18 ноември, 2008

Divine Mother* Today your Graduation Begins…

a message from Divine Mother channeled by Sol’Ara An

Sunday, 16 November, 2008 (posted 17 November, 2008)

Dear Divine Mother, the world has changed so much now; there are those who fear the changes. Can you speak to the time we are now living in? I am grateful to be your channel beloved Divine Mother!

Divine Creators, beloved ones of our being I greet you this day with great love, for love is as you were created. Within the knowledge body of the divine you are is contained that knowing that your new paradigm contract has begun. This contract was created and signed by each of you in your own personal meetings prior to embodiment in the Earth vehicle you find you now inhabit. With this, as it is, you will find many of your "plans" and "goals" created by mind have been changed. It is not that you are at the will of some mysterious "other"; it is you are at the will of your Soul. When coming to be here upon the Earth where you find your focus at this time, many such contracts were looked at and some were accepted well, including the acceptance of your participation in the collective consciousness plans and contracts. It is thus you find yourself within at this time.

What of these contracts? Do you have choice? Indeed you do! All of you have been given the gift of "free- will" for all of your Earthly existence. The difficulty many are dealing with now is the release of the hold your Ego has upon your life. That part is not willing to let go and allow your conscious control, and thus the struggle and the pain causing great fear in the consciousness of the planet continues. When you are conscious of the true meaning of "you are a Creator", your belief in yourself is given opportunity for change. In this change you may see how many times you have turned over your life to your Ego, the part of you that you do indeed need, however it is time to take back control of your choices.

It is well intended within every Soul contract that the human consciousness will choose, at times, to change the desire of the life experience one wants to have. Yet now, in this great shift and transition to a higher consciousness, you must understand what your choice will mean to your Soul growth. Also, you must come to understand that no longer shall the energies upon the Earth allow you to live as if you are the only one, nor that you shall have boundaries upon the Earth. The Earth is a free sentient being, just as you are, and she has taken her sovereignty very seriously in hand in this time. She will not allow any consciousness to take the energy of freedom from anyone living upon her being, it shall be seen to prove my point.

Watch the animals, and especially the dolphins and whales, they are choosing as I speak whether to continue their journey with the Earth or not. Many have already chosen to leave, as they see that the collective consciousness of humanity has still refused to see them as sentient intelligent beings, who also have rights. Yet too, there are many new ones coming to assist in these waters of Earth. You have not been abandoned. And it is well known that the pure hearts that live on the Earth, and especially the newly born ones whom carry the higher DNA genes for your ascension, shall assist in an easier passage as your days proceed. Please know that nature shall play a much bigger role in your life experience now in these days of upliftment. Listening to their call and watching in which way the winds blow shall be your guidance. We offer this suggestion with great love dear ones!

Once long ago, truly it seemed that many would not choose to continue this journey, this great experiment called "Earth School". And yet look where you are now! It is a grand experiment indeed, and you have all participated within this experience to bring humanity and all species of life upon the Earth to this great time! Your hearts in the last several hundred years have completely changed this paradigm you now ride upon. Because of your opening hearts, and your love for all of mankind, you saw the vision to heal the Earth and all of your relationships upon the Earth. Even the great Mother Earth herself took heart... staying much longer as the sentient being of this planet to assist you. She saw your great ability to heal and to open your hearts and to be the Love she knew you truly were. And now this time tests these inner knowings. This is the time of strength that you have been guided to observe within yourself for many years now. When a paradigm, a way of being and cultural habit has closed, it can be difficult for humans to make the changes necessary. But know that the changes within you that have been going on for many years have opened DNA information and expanded new chakras and aligned all brains with the higher mind of God. These are ongoing as we speak. You must have felt these changes, and experienced at times the subtle changes in your own thought processes. You are not the same species you were even 500 years ago. You have moved forward in a time of great love and the transition can be fluid and calm, or by your choosing chaos.

And so what now does this mean to ones practical life? How can one live given all of the changes you have faced, or will face? The simple answer is to stay focused, go within and listen to your heart. Turn over the controls to your heart, ask your mind to sit still and pay attention to the heart message. No longer can you only listen to your logic. Logic only works in a linear fashion, and today your time line has changes, therefore making linear thinking very difficult to proceed with. A multidimensional shift has already occurred. Your time no longer exists the way you have known it before. Your minutes are no longer as they have been. For in truth, time has always been irrelevant in a life that's true motion is ever moving forward. If you look at your own life you shall see that a minute may seem as an hour in some experiences, and just the opposite in others. Your "moments" may endure through many moments of experience, and this gives great opportunity to walk the true higher octaves within the Love of Creator. We have raised the vibrational frequency aligned with the most highest of you upon this Earth. And with the assistance of many of your Ascended Masters, and higher Angelic teams we have vibrated through the energetic of the 5th dimensional frequency just above the road most walk upon. And so now you may see yourself walking some days in the old paradigm and "muck" as it were of the energies of yesterday, and other days riding high upon the winds of crystalline light energetic... quickening your awareness and focus to the highest level of consciousness. Indeed to complete and total Oneness. Within this consciousness of Oneness resides all that is. Therefore, in truth, we can say you now have been given the gift to walk... in form... upon the road of Heaven!

Emotional/Mental bodies must be healed in order that you may align to this new vibration. When one is not aware of the energy changes in ones own system, it is advisable to ask for assistance. There are many beloved ones upon the planet Earth who came to this planet, at this particular juncture, to be the healers of the energetic vibrational shift of these times. This channel is one such being. Therefore, the time to release the Ego and find your way to your true beingness is in alignment with balancing these energies within yourself. Each of you have gifts to offer this transitional shift, and the clearer you are, and the more you believe in yourself, the more of you shall lift up not only yourselves, but all who live upon this beautiful Earth. You are as stewards to this planet, and your job is now upon you!

Greet those whom you come into physical contact with each day as one with you. This love of unconditional intent shall also assist many in the changes your Earth life has experienced. Can you see that the more gentle ones shall allow the passage of these days through their hearts so that the many shall reap the benefits of opportunity? An opportunity you would not otherwise have had. These gentle ones come not only as new borns... but also as ones who have walked their light path for all of their lives and now sit in honor within their heart temples, giving of themselves that humanity shall awaken to the true love they are! We knew few would come and do the work of the many, but this time is now passing. No longer can you do this for another. It is time to take responsibility of your own choices and life experiences. You shall know the truth of your Soul and your ability to create. Your heart is a good place to start. When you feel lost, again, go within to the heart... sit in the silence, and allow the flame of Divine Love to clear the fear... and open the truth to your wholeness.

When you begin to understand the true being you are you see where your choices make a difference. And in this new paradigm the choice affects you, as One within the Oneness specifically. Think of this new day as a day where there are many mirrors placed before you, and also many Angels for guidance. You get to play the game as you choose, but know that it is always your choice as to the outcome. There is no one who shall remain lost, and no one shall choose the direction of the human experience alone. Your time of allowing the many to manifest the life experience of the whole is coming to fruition. It is the many, the collective who have now chosen the path of Divine Love. The sooner you accept your own heart, your own love, the sooner you shall see a clear path to your happiness.

What is the purpose of holding on to the old ideas of another, when all along you knew within you the direction you would choose? Guilt has been used very well in taking control of the many by the energy of power-over that the few had believed would keep them safe. "Sin" has been used to offer you the opportunity to experience "guilt" and powerlessness for centuries. We say, perhaps you would be willing to put away your toys, and find your hearts and come home to your true beingness.

What can we but offer you, unless you are willing to see the change as the process to assist all to receive of their happiness? Many have known nothing but fear and enslavement, and this day, these energies are being brought back into the heart of your Creator, that they shall once again merge with Divine Love and Compassion. The energies within you that call you to your darkness are simply allowing your consciousness to become aware that they exist outside and within you. Thus your darkness now must be honored, and loved, and brought back into the heart of the One. The unconditional love of your Creator is like the flame of the phoenix. Thus shall the many be reborn into the highest light of their Souls energy, and once again, Peace shall reside in the creation of your life experience upon this new Earth.

What if I told you, all of you, that this "new Earth" is already upon you? That in the truth of your spirit, you know this. It takes time to let go of the old paradigm of thought, the running to and fro for the opportunity of more! Yet, as your days progress toward the day of the opening of the new "Gate of Paradise", you shall see the golden light descend upon the Earth from the celestial beings above... moving this through your great Sun... waking every cell... every atom to the highest command of the Creator of all that is... the command of the "Awakened Soul...living in form as Love."

Where shall you go? What time shall you prefer? It is, in all truth, your choice as to when and where. It is within you to be the Love you are. It is within you to honor your life, and the life of all that exists with you and around you. It is within you to know the truth of Love and Compassion and to choose from this most sacred place within you! And yet, still, you shall have the free-will to choose the direction you take.

We have given many talks on this idea of love and compassion, in many different ways and formulas. We have sent many Ascended Masters and Councils of Light and Angelic beings to lift you up and awaken you to the truth of who you are. And now we ask that you give yourself opportunity to take this information, not as information for the mind, or more tools to place in your spiritual bags... but to live your own truth from the concepts of love that you know are your own. We give only the opportunity to awaken your consciousness to ask the questions: Who are you really? What kind of life do you want? How can you make a difference from your own inner gift of divine love? These questions perhaps have yet to come to the many, but we see the light breaking through... and so be awake... patience is still needed... for the many shall awaken more quickly than you believe...and they shall be hungry for knowledge. Yet, we tell you too, that knowledge without action, without heart immersion cannot bring light to the consciousness of humanity. The time and the way of teaching must now move up into it's most highest and brilliant alignment yet. Teachers and healers must have already been given the message of this great shift in the work to be done. What I would suggest is that you place your tool box down, and pickup the new tools of energy offered by your guidance... and see that this "game of upliftment" has now changed. And the needs have now changed. If you will sit with this knowing in your heart, and allow the new structures to be brought forward... you shall see that you are needed more than ever before! This is not the time to give up beloved lightworkers!

Now we speak to our beings of great light upon dear Mother Earth. Those of you who have walked the planet many times, coming back now to assist with this final lift off... you have done well! We honor your work and your great patience in a time that has been somewhat difficult. Yet, know that you have all come forth with great awareness and great healing, so much so that your work before this time... has indeed allowed for the opportunity of this great shift in consciousness! You have come through with flying colors, and know that we are so proud of all of you and the work you have done! But, again, this is not the time to give up. It is the time to allow the new guidance, the new healing methods and the new ways of creating that which aligns all beings with the unconditional love of their Creator. No one need suffer any longer. And as you hold the vision of the beautiful Paradise Garden of the Earth... so too shall many seed back to this planet, the Earth of the Great Golden Age of Peace and Divine Love! You too shall each choose.

Shall you hold to your belief of what it was, or let go and allow the new to teach you of whom you are now? Experience within you the golden light of enlightenment, sit with the golden light flowing through to you in your meditations, and see this move through from your crown all the way through to your toes and then expand this ball out into the entire Earth. The golden light meditation is not of the old ways, it is of the times of allowing the celestials to bring forth the energy from the bridges now active through the Central Sun... flowing across and through your great Sun... and infusing your beloved Earth and all beings upon her with this most abundant energy of wholeness and Divine Love! You are the creators who started and held the energy of Divine Love in the very grid lines of your planet. You asked for the masters to come and teach you of their ways. And now, they have a request of you, our dear Light workers... it is time for you to bring the master you are into the planet Earth and BE the master! For they have always been... and ever shall be... You!

Today, we give you your graduation papers. Today, we offer you the opportunity to BE the choosers and to align those choices with the Great Father, Mother God of All That Is... as your inner truth knows.

BE the one you have always looked up too! Search no longer for your guide... you ARE the guide of your journey! I and the Father are One...and we shall always be with you!

I Am, and forever shall be, Divine Mother - the feminine aspect of Creator of All That Is!
Anon...Anon...Anon... my love Is!

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