04 октомври, 2008

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse* Oct. 2008~~Relationship Waves ~~

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

By Shala Mata

October 2008

~~Relationship Waves ~~

October opens with mercury being retrograde and the potent new moon energy of Sept 29th being felt deeply and intimately. All of our “relations” will be centre stage during the month of October. During the past few weeks, the energy waves have encouraged all forms of “relationship” to be examined or reviewed. The most important relationship we have is with ourselves, the one that is often forgotten or ignored.

The energy of October will not allow it to be ignored, and it will focus a laser beam light directly into any areas requiring resolution or support. We often limit the term “relationship” to the most intimate or important people in our lives. In truth, we are in relationship with everything that lives upon this planet. We have relationship with our body, our food, our health, our emotions, our family, our work, our community and so on.

Every relationship has a thread of energy or frequency that manifests its form and maintains its continuity. As our frequency or vibration changes so does the relationship energy bridge. Over the past several months, many have found themselves dealing with intense changes in their lives.

Our perspective is becoming less linear, and we are seeing things with greater clarity. October offers a heightened time of reflection and of looking inward or within. It is a profound opportunity to reassess every area of our lives. .

There are many layers to what we know or accept about ourselves. Each layer contains our beliefs, traumas, regrets, and wounds. Now more than ever before, those deep wounded parts are coming forward to be healed. All of our relationships are a reflection of ourselves. The energy essence within another that we call lover, husband, sister, friend in totality is the reflection of ourselves in its myriad frequencies. This mirror teaches us the wisdom of who we are.

We all have upsets in our current day-to-day lives; polarity plays its cunning role well within the dynamics of our society. However, what we judge in another is ourselves. We cannot identify a cause for judgment of another, unless we have that resonance within ourselves. The judgment of another is therefore a delicate mirror of recognition.

These parts of our society and ourselves are “up” everywhere. I’ve recently seen two movies where the theme focuses on a close-knit group of women who support each other through the turmoil of a relationship ending. The “wounded feminine” is being recognized and healed. This is not just a gender wound, as this supports and helps heal the wounded masculine as well.

The luminescent waves of light from the Central Sun are bringing the feminine energy back to balance with the masculine energy. This re- balance is allowing our relationships to mirror ALL areas of our personal and collective consciousness. There is a tremendous amount of fear being expressed as we watch the economy of the world shift and change; it is not for the faint hearted.

It is painfully evident that the old ways of government and financial sovereignty are requiring change, on a worldwide scale. Never before, has it been so clear how we are all connected and inter-dependent upon each other - the stock market the past few days has shown this loud and clear.

The emotional intensity and frustration felt during the coming weeks can leave us feeling disconnected and perplexed, however at the same time we are releasing old beliefs of limitation and separation. We are purging the deepest parts of our personal and collective conditioning, looking at new ways to co-exist within the polarity framework that is the fabric of our 3D perspective.

Mercury stations direct on October 13th and the following day October 14th will bring a potent Full Moon to illuminate the new opportunities and perspectives that will carry us into November and the 11:11.

October is a preparatory time for the coming galactic transmission on Nov 11th the 11:11. This transmission of energy will merge with the 8:8:8 frequencies and bring the masculine/feminine energy into a new level of balance and integration. There is a tremendous expansion occurring and our physical body is having to daily find a new equilibrium.

Our physical body is being asked to navigate this energy head-on and to do so without making us too aware of any hitches, changes, or shifts. We all want to experience the joy of higher frequency and consciousness and the gifts that come with that, however we don’t want our body to reveal any discomfort to us. This too is another form of relationship that is ripe for change.

Our physical body is performing a Herculean task every day just staying balanced in these energy waves, and we must be kind, gentle, and allowing as it may struggle to find a new balance. Naturally, we want to experience these times with ease and grace – however it isn’t surprising to have sleepless night, vivid dreams, headaches particularly at the base of the neck, low back pain radiating down the legs. There could be some irritability, fatigue, depression, impatience, brain fog, cold symptoms, excessive hunger, sweet cravings, and weight gain.

October’s energy will continue to “reveal” the hidden. Nothing can remain tucked away from the dynamic waves of change we are now surfing. It will command the divine Feminine and Masculine of the individual and the collective to continue the integration and balance of our relationships. We will be undertaking “change” and at the same time staying “still” as we recalibrate the energies that have been flooding our beloved mother earth these past months. It sounds like a paradox and in truth, it is. From our most quiet centre – our heart comes the knowing for the greatest movement and action. The balanced feminine instill the thought; the balanced masculine takes the action to bring the thought into form.

It takes courage to love ourselves enough to command the blessings that are our birthright. Sometimes, the most loving word that can be said is “no.” It stating what is and isn’t acceptable to us, sets the conditions for this most benevolent universe to honour our desires.

As lightworkers and starseeds we are aware of our connection to our 5D future self. This higher aspect of ourselves holds tremendous light and wisdom and is merging within our 3D consciousness as we increase our frequency and light. Our 5D future self knows there is no separateness in what we practice or do or who we are – every act, every thought is an expression of Oneness. There is no drama, no need for ego, no need to compete for the attention of god – there is just a blessed co-created synergy of oneness that allows for perfect acceptance of all things. The more we connect to our future self the more this relationship can “mirror” our perfection and oneness now.

We learn through our experiences. In relationships, we engage in an exchange of emotions, feelings, and actions that pass through the nexus of our evolutions moment in time. We learn as we go, and aspire naturally towards our soul’s perfection, made the sacred by our spiritual commitment to perceive the highest truths of our existence.

The key this month is to listen quietly from the still point within your heart, discern what is appropriate, and then take the action that is necessary to facilitate change. To surf these “relationship waves” we need to be strong, in good form and focused only on the moment – at the same time we need to be flexible and able to take action in a split second when necessary.

Look for the magic October brings and see the great potential and opportunity behind the coming times. Keep shining your gorgeous light !

With Love and Blessings always,






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