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Cosmic Time 6.12.08 - Radiance

Cosmic Time 6.12.08 - Radiance

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Infinite Light

The Dance

Solstice Celebration

Infinite Light

We live in the cusp period between world ages, time out of time. Evolution unfolds in cycles, night into day, moon waxing to full, season to season to season. As planetary and cosmic cycles come to a close, wondrous new cycles begin. This is the Turning of the Ages, the magical, volatile context of our lives.

We're in the 2012 passage now, have been for years, riding the energies of creation into a new paradigm on Earth. Everywhere around us we see the changes, feel the intense energies of destruction, renewal and rebirth.

Solstice approaches now, turning of the solar wheel. This year the June Solstice lines up poetically with a luscious Full Moon. The milky light of the waxing Moon nudges us to dig deeper, attune to the soul, awaken in self-awareness.

Dance the music of the spheres as the season ripens into fullest manifestation. Open to Divine Love flowing endlessly through the cosmos,infusing All with grace, radiance of divinity. Ride this wave of creation into a new reality for your life and Mother Earth.


A New You

In times of extreme volatility, new realities can be born in the wink of an eye. This is a great gift of the magical twilight between world ages. In individual Astro-Shamanism sessions, I specialize in helping you attune to your soul's intent and purpose as we journey through these extraordinary times. We're celebrating the Solstice season with special rates on personal sessions through June 22. Click here for details.

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The Dance

We awaken each morning to a new day on Earth. In these times, we're also awakening to a new world age. The movement of the planets and stars in the heavens guides us as we make our way through the accelerated transformation on Earth. Align with this cosmic dance, and enter a magical gateway.

This next month is a culmination, an intense period of awakening, release and rebirth as we open to higher consciousness through planetary and star portals. Ritual will be most powerful in the hours leading up to the exact alignments. Our thoughts, prayers and intentions go quantum through this gateway. What are you affirming, manifesting, creating in each moment?

With each of these alignments, imagine your being as an empty vessel opening to receive, and radiate, Divine Love. Attune to the frequencies of higher consciousness flowing through the cosmos. Imagine. What else is possible on Earth, in your life?

Pluto in Sagittarius - June 13-November 26

This is the Big Finish to Pluto's historic dance with the Galactic Center. Get ready. The planet of creative destruction passed back and forth in exact alignment with the black hole at the center of the Milky Way in 2006-2007 before entering Capricorn in January this year to begin wreaking havoc with the structures, systems and institutions of the material world. Now he's moving retrograde into the late degrees of Sagittarius, closely conjunct the Galactic Center, to reconfigure the infrastructure of our minds - our ideals, beliefs, philosophies and faith.

Far, far away, tiny-icy Pluto deals with the individual and collective subconscious. Aligned with the Galactic Center, the creative-destructive energies go quantum and Divine Love bursts through the portal Pluto has opened. Taste the Bliss, Galactic Magnificence, Essence.

Just this week, the International Astronomical Union - the same organization that stripped Pluto of his planetary status two years ago - created a new name for mini-planets beyond Neptune in our solar system. "Plutoids." Silly humans. Do you think a celestial body of any size that packs this kind of transcendent punch cares very much what we call him? Yes, he's still a planet in astrology, link to the cosmos, our star family.

Pluto, Plutoid, whatever. When you dance with the Lord of the Underworld, expect a meltdown. Two years into this transit, we know from experience how this raw, creative power shatters whatever no longer serves our evolution. Plutonian energy destroys so something new can be created. Through shamanic Pluto, we come face to face with the ultimate reality of life. We're powerless to prevent the Plutonian destruction of whatever stands in the way of the soul's highest expression. Which, ironically, brings us more fully into our power.

What areas of your life have been transformed since Pluto's first pass over the Galactic Center in December 2006? What are you still wrestling with, Ego v. Essence? Those same issues will be ripe for resolution with this final retrograde passage through Sagittarius.

If you want to have fun with it, let go of what you think you know. Surrender to higher truth. A new life is waiting on the other side of this historic transit. Even though you can't "see" Pluto with most telescopes, you can attune to the energy and "track" his passage across the Galactic Center with your mind. Deep meditation and shamanic journeys are perfect for this communion. Try it before bedtime and notice your dreams.

This is the last chance in this lifetime for a Plutonian galactic encounter. Pluto won't align with the Galactic Center again for another 248 years. It's time for what's been lurking in the individual and collective subconscious to be healed, transformed, reunited with Source.

As it turns out, the Solstice Full Moon on June 18 will be conjunct Pluto, and it's anyone's guess just how profound that will be. Notice the rush of brilliance, creativity and awareness through this gateway . . . and the accompanying emotional release.

Dancing with Pluto is intense, to say the least. The payoff is deep, lasting change, a new worldview and a new life, as we merge with Essence, the Core.

To read previous articles about Pluto's historic passage with the Galactic Center, please visit:


The IAU's dance with Pluto:


Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini - Solstice Moon - June 18 - 1:30 PM EDT; 6:30 PM GMT

How could Divine Intelligence appropriately follow up on back-to-back Scorpio Full Moons in April and May? With a Solstice Full Moon conjunct Pluto, aligned with the Galactic Center, of course. Radiant creation energy beams from the heart center of our galaxy.

The solar and lunar cycles line up spectacularly at this lunation, and Pluto plugs us into Source. Dreams, visions and guidance will peak as the Moon waxes to Full. In most locations, the Full Moon rises on June 17, a perfect night for journeying into the Great Beyond. Mars in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius, highlighting the cosmic directive to balance the needs of the individual with the good of the collective.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini is also the Festival of Goodwill, the third and final of the three spring lunar festivals in esoteric traditions. The spiritual energies received through the Wesak Full Moon portals in April and May are disseminated into the Earth plane through the the hearts of planetary servers.

All Full Moons reveal what's been held in the subconscious. They're also powerful gateways of manifestation. The Solstice Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Sun's entry into Cancer. This lunation expands the Solstice gateway from at least June 17 through June 23. The power of all thoughts and intentions held at this time will be amplified exponentially. "Think good thoughts!"

Solstice - June 20/21 - 7:59 PM EDT June 20; 12:59 AM GMT June 21

Solstice approaches. Waves of creation crescendo towards shore as summer reaches its apex, day of greatest light in the Northern Hemisphere. It's Winter Solstice, longest night, below the equator.

Solstice arrives when the Sun enters Cancer, sign of the Divine Mother. In the northern latitudes, hopes and dreams incubated at the Winter Solstice have ripened and bloomed, radiant in love. We celebrate growth, the culmination of new possibilities. In the Southern Hemisphere, we enter the void, womb of creation, to seed a new vision.

Sacred sites at Stonehenge in England, Chaco Canyon in North America, Machu Picchu in Peru and many others align with the Solstice Sun, connecting Heaven and Earth. The ancients knew. Solstice is stillpoint, a special moment when creative life force energies are especially potent. At the Solstice, be still. Listen to the voice of the soul. Allow yourself to be guided lovingly on your journey as you attune to the Divine Essence that flows through all of Creation.

As one of the cardinal points of the solar wheel, this special Sun-Earth alignment enhances our powers of manifestation. What we hold in our minds will be multiplied on this gateway. Prayer, ritual, feasts and celebration magnify healing vibrations around the planet.

Earth aligns with the Sun and Moon in a culmination period that lasts several days. Honor the blossoming of your dreams and visions. Celebrate with your community. Enjoy the sights and sounds and scents of the season. Gift the Earth and all beings with prayers of gratitude and peace. Allow your divine, radiant, solar self to shine!

Sun-Sirius Conjunction - July 1-6ish

The annual Solar Festival continues. Every year at this time, our Sun aligns with the magnificent blue star Sirius, offering an initiation into the deeper mysteries. The date of the exact Sun-Sirius conjunction varies by location on Earth. Sirius, the Dog Star, is known as our Spiritual Sun, esoterically the heart of our physical Sun. As Sirius disappears into the Sun's glowing light during the "Dog Days" of July and August, consciousness is transformed. Our sister Venus is also making her journey through the Underworld at this time and will re-emerge this fall as Evening Star in the western sky. Rebirth into expanded consciousness is at hand.

To read more about galactic alignments, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes and other celestial happenings from previous issues of Cosmic Time, visit the archives at this link: http://www.StarPriestess.com/time.html#archives and the special Astro Preview Issue for 2008 and Beyond at this link: http://www.StarPriestess.com/cosmic_time_preview.html

The Cosmic Time ezine is available by donation. Your contribution supports bringing you the latest information on star alignments, prophecy, Earth healing and personal transformation as we navigate these extraordinary times. To donate, please click here or go to: http://www.starpriestess.com/time.html#donation Many thanks, and blessings on your journey.

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Solstice Celebration

Life path. Purpose. Destiny. Evolution. These are the interests of the Soul. Are you feeling a shift in your life, perhaps a career change or relocation, a new spiritual study, a deepening of your purpose?

In my work with clients, we access your core truth with a shamanic approach that blends intuitive awareness, astrology, numerology and transformational techniques designed to attune you to natural rhythms and support your evolutionary process. I've had the honor of working with hundreds of clients around the world and am always mystified by the quantum shifts each one experiences.

If you've been thinking about having a personal session, now is a perfect time. We're celebrating the Solstice with special rates on 60- and 90-minute consultations through June 22. Here's the menu of the types of sessions I offer, including Astro-Shamanism, Lightbody Activation, Life Path Consultations and Astrology Readings:


If you schedule a session between now and June 22, you'll receive $15 off the posted rate for a 60-minute consultation or $25 off a 90-minute session.

Solstice is a powerful time for accessing guidance and healing. To reserve your appointment time, just e-mail me and mention this announcement. Also let me know which time zone you're in. I look forward to connecting with you in the space of Divine Love and Light.

“That's the most awesome thing I've every experienced! It immediately takes me to that higher vibration. All my chakras are humming! To have the ability to go back and listen over and over is so profound. I downloaded the recording to my iPod and take it wherever I go.” - Krysstine

“That was tremendous. One of the most powerful and lasting spiritual experiences I have ever had. I am very excited about continuing my studies and practice even more devotedly and rhythmically than I have previously.” - Adrienne

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In Cosmic Time, Allison Rae explores cycles of time, our relationship to the cosmos and what's to come as the evolution of consciousness accelerates on Earth. A gifted natural clairvoyant and passionate teacher, Allison offers individual consultations and training by phone, and workshops, retreats and sacred sites journeys in the Western U.S. Visit her web site for more information. Allison offers individual consultations and training by phone, and workshops, retreats and sacred sites journeys. Visit http://www.StarPriestess.com for more information.

Web site: http://www.StarPriestess.com
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