21 октомври, 2008



19th October 2008

Greetings, dear precious Heart Lights: I AM The Chancellor, of Le-MU-Ri-A... I hold you in Love, that you may begin to perceive yourself as one who does travel on the rays of Light, illuminated in Love, to bring to this journey now, every bit and particle of experiencing that you might want to bring to it, in any fashion at all.

What this means is, that some of you are finding yourselves in more difficulty than seemingly you have experienced for quite some time.

Fear not: the tide will be turned for you before too much longer: these challenges you have been facing, and continue to manifest in your path now, will shortly be a thing of the past. Where there is a fear-based process within you, it is magnified in its effect upon you: and so too, is the power of Love, far more than you might ever dream of.

The journey now unfolding to you, within you, is one of showing to you, the last vestiges of your fears: to release yourself from the veils of Human processing, to allow for the magnitude of your journey now to become so apparent to you, that you are filled with Joy and great pride at its beauty, and at the magnitude of the service that you are able to create, that comes from deep inside your Heart. Where there is a fear-based process still governing your thought process, this cannot come to its fullest fruition: thus, your Higher Self, all of your Entourages, are working so diligently with you to have you move through the final stages of relinquishing all that does not serve you in the now.

It is for this reason: all that you can relinquish now, clears your path to being the teachers, the guides, the wise ones, for those who play in the third dimension now, at the time of transition that is the Shift. That which remains a part of your journey, requiring completion at the time of the Shift, holds you from your fullest potential to receive and BE Love at this time of immense transformation, just as it does right now in the third dimensional processing as well; it is simply a part of the journey to be completed.

Hold to the knowing of the Love inside of you: of the closeness of your Higher Self, and your closest Guides, who journey right alongside of you, through whatever difficulties and obstacles you may have chosen to create in your path now: let them feel your Love; bring to them, your acknowledgement of their service to you.

Do not blame the unseen forces of Light, for that which is your own creation: you, yourselves, and no other, has brought this particular circumstance that you might be unhappy with, to you. Acknowledge it, accept it, and choose to now journey with it in Love.

Love, every part of it: the exchange rate, the currency shifts and stockmarket crashes, the rise in interest rates, whatever it may be, that impacts upon your finances: have the courage to say to yourself: I choose to create now, in Love. I choose, to Love, every particle of myself, no matter how much I may have felt in the past, my lack in some fashion in a similar circumstance. I choose, to honour myself, as one who is eminently capable of getting myself out of this situation, just as I got myself into it in the first place; for wherever I create something, that does not seem to me to be at all what I would be choosing, I must know and recognise, that I have done it for a most perfect reason: to illuminate some part of the process of creation, to myself now. And as I continue to acknowledge and honour, the Love of my Creator, of my Goddess Light, of my Christ Light shining so bright within me now, I am so honoured to be working with my own personal Guidance, to shift my reality focus from fear into Love.

And if your journey be one of health, let yourself heal, of the need to blame another for your particular circumstances: you have designed and created this body process, to show to you the beauty, the sanctity, of the Human body and all of its many interweaving of processes, aligned in absolute perfectedness of Creator's Love, that you may play with it now, and show to yourself, the power of your Love to rectify this very circumstance in which you have found yourself to be.

You have the power within you, to shift your perspective on what is possible for you now, no matter the challenges you have set before yourself at this shifting time on the planet you Love so dearly, that you incarnated for this very opportunity to be set before you, at just such a time as this now.

Let yourself heal of the fear that ails you: send it into the space of "no longer of importance", and watch, as the world, the Earth itself, and all those who journey with you, in the body or out of it, align to your new purpose: to BE, the Light that you truly ARE: to release of the burdens that are no longer yours to carry forth into this new energy that is impacting itself upon you, more and more strongly, day by day now.

Let yourself feel the very presence of Love, as you open your Heart to those who so Lovingly Guide you, heal you, nurture you and comfort you: cherish them, and honour yourself, for you are a part of they, and they, a part of you – there is no longer any separation, other than in the restrictiveness of focus of the third dimensional reality of the 10 percent mind.

Stretch out into the omni-brain: into the fullness of your own capacity of awareness, and choose a world of Love and Peace, Harmony and Joy, for it is your place of Being, at the very Heart of things now.

And as you choose this place as your manifested dream, your natural state and way of Being, SO IT IS.

The matrix of mass consciousness seeks to hold you fast within it: shake yourself free, and firmly set your will, aligned to your word, and powered by the Love in your Heart, to Lovingly choose to honour yourself as one who is in complete Loving co-creation with your Guidance, able to create the seemingly impossible...and you will do so.

Should your courage falter, your child self find itself in emotional overwhelm, remember: these are the legacy of a life lived behind the steel curtain of the matrix of mass awareness. Choose, to dissolve those bars of steel, by shining the Light of Love upon them: resist them not: simply refocus your energy into a state of Love, as you pray in co-creation with your Guidance, to discover the path of freedom from that which is of concern to you, as you honour yourself as the creator of your world, able to easily resolve all that you have brought before you now.

For each and every circumstance you might ever choose to create, has the answer to it built right into it: you must simply focus on it, with Loving eyes, to see this Truth at the very Heart of it, and continue to refocus and realign yourself in Love, no matter what the journey appears to be at this time. Work and share with others, who understand as you do, that it is the commitment to a life lived to the fullest extent possible, in Love, that is the focus now.

It is not about returning to old ways, that seemingly brought you success in the past: it is now, to create boldly, in the knowing, that as you have your Love showing, it manifests the Dream you have held for so very long, deep inside, of Being, and feeling, and expressing the Light of Love that you are, in whatever way that Lights up your Soul...you will know it, when you find it. It does not speak in words...it is all about Love.

I AM the Chancellor, of Le-MU-Ri-A...I hold you in my Love, in my power of focused thought, that you might come to recognise, to understand, your own Beauty...your capacity to create, that which is of a power of Love, yet unrecognised, and untapped within you. Let it be free, and open your Heart to the Love of your Guidance, your Creator, your Goddess Light, and the Christ Light: trinitised in Love, go forth and Create, letting not the negative processes of others hinder you in this process.

Blessed are those, who stand before the Love of Creation, and offering their Light into this realm, knowing, that they have sought and discovered more of their capacities of Creation in the Heart Light of Love, than ever they might have thought possible;

And so it is.


Dearest Heart Friends, I returned from the eastern part of Lemuria a couple of days ago...and in a misjudged attempt to back-up my email list and database, managed to wipe it instead...at this moment, I have no email addresses in my address book...ie, no Messages list either :)

so...if you'd like to be on my email list for the Messages, please do let me know...such events are ever an invitation to revitalise and to consider new possibilities...perhaps a new way of doing it :)

The 10:10:10 tour was incredibly challenging, enlightening, and very powerful, in awakening me to a new level of my own journey, as it has also been for others who attended. I am still integrating, aligning, to a new journey now; and, as the message above asks of us, to let go of the last of the fear-based processing, to allow myself to move fully into this new adventure before me :)

I have postponed the

Mastermind Workshop for two weeks, to take place on Sunday, 2nd November.

I hold each of you in Love, as we move through some very challenging circumstances,

Love, hugs and many Blessings,






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