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24 July 2008
Karen Bishop


(Part I of this energy alert is coming first as I didn’t want to wait much longer to post a new alert. Part II should be ready the day after Part I, and I will send an e-mail notification when it is ready as well. Part II will be posted on the web site and added to Part I on the same page.)

Part I

I have been away in North Carolina for the past week or so, connecting with my new twin grandbabies who were born very suddenly on June 12th and still in intensive care, so it has been a bit longer than usual in between energy alerts. The babies are doing remarkably well…Solomon went home on Wednesday, and we are hoping that Arion will soon follow. My daughter Ari is also doing extremely well after a very complicated and serious emergency c-section.

The new little ones who have been arriving now in droves have a very special mission at hand, laying the new grid and providing a very strong and solid foundation for the new world. These little ones are incredibly strong and know exactly what they are doing…and communicating with them telepathically was an exciting and fulfilling experience which brought much joy and great hope for the promise of the new world to come. We are all so blessed to have so many new souls carrying a higher vibration wanting to be here now. They are very instrumental in assisting with the stability of the new as the old is now so rapidly falling away.

I was blessed to leave with everything wonderfully on track and much love and happiness abounding. The past six weeks after their arrival and the week or two leading up to it were an emotional roller coaster ride for my loved ones, as I know that many of you are experiencing this same ride, although for many different and varied reasons of your own. But just like the situation with Ari and the babies, everything will eventually straighten itself out as new alignments and connections to the higher realms are eventually made stronger.

We are still experiencing many symptoms resulting from the solstice energies. I have not felt this way myself since the shifts began in earnest around the year 2000. There is much, much movement now. But these ascension symptoms repeat themselves again and again as our ascension process continues to progress, only more and more individuals are being affected as the whole is beginning to wake up and is now ready to come on board.

For this energy alert I have listed some common symptoms many may be experiencing, why they are occurring, what is to come in relation to them, and some comforts that may be of help. At the end of the energy alert I will also address your many inquiries about healing and why it can be detrimental as one begins to vibrate higher (this will be in Part II).

This energy alert may be a long one as I have not written since July 9th, so I have added some subtitles to give you the opportunity to skip sections if you wish. It can be burdensome at times to have to wade through a long text during these trying times!

Panic, anxiety, and depression:

The solstice energies uprooted much. It was time for the big shake-up, we had prepared all we could, and hence….here it came with a bang! Most of everything was blasted out of its groove and is still floating around without having landed. This involves real manifestations such as the economy, the old systems of the 3D reality, and the loss of jobs and income, etc. Emotionally, even if you are one who has not experienced any of these, you may simply feel the emotions of those around you…if only from simply walking out your front door in the middle of nowhere all by yourself!

Panic can occur when we feel great loss beyond our control and feelings of “the end.” I had extreme panic many years ago when the shifts first began, and very few were experiencing any of this. In addition, there was nothing really manifesting in real form (or in the outside reality) in regard to “ending” at that time, so then, we can feel panic and anxiety at a subconscious and higher level when we know that we are evolving and leaving much behind….even if we literally are not. It is just that we are going into a higher dimension and not everyone else is going with us at that time. But now, the endings are manifesting in real form, so we have a double whammy for sure (this is because it is finally time for the whole to begin its journey of coming on board).

Experiencing endings before the new has arrived can cause extreme insecurity, panic, fear, and uncertainty. We are human beings still, and thus have emotions at a human level. This is one of the many challenges of ascension…dying while we are alive and still in human form. But we are continuing on, at some level know that we are here for this purpose, and thus seem to hang in there through it all. I believe we are doing a fine job and am so proud to be part of our whole! Our souls are very strong indeed…we have been around for a very long time.

In addition, we are in the process of once more losing another layer of our old ego selves. Personality traits and behaviors which vibrated lower have suddenly departed. The parts of ourselves which we developed in order to survive a harsher and lower vibrating 3D reality cannot exist here now.

Hence, another challenge of ascension and another reason for panic and anxiety. Evolving into an even more sensitive individual without defenses, barriers, or a harsh exterior of protection while still in a harsh, dangerous, and seemingly dark environment can create an immense challenge at best.

And now, with the dissolution of so much of the old world in form, as the fall is beginning to snowball, we may wonder how in the world we will survive financially, and how we will sustain ourselves at all. With much of everything leaving, including parts of ourselves we had developed to survive, no wonder many of us are panicky!

“Should I even bother trying to create anything new?” you may wonder. “What is the point right now…..or ever?” With so much in seeming chaos, it can be difficult to know which road to be on, or even if your road will still be intact in times to come. “Everything seems up in the air with no solid foundation and no direction.” Again, much has not yet landed in its new groove….but it will, I promise you.

“I don’t know who I am anymore. I used to know my purpose and now I am totally and completely lost.” “I cannot go forward in any way…I feel boxed in.” “I feel helpless, vulnerable, powerless, insecure, and at the whim of much of anything.” “My self-confidence is shot. I do not feel remotely good about myself anymore.”

And how about this one: “I feel completely invisible, unnoticed, not needed, and certainly not appreciated or valued.” This is because we are vibrating higher and cannot be seen right now. And in addition, so many are in chaos and panic with their own situations, that they cannot see much of anything except what is going on for them. (More about being invisible further on in the energy alert.)

“I don’t feel like doing a thing. I am not interested in a thing. I just want to play. I want to retire. I do not want any more responsibilities. I am exhausted. I need to rejuvenate. I need a very long rest….or maybe an endless vacation.” “Don’t bother me. I want to be in my own sacred space away from the outside world.” Or perhaps, “Get me out of here! I want to run away to somewhere very different and never return!” “I want to go home where I fit and things feel right!”

Depression and apathy can occur right now as everything is in seeming chaos, we cannot manifest in the way we used to, many are not seeing each other, we are now vibrating higher and the outside and old reality is vibrating lower…which always causes depression as the outside reality has not yet caught up, and there is much suffering occurring (making one wonder if anything “good” will ever happen again). This will pass, I promise, and when it does, we will be grateful for the new space we are in.

(Comforts and what is to come will be listed at the end of the common symptoms list in Part II.)

Health crises, relationship breakups, job losses, financial stresses, and a general experience of having your life fall apart:

We are rapidly accelerating now into a higher dimension, and everything has to go. So then, everything needs to align, get primed, or leave this reality in order to arrive in the new one (and yes, death in the old 3D fashion is a path as well). Whatever is not vibrating at this new and higher level (or whatever level or rung of the ladder is next for you and your loved ones), will receive a corresponding experience of choice at a soul level to create a situation designed to get everyone to where they need to be.

Many scenarios are occurring now, and at many different levels. Those more embedded in the mainstream or old reality will experience the most shake-ups, as this world is rapidly leaving now. Those who have been through their own challenges and shake-ups of the ascension process for several years will experience less, but will still be having shake-ups in relation to where they are vibrating…they will just go to a higher level from where they were before, usually involving shake-ups in relation to ego selves and new ways of relating and being.

Are you behind if your life is really collapsing now? Have you missed the boat? Are you not where you should be? Is something wrong with you? Are you being punished? Are you not “ascending” fast enough? Absolutely not.

At our soul levels, we are all right where we need to be. Some of us chose to lag a little further behind as we needed to hold the space at that particular level until it was time to move our level ahead and take many with us. We are all masters here, knowing exactly what we are doing and doing it remarkably well. We know where we need to be. There are no mistakes. And sometimes different choices are made as well, and this is when suffering usually occurs to encourage us to make another choice in order to be in alignment with our original soul plan. We each have a unique and different scenario going according to what feels best to each and every one of us.

A health crisis is one of the first ways many choose to begin aligning to Source and our souls. It usually gets our egos out of the way in a crash course style, so it is a good and common choice to begin with. Loss of control is paramount then, so we become dependent on a higher power and really learn to surrender and trust. This is happening now for many who are just starting their process.

Relationship breakups are common as well. One soul begins to vibrate higher and the other soul usually sets the higher vibrating soul free by “dumping” them. If we can know why, and that the “dumping” soul is doing so because of a great love for us and as a great support for our continued growth, we can then know that all is in divine and perfect order. We will all meet up in the end anyway and laugh and cry and hug each other.

Another scenario which is occurring more frequently now is when two souls totally separate to give each soul an opportunity to find itself entirely on its own without having the support or leaning on one another. When each one learns to connect individually to who they really are, to their souls and to Source, they can then find each other again and re-unite. This is why it is becoming more common now for things to separate completely before they can re-unite one again.

Job losses have always been a common ascension experience. As we begin to vibrate higher than our job in the main stream world, we are thus separated from it. We were not meant to suffer through this process, so most of the time (the far majority of the time) we are somehow miraculously taken care of.

Much is falling apart now as the old world is taking its fall. Much is then being turned inside out or rather finally right side up. Re-aligned, re-aligned, re-aligned.

The higher dimensions serve to magnify everything. So then, for those who have been on their ascension path for quite awhile, or perhaps even purged and released much in a short period of time, what is then magnified will be much more pleasurable. This is why miracles and new beginnings can occur for some and not for others. And again, we are all right where we need to be with our own set of individual challenges at each level.

Sleeping and wanting to nap all day:

Those bearing a significant amount of light carried much in regard to the ascension process, and this role is now over for awhile. Now we get to rest. A large part of our “job” is done. We have let go and get to hibernate and take some time for ourselves. So then, all we might want to do is rest, take it easy, S-L-E-E-P, and be a slug. No more carrying the light for the entire planet…no more lifting it up….no more new projects right away…..no more supporting, holding, and saving. Just like a long rest after being in labor before birthing a new baby, a rest is needed before we experience the very new baby.

Experiencing great distress at and/or a strong need to no longer be alone:

In the higher realms, there is no separation. Unity vibrates much higher. As we begin to vibrate higher, we are now wired for unity. Thus, being alone no longer feels good or remotely right. It can feel downright uncomfortable at best and encourage us to seek out new group connections, re-unions with family or perhaps relocations where family and friends are, and the like. Innately we know it is time for community.

Only wanting to do what you want to do, or rather not wanting to do anything you “have to” or what someone else wants to do:

When I first got clobbered with major ascension symptoms, I really had this one. I thought that I must be the most selfish person in the world, and thus tried to “tap” this seeming issue away through EFT, which was how I addressed my symptoms in the beginning before I was no longer able to (EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique…a process for restoring yourself to a higher level of being through tapping the meridian points on your body. I believe their website URL is www.emofree.com). Much to my surprise, I discovered that this state of being cannot be removed, as it is one which vibrates higher, believe it or not!

When we reach the higher realms, much is purified and only the most refined states and energies remain. In this way, we are then in alignment with who we are and what we are about in our purest state. This relates to our own special purpose and contribution, and thus, we can no longer be in anyone else’s reality, dream, or the like. As we begin to vibrate higher, we also share a reality or dream with our soul team along with the general reality of the whole, so we still do have overlaps in some ways. Sounds strange, but wanting to do what lights us up and what we can relate to is where we need to be.

Feeling invisible and not valued or needed:

Some of us may feel invisible because we are invisible. This latest shift in June catapulted everyone higher and many are vibrating higher than others who are in the old world, so we are no longer noticed. We may not be in the land of problems, crises, and the like, so we literally no longer live there and cannot be seen.

So right now, for the most part, we are not yet ready to be seen or needed as not enough of the whole have hit their rock bottom. We need to be “asked” for our knowledge, talents, and assistance, and will not be until souls reach this point and get desperate or completely lost. Most must surrender first. As we have been growing our angel wings for awhile now, and still have far to go yet, just like angels, we will be asked for help, guidance, love, re-assurance, and then be able to assist those in need. So just like situations which we ourselves have experienced when we surrender and then the light arrives, we will be able to be that light for others, but not until they surrender and ask. This time is coming, but it is not quite here yet, but will be very soon.

Feeling beat up, abused, worn down, and clobbered at every turn:

It will get better. Things will smooth out. We are not given more than we can handle, but just enough to fall apart so that our ego selves have to get out of the way. We can no longer be in charge like we used to, as it is our connection to our souls and to Spirit which calls the shots now. When we become beaten down, we begin to appreciate the smallest of things, and in the higher realms, it is only the simple things that really matter. As we evolve, we come to realize that the little things we thought were so important were only coming from our ego selves anyway. We begin to value and appreciate the love and friendship of another above all else, the life of community, and the kindness of our brothers and sisters. Our picky old ego selves are seemingly gone, and we realize that what we thought was so important really was not important at all.

Stay tuned for Part II… (if you’re still with me!)

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


For your reading pleasure from Staying In Alignment:


Beginning With Where We Are Now

Evolution requires small and steady steps, which involves
integrating a higher vibrating step at each particular level. We
cannot go anywhere else until we are integrated and complete
with where we currently are. This is how energy works. So then,
we must begin with where we are. How can we know our
specific purpose and passion? How can we be in it as much as
possible? How can we identify and recognize it in others?

- Again, follow the path that feels good and right, because
what feels good to us, does so because it is in alignment
with our soul's intentions.
- We can spend as much time as possible in our hobbies
and creative outlets. When we lose all track of time, we
are truly in our element.
- Identify your patterns of interest and activities that have
persisted for the longest period of time. What do you
continually come back to that fits you like the best pair
of shoes in your closet?
- Evaluate your home and your appearance and decide if
they are reflective of whom you believe yourself to be.
Are they manifestations of your own unique expression
and blueprint? Surrounding ourselves with as much of
ourselves as possible, greatly assists in keeping us in
- Follow your interests as much as possible. What excites
you? What do you want to know more about? What do
you know the most about now? What would another
person be doing that would make you want to follow
them around for awhile, be in their presence, or
apprentice under them? What do you talk about that
gets you excited and passionate when you are describing
it to others? Being excited and passionate about
something brings the vibration up several notches and
places us in a higher vibrating space.
- What is your focus when you enter a group setting?
What do you usually contribute to the whole? What
energy do you naturally and effortlessly always end up
- What do you love about another? What quality does
another have that always makes you feel good? When
you need help or support, what is it in each person you
contact, which helps you the most? Knowing what these
traits are in others, and supporting and seeing them as
much as possible, while allowing others to vibrate in
their own unique way as much as possible, places us all
in alignment.
- When you encounter another, do you ask them about
themselves? Do you ask them what they want their lives
to look like and what they have always wanted to create?
When we know this about another, we can then support
them in getting there while being on the same page with
them. We can be in their space of joy. You will find,
through the overlap energy of attracting energies, that
when others know our passions and purpose, and when
we know theirs, suggestions will be made, networking
will occur, and messages will be received and given that
greatly support our passions and purpose.
- If you are feeling pressured and burdened, give yourself
an official day off just for you. This lets the universe
know that you come first, and the universe will then get
the message and jump on the program. Take a day and
putter around the house or on your property and do the
things you have wanted to do for a long time. Become
involved with some creative projects. Tune into a
different reality that is all about you and what you love
to do. If you can, just let go and forget about everything
else. You can tell yourself that God officially designated
this time for you, and you are simply following orders.

Staying in alignment with our purpose places us in a continual
space where miracles abound. At times we may feel as if we
cannot manifest a thing and nothing is opening up or going our
way. But when something has to do with our own individual
and unique purpose, or our next step in this arena, the doors
seem to fly open and literally push us through. Knowing who
we are and what lights us up, always makes us oh so
comfortable in our own skin. We are then right on track and in
perfect alignment with Source energy. And in this way, we
contribute greatly to the whole, as we assist in continuing to
raise the vibration of the planet simply through being who we
naturally are."




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