of being the New You.

When you feel that the Old World is unbalancing you, that your steps are uncertain, and that you are in danger of falling again, just remember the Truth About You – that You Are God, too – and know that you are supported.

Since we are discussing feeling unbalanced in the Old World, I would like to ask each of you, how do you find yourselves responding to old relationships now?

Participant 4: I shy away from expressing the Truth About Me. I get confused and insecure, like you said.

Anyone else?

Participant 1: I try to see [the other person’s] point of view…to understand…[and to] breathe, of course.

Participant 4: It feels as though it’s safer to hide from expressing the Truth, [because] of shyness, insecurity, and vulnerability.

Yes, oftentimes you may find yourselves feeling shy, reclusive, and even sad.

Participant 3: Afterwards, I feel even more frustrated that I can't be ME as much as I would like.

Participant 5: Yes, I also feel that I compromise Who I Am.

Participant 3: I feel that I spend too much time “doing” and not [enough time]“being”.

Participant 2: I just cry.

Yes, you may find yourselves not knowing how to be in the Old World very easily – that it is becoming more and more difficult to spend time there and interact with others. This is a burden you are unwilling to bear any longer.

This is understandable. It can be overwhelming at times.

Letting Things Be As They Are

My friends, I encourage you to breathe now, and to feel yourselves. Accept yourselves just as you are. It’s perfectly alright for you to have these feelings now.

The Old World has become a real challenge for you. And yes, it can be difficult to be around people who reside there still, especially since you have chosen something better for yourselves.

But there is a way to make this transition. Let me explain this.

First of all, understand that you HAVE decided to become the New You. You have made this decision to live as your Soul does in this lifetime.

Remember that being in the New Life, living as the New You, is about naming and proclaiming the Truth About You. The only thing that remains for you to do now is to allow it.

Just allow it. Allow yourselves To Be As You Are.

Keep your focus on this, without making an effort about it. And please grant others this same consideration. Don’t try to change them for your benefit, or change yourselves for theirs. You and they are perfect, just as you are.

The Basis of New Relationships

Proclaiming Who You Are is a powerful act. It transforms persons and relationships – not with force, but through Truth.

This statement is, first and foremost, an inner declaration. You do this for your Self. There is no need to openly proclaim it to anyone else, unless you feel inspired to do so. But it is such a strong statement – and filled with clarity of Source – that even a silent declaration will be felt by others.

As you become grounded in this awareness, you will begin to relate to others without fear and without the disappointment of being unrecognized or unappreciated. You will express freely, not needing to convince anybody about Who You Are. Suffering, frustration, and confusion about your relationships will disappear – gradually at first, but noticeably. Then one day you will discover this is no longer part of your experience.

You will be free. Free to interact with others Just As You Are.

When you are free to relate with others in this way, your old relationships will either transform into their next Higher Expression or leave your lives altogether. But one thing is certain. They will no longer drag you into games of dependency, manipulation, and control in which you use each other to fulfill unmet desires, or to satisfy your perceived needs and lacks.

Relationships formed for these reasons are part of your past.

The Truth is – That you lack nothing, because You Are Everything. And grounding yourselves in this knowledge is the basis of New Relationships.

The Purposes of Old and New Relationships

Can you see how old relationships served you? Can you recognize their purpose? They helped you remember there is nothing you lack or need from another person because you stand complete, just as you are – a perfect and sovereign reflection of the God Source.

Isn’t this marvelous?!

So, where shall we go from here? What about considering the purpose of New Relationships?

If old relationships were about remembering your Divinity, then New Relationships will be about sharing your Divinity.

How does this feel to you?

Participant 5: I have started to go beyond just the human aspects of people and try to connect with their Divinity. I also take small steps to share myself more.

Participant 4: It fills me with joy and happiness. I feel my own Divinity wanting to interact and share at that level, and it fills me with joy, wonder, beauty, and excitement.

Participant 1: I feel an urge to share with people who stand on the same ground as I do.

Participant 7: It feels like just getting to the core...being real, and being with others who are real. No pretenses anymore.

Participant 4: It is happening already and it feels peaceful. There is no longer that emotional turbulence or drama involved. It's just peaceful and allowing.

Participant 6: For me the most important word is TO ALLOW. To allow is Compassion.

Yes, my dear friends. At this time, remembering your Divinity is about ALLOWING. Any time you feel confused, sad, or unable to express yourselves with the people around you, or in the circumstances in which you find yourselves, the only thing you can do is allow things to be as they are. Find the perfection in that moment, without judging the things that seem flawed.

When you allow things to be just as they are, accepting the inherent perfection in every moment, then Perfection can enter your mind and fill your heart with a remembrance of Truth.

And by allowing others to be as they are, even if they appear stuck in the Old World and clinging to old relationships, they will not touch you. They cannot, unless they are ready to step into Higher Expressions of themselves, by remembering their Truths, too.

So, be at peace, friends.

The struggles that characterized your old relationships do not need to interfere with your New Life. They will not, as long as you remember your Divinity.

My dear friends... allow.

Allow yourselves to be where you are right now; in the perfect place, at the perfect time, and in the perfect experience.

Although old relationships may still be part of your life, choose to go Higher. Don't worry about whether you are able to express this in a way that is understood by others. Just go Higher. As you do, you will send an invitation to those around you to go Higher, too. You invite them to take up New Relationships with you.

Inviting New Relationships Into Your Life

I would like you to share with me now, what you would like to create in your New Relationships. What are your feelings about this? What are your desires and longings?

After we explore your perspectives, I will add my comments.

Participant 3: My first feeling is that I would like to create harmony - possibly because old relationships with those closest to me were (and still are) highly discordant.

Participant 5: I would like to experience what it is like to be in a relationship only for sharing, and without any [dependencies]or expectations – with full acceptance.

Participant 1: Sharing my excitement, having someone to appreciate beauty together, serenity. Laughing together and enjoying [each other].

Participant 4: [In this lifetime, I created not having a]…romantic relationship, so that I could concentrate on getting to this point without any distractions. Now I feel I am ready, and I feel great longing for such a relationship. A relationship of sharing, joy, laughter, and beauty.

Would anyone else like to share?

Participant 4: I started wondering if this even exists, or if I was just being too picky. But I was still in the Old World, and there was no attraction or desire, whatsoever. Was it all a dream, [was I] being too picky? Will it ever happen? But it all makes sense now, about sharing from the Truth About Who I Am. Sharing Divinity with others.

Participant 6: My problem is not having relationships [with others], but with myself. When I stay in my I AM awareness, [I have] no problems with old or New Relationships. But how can I stay [in this awareness, consistently]?

Indeed, dear friends. You all have desires and longings to take up New Relationships – be they romantic ones, friendships, or even family ties. These are just a few of the ways New Relationships can be expressed.

But there are mixed feelings here. Some doubts. Will it ever happen? What more do I have to do? How much longer do I have to wait?

I invite you to feel these doubts, and then release them, without judging them.

Recognize that by doubting your worth or readiness, you keep these New Relationships from you Now. Such is the power of your thoughts.

Certainly you are scared, and you feel insecure about your relationships. But please realize that you ARE taking up this New Life. You have chosen to experience the New You. And because you have, New Relationships will open up for you. They are yours to claim.

So it is not about whether this will happen or not. It is about trusting your Selves completely, and then beginning to express it. When you do this, you will see how others are attracted to you. They will be attracted by the beauty of your Truth, and the trust that radiates from you.

They will feel it, and they will see it. There is no doubt about it.

Just be ready for this experience to come into your life. It is not far from you. It will begin as soon as you open your Divinity to others.

Let me repeat this for clarity’s sake.

The most important thing you can do to invite New Relationships into your life is to remember Who You Are. To remember your Divinity. Do this on a daily basis, and you will attract others to you who remember their Divinity, too.

You will find each other. It is a magnetic, heartfelt attraction.

Yes, your heart can act as a magnet for Love. It is natural and works on its own. The only way to help it along, as if help were really needed, is to remember your Divinity. Remember Who You Really Are. As you do this, the very natural consequence of your remembrance will be to attract relationships of high quality and beautiful resonance into your life.

Do this remembrance of your Divinity and open your heart to New Relationships, but without placing expectations on their form or who should fill them for you.

And then, watch your life.

See who comes and goes.

And be prepared for miracles and surprises.

Any questions?

Participant 5: I do not have any questions, but [I do have] a big smile on my face – as what you are saying, Saint-Germain, feels like a wonderful validation; a great reassurance and comfort!

Participant 1: Yes, releasing doubt sounds so important.

Participant 4: I feel you've already answered all the questions I had on this topic…thank you.

Participant 6: The problem is not to remember my Divinity every day, but to remember it every minute of my life. To BE my Divinity.

Yes, again. It is about remembering your Divinity, and blending with it in every moment.

My beloved friends, there is something magical about remembering your Divinity.

When you recall your Divinity, you remember Who You Truly Are. This initiates a process of transformation that is more wonderful than you can imagine. Your personality begins to merge and blend with your Soul. As this happens, you come to recognize that you are complete. You see your Self as whole – as the completely unique expression of God That You Are.

Participant 3: [Does this mean I have] to trust my Self completely?

Participant 1: Is it about [expressing] all my aspects and merging all [my sub-personalities]? There are so many “me's”!

Participant 6: [Is it by remembering] “I AM”…[or] “You Are God, also”?

Yes, indeed.

It is by remembering that You Are God also, and that you are whole and complete.

It is by remembering this: That you need nothing from anyone else, because You Are Everything. And because you are everything, you will remember that you have everything. Nothing is denied you.

So my next question to you is this.

How will your relationships be, what will they look like, if you need nothing but to be the Divine Self that you are?

Can you consider this for a moment and respond briefly?

Participant 6: [They will be] very, very simple.

Participant 4: They will be about joy, fun, laughter, and beauty. Seeing my own Self – my own Divinity – reflected back to me through the eyes of another Divine Being.

Participant 1: [They will be] without expectations.

Participant 5: Pure sharing.

Participant 3: We will each exist in our own spheres, but feel at ease with giving. We will know that the other person doesn't NEED what we give [them] and that we don't NEED [anything from them, either].

Wonderful! You are all right on track.

Now, let me make a brief comment here.

Wholeness Gets Bigger

When you remember that you are whole and complete Just As You Are, and then share this experience with another who remembers it, too – there’s only one thing that can happen.

Wholeness gets bigger!

This may sound paradoxical, but it’s not.

When two or more of you come together and share your experiences of Being God, the Loving Wholeness of God expands. This is the game of Love that God plays.

Participant 1: So, New Relationships are about expanding?


God’s Love is what you have to share. And when you share your Divinity, you expand this Love in an explosion of Joy.

This, my friends, is what New Relationships are all about. It is not a distant dream. It is a present reality. The exquisite expression of sharing your Divinity with another person can come into your lives right now. All you have to do is allow it.

But remember, have no expectations. Just open your heart and allow. Let people be as they are, and see what happens.

You are deeply loved, just as you are – Whole in Love. It was my pleasure to join you this day. I salute you and thank you for your presence.

I Am, Saint-Germain.

Saint-Germain has provided much information about relationships that we are incorporating into a book called “The New You, New Relationships, and the New Society”.

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