06 ноември, 2008

The Vision of a NEW WORLD* Ascended Master of Light with the Founding Creators of the New World

The Vision of a NEW WORLD
Ascended Master of Light with the Founding Creators of the New World through Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - 11/5/2008

When the NEW WORLD was proclaimed "found" so many centuries ago, it was not this land that was so important. It was a vision . . . a vision of a NEW WORLD. This new world began to manifest as the United States, and the vision began to anchor unity in the diversities of the planet. It was to be a union and harmonization of "states" of consciousness. It was a vision of a matrix of light between all living beings. A team of Ascended Masters and a Legion of Light Beings were present at the birth of this union of states. They began the process of anchoring this divine vision. There was a pervading sense of hope and innocence. They created a powerful plan for manifesting a new world.

Once the vision began to manifest on the Earth, challenges followed. The vision began to tarnish because the vision was placed in the hands of humankind that was still very much asleep. The horrific events that followed at first did not seem that they were in alignment with the original vision. A succession of events created a cloud over this land that blocked the light of the true vision of unity.

The ones who were already living in the land, called the "new world', were nearly destroyed. Others from other places on the Earth were imported as slaves to build this new world. Sacred documents drafted for this new land still held a substantial amount of the original vision, yet wars, slavery, prejudice, and shocking assassinations tarnished its light.

In recent years, those now living can still remember Pearl Harbor and the following response in Hiroshima, the assignation of a great leader, and the infamous date of 9/11, and how these events tarnished the innocence of this divine union. The cloud grew so dark and thick that you could barely see the light of this vision anymore. Your voices were gagged, and your truth was put in shackles. You felt trapped. Respect of one's land and country dimmed beyond recognition, yet you could not speak about it. The collective shame and building country karma was an unbearable burden to bear. It was a numbing darkness.

But . . . we recently said that the year 2008 would be the year that paradise would return. By your tenacity and conviction to that thread of light inside of you, and your conviction to the vision, you have pushed the envelope of time to manifesting the original vision of the new world by 4 years.

Today you have stood up and taken back the light. You may not have recognized the connection of recent events, nor even remembered the vision, but you acted from your hearts once again. The heart never forgets the light, or the vision that was placed there in a divine order. You are celebrating in the streets as the light returns. Not only is the new world celebrating, but the entire Planet with it! The evidence is clear with the election of a new leader. But just as that vision of the new world was not about the land but a new union, this leader is not about the color of the skin, but a quality of light. This one is a living bridge between races. Your action to take back the light and speak your truth once again has allowed this new leader, who carries a great piece of the vision, to go to a place where you can, as a union of states of diverse consciousness, finally manifest the vision of a new world. Peace, harmony and light of this planet are returning.

The shackles have broken away . . . the stains on this new land and the hearts of the people have been washed clean. The dark cloud is lifting. Bows of multicolored light are circling the sun. We are no longer separated by color of skin, race, religion, culture, social status, or consciousness. You have grown up. You have matured and evolved past those shallow ways of being. You have seen the matrix of light that connects you all. You are a beautiful melting pot of humanity. Your hearts are finally joining as one in the vision of the light.

This is a very sacred day for you all. Hold this day very dear in your hearts with utmost respect, and do not let the events in the future tarnish or darken this vision again. You have survived through the polar opposite of the original vision of light. Now that you know what the vision is not, it is up to you all to create together the vision that it IS. The path has been cleared for you, one and ALL. Now it is time for you to take that first step into the new world that you all have dreamt. Congratulations! You did it!

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic who inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph: 928-282-6292 Webpage: www.AlunaJoy.com E-mail: alunajoy@alunajoy.com

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