19 юли, 2008

Letting Go to Open the Flow -Ashtar/Athena

Sea of Honey

Visionary Silk Artist Sheranda Tay fills her silk paintings with angel and goddess inspired figures that reflect her love of metaphysical ideals. Birth and motherhood are also often depicted in her shimmering work. The lyrical lines of her images on silk reveal the magical childlike energy that Sheranda likes to portray in vivid colors. Her work emanates delicate and ethereal femininity
Lauren Gorgo
Friday, July 18, 2008
Beloved souls, we come forth today to remind you that you are in the midst of joining forces with your higher self, the part of you that has been longing to express in the physical. We are delighted to share that you are all part of a team of souls who came to earth to initiate many changes for a better way.
You have come far to be part of the great planetary expansion and have reconnected with many of your soul aspects from previous lifetimes. You are known as the first brigade, the way-showers into the realm of unity consciousness.

The present phase on your journey into oneness represents for many a final clearing of past and unresolved discord that may have been preventing each of you from achieving your full potential as conscious creators of the divine. Yet, we share that you have come with great and plentiful gifts to offer, tho many are unknown to you at this time.
What you will be presented with over the ensuing days are many multidimensional gifts of your concurrent lifetimes. These gifts are not new to you by far, but will be seemingly new due to the veil of separation that you have been consistently and rapidly dissolving.
As you come into full alignment with your many talents, you will likewise be catapulted into a new way of thinking, a way of expressing your true gifts with others that will change the very landscape of your perceptual reality.
The end of a cycle is nigh and indeed the new beginnings that await you are glorious beyond your current understanding. This shift in consciousness will take you to greater heights and greater opportunities will align to reinforce your very new desires. As the tide returns it brings with it thy bounty, the alignment with source that heralds the state of grace that is your birthright.
Presently, there is a reconnection process that is hindering any forward movement to prevent premature and misaligned creations in the lives of all those preparing to embark upon a conscious journey of full soul participation. For this reason, feelings of disconnection and insecurity are common as you are literally being torn from your old beliefs to be reshaped and restructured into your true divinity, the blueprint by which you came to embody.
This blueprint holds the akashic records of all your lifetimes and enables you to recreate reality from the perspective of connectivity to the whole of you, as opposed to the former paradigm of separation into many disparate parts. What is important to realize is that the time for creating the future through the filters of the past has drawn to a close, so no longer will your soul make room for mis-creations. Any creation from past perspective will be nearly impossible to uphold in the light that shines brightly over new earth.
Instead, in lieu of this past re-creation called karma, you are now being urged to create from full truth. As you disengage from your outworn patterns of yesterday, you temporarily sever all ties connected to even the creations of soulular origin in order to purify and refine the process. That which is of divine decree always returns with the high tide and the full moon will soon be telling of this truth.
Even within the confines of linear space and time there is the gift of expansion and it is in this powerful, present moment space that you will be given the tools to create that which you contracted to serve. The answer will appear in your heart and you will know that the time has come to employ the efforts of your soul.
Indeed great patience was required to endure the process of awakening to your divinity but you stand poised to rebuild the new foundation to reflect only that truth within. The divine dispensation offered to those wayshowers of this time is the complete disconnect from karmic contracts and the entrance into grace. This,our beloved comrades, is the reason you have endured. By far, you will remember, why when you realize your vast potential beyond the coming moon.
It is clearly not for us to say what is nor what will be, for you are the conscious creators of your experiences now. Likewise, it matters not how you implement your service to the One, only that you do it from a place of joy.
Transcending the realms of limitation means new levels of creation, the creations of the soul. These are those by which you will experience the most joy and these are soon to be clearly visible with new eyes. Again we remind you that what brings you joy is what brings you closest to home.
What will you create anew?
We say, trust that you will know, trust that the time will avail itself to you. You have been guided perfectly to your destiny.
We leave you with this...in the times that come you will be presented with multiple opportunities to create the visions that linger within the deepest recesses of your heart.
Knowing this, we urge you to consider all that you have dreamed of and align fully with the potential that surrounds you now. If you should fail to remember your power as the creator of your reality, may we remind you that you will come to know greatness?
If you remember this, you will find it effortless to be at peace knowing that all you wish for is yours to be, when you have completed your journey into oneness.
That time beckons you now, and though you may have little comprehension of what that means, we assure you as your brothers and sisters, your comrades from home, that what you trust in most will far exceed any plans you have previously laid.
It is the strength of letting go that opens the flow to abundance in all forms. Health, prosperity, creativity, and limitless love all resonate at the same frequency, the frequency of joy. Trusting in your highest good to lift you to the vibration of joy is all that is required now...for once you have achieved this, miracles are commonplace.
We are Ashtar/Athena in loving service to the One. We hold each of you in the highest esteem.
In Joy,




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