04 ноември, 2008

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse* November 2008~~ 11:11 Gateway ~~

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

By Shala Mata

November 2008

~~ 11:11 Gateway ~~

While writing this article I sat at my desk and watched a beautiful “storm” unfold. The golden fall leaves were swirling and rustling. The sky was textured in multi-layers of gray, the wind chimes sending harmonic tones. It was near dinnertime, the last of the sun’s rays would occasionally shine against the tall trees swaying vigoursly – their golden leaves striking such beauty against the darkening sky. I watched the birds playing in the wind gusts and a spider crawl quickly up its web.

Image by Daniel B. Holeman http://www.awakenvisions.com

We watched all manner of storms during the month of October, the biggest being the world economic melt down and the waves of fear and panic that were broadcast around the planet. October we spoke of “relationship waves,” and indeed our deepest fears and limiting beliefs around money are coming the surface. These beliefs are held in the collective and on a very personal level. October was a turbulent month and November will offer us a power gateway.

November’s energy will probe even deeper into the long held limiting beliefs we carry from many lifetimes. On some level, each of us carries old programming about ourselves in relationship to money - no matter what we earn or where we live. The uncertainty that is felt globally is a potent catalyst to overhaul these beliefs.

Our world in fact our entire universe is a Hologram. We are actually living in an ocean of energy, an intelligent universal field of infinite possibilities and abundance that is alive with light waves of information. Our bodies and the body of every living thing upon this planet are composed of this field. Our individual and collective consciousness interacts with this continually. It is how we create and manifest our reality from moment to moment.

Time as we know it is not linear by circular, within the hologram, our current and past lives spin concurrently through the circle or illusion of time. Each of us holds a piece of the holographic energy. The beauty of holographic energy is that each piece contains the whole; therefore, if we affect change in one small piece, we can affect change within the whole.

It is easy to be affected by the continuing news reports that are designed to keep us in fear and polarity. As lightworkers and starseeds, it is vital that we continue to examine, release, and let go. If we are stressed, fearful, worried or anxious this is an indication that we are still hanging on to an old agenda or belief, and NOW is the catalyst to make changes.

The global economic situation brought home how intimately we are all connected, on so many levels. One change in one market sent a ripple of change through many – the holographic model in play. It is not all doom and gloom and the key to our continued harmony both personally and collectively is to remain emotionally calm and clear, not attaching fear too our thoughts, decisions, or actions taken. Change is underfoot for many, however when made from a heart centered knowing then not only your personal lives but the collective benefits.

Magnificent opportunities are manifesting daily for all of us, our universe is limitless and abundant. We have the power within each of us to shift our perspective on what is happening and what is possible – this is part of the very thing we wanted to be here NOW to experience!

November offers us the powerful transmission of the 11:11 ( Nov 11th ) along with the celestial support of the New & Full Moons. The numeric pattern of the 11:11 is a sequence of codes that messages directly with our DNA at an atomic cellular level. It awakens and unites the many energy facets or fibres that weave together as our energy matrix. The matrix like a grid holds energy and reflects itself back to the fibres that are of its making.

Many are receiving indications that this 11:11 transmission is going to be a turning point in our evolutionary path. The Mayan Prophecies called this date the Dawn of the 6th Sun – a corridor to help us prepare and connect to the energy of 2012. The time of darkness coming to a close. The 11:11 Gateway this month is intimately connected to the energy of the 8:8:8 Harmonic Gateway of August. This timing aligned our beloved planet with the golden harmonic rays of the Central Sun. The Central Sun plays a pivotal role in our Ascension preparation. The 8:8:8 activation gave us the spiritual hardware to decipher the codes and harmonize with our own Cosmic Blueprint.

The 8:8:8 harmonic waves will unite within the 11:11 Gateway and be amplified too create a more congruent flow of energy harmonizing our soul parts as one. This activation will require that we are free of our fear-based beliefs, old paradigms, and agenda’s. In preparation, it is important to go deep within our heart and examine all parts that are aching or wounded. It is also important to examine the parts that are shining and healed and allow that energy to flow or or harmonize the wounded fearful parts.

The 11:11 Gateway will bring a higher frequency of harmonic light to our planet. Our harmonic signature will be upgraded along with a new level of DNA communication. The integration of this light and its changes will allow more of our souls mastery and wisdom to be remembers. It will also allow choatic thoughts of fear to surface as well. There are three primary levels of energy are operating within the collective upon our planet at this time:

  1. The unconscious level of the majority of people who are still asleep
  2. Those that have been slowly trying to integrate the seeding of energy and are starting to finally break through the material logic to a wider understanding.
  3. Those who have attuned to spirit and have been consciously working to hold the light.

The ego and lower self-energy will challenge you and want to create resistance. The polarity on our beloved mother Earth is acute at this time, and the new influx of energy could make many feel unbalanced. The collective conscious will be under great stress during this transmission. The energies of the 11:11 transmission will recalibrate the existing frequency bandwidth upon our planet; it will feel INTENSE, particularly for those in the first two levels of energy. The more resistance to the flow of this energy the more intense the symptoms – physical or otherwise.

This transmission and timing offers us the most powerful growth tools too date. It will require a deep and honest examination of our negative or limiting belief systems or fears we may still hold. This would include our relationship with money, security, health, family, our work, community, and our path.

During the build to the 11:11 Gateway, connect to the Golden Harmonic 8:8:8 energies. Feel the shimmering golden light fill your cosmic egg and allow this light to harmonize the negative or fearful parts you may have uncovered. This will prepare our physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies to create a congruent flow of energy between them, making space for our new foundation and clarity.

Image by Alex Grey http://www.alexgrey.com

The 11:11 transmission will allow us to break these old patterns and harness the magnificent light of our soul within the newly cleared space. As our Light Body recalibrates this higher frequency, we may experience physical symptoms similar to those we have been feeling for months. I have been noticing a lot of neck and shoulder pain in both my clients and myself. Headaches at the back of the head, strained eyes, blurry vision, body pain, stiffness. Emotionally we are coming into a time of deep examination and reflection, we can feel withdrawn, disconnected and have difficulty sleeping. Brain fog and a difficulty finding the right words for simple day to day things is also on the rise as our neural pathways shift.

It is all good. It is an exciting and uplifting moment in our evolutionary history and one, that each of us will experience in our own unique way. We are being offered a great tool to consciously know and connect with the Masters that we are. The Gateway energy will be felt for 2 -3 days before the 11:11 and for approx 10 days after, where the primary recalibration will occur. We will experience levels of this transmission for several months.

The 12:12 and Solstice in December are both intimately connected to the 11:11 Gateway and will further support and enhance our recalibration process. There is a tremendous amount of energy and support from our guides, angels, and star family during this auspicious time. Our beloved Mother Earth will also receive this transmission and recalibrate. Spending time connecting to her heart, sending her your love and gratitude amplifies and illuminates her Gaia consciousness.

Enjoy the ride and keep shining your gorgeous light!

Love and Blessings



Image by Alex Grey http://www.alexgrey.com




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