30 януари, 2009

The Angels* February 2009 Are you a Spiritual Human Being?

February 2009

Are you a Spiritual Human Being?

What is a spiritual human being? It is a human being who remembers that this life is an illusion and makes conscious choices to live spiritually first and is a physical human being second. There is so much change and chaos going on in the world today that it is easy to forget that we are not controlled by what goes on in the world.

I was talking to the Lord about how many people are depending on our new President to create change for their lives. I’m hearing it all the time, how wonderful it is that we have a new President and now everything is going to change and get better. Are you caught up in those kinds of thoughts? We must remember he is one man. Yes, he is what is known as an indigo child. Yes, he had a previous life as our President Abraham Lincoln. Yes, he has a heart to create change. And yes, he agreed to be here at this time to serve. But if people are depending on him to create change for their lives, they will be quickly disheartened. I am not saying that President Obama is not going to be successful. It is going to be slow in coming and he needs our help…the United States of America needs our help in creating those changes. (The Lord told me to write the word, “United” in there.) Do you still think of yourself as democrat, republican, independent, white, black, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, etc.? On a spiritual level, none of those human categories matters. They define the human you but have nothing to do with the spiritual you. Your soul is not as concerned with this one life, it is concerned with the collection of experiences you have had in many lives. Most of you have had past lives already as the opposite of what your human experiences are today. Some of you are still clearing up karma from those lives so you are experiencing what you were so against in another lifetime. Does that explanation make it easier to forgive those who oppose what you believe this lifetime? Everything is to be balanced in this creation of Earth, even if it takes lifetimes to do. The suggestion here is to walk softly while on this Earth and on the middle of the road (which is the easiest path.) Don’t create karma for yourself by being too far one way in your thoughts or actions or by judging others for their path. Here in the United States of America, we are up to our necks in blame. In fact, we are drowning in it. He did this. She did that. Not just on a personal level but as a country. We have even turned other countries to have negative thoughts about us by our collective thoughts. The moral here is to not be a democrat or republican or even American. Be the spiritual being you came to be first and recognize that everyone is struggling to find their way and everyone will do it in the way they know how. It may not be your way but that’s okay because as a spiritual human being, you are not limited by what the world says you must have. You create your own experience. And the more you forgive and ascend, the less anyone can affect you on your path. (I am not saying not to vote or to register as democrat, republican or independent. What I am saying is that you can live your life as a spiritual human being and vote and work to create change without creating karma for our country or karma for your own experience. I hope that makes sense!)
We must create our own change for our lives. You might say, “That sounds great but how can I do that? I am a mother of three with a full-time job. I barely have time to sleep.” Or a guy who says: “I put all my time into serving others; what else can I do?” It takes 10 seconds. You can spread your arms, open your heart with a big, deep breath and with intention state to Spirit something like this: “I AM ready to accept the full power that is already available to me. I AM now willing to be the full spiritual human being I came here to be! I want my life to change in a wonderful way and here is my list of what I want… Thank you for showing me in clear ways what I need to do to make these things happen.”
By stating your intention to accept your power and then stating the things would like to have in your life, you have just drawn on that blank piece of paper of your soul’s journey to show the Universe what to do for you. And the Universe will start “now” to bring those things into your experience. Everyone who is resonating at the high end of the 4th dimension and in the 5th dimension can manifest things for themselves. While, it is easier to do while walking in the 5th dimension, you can still do it from the 4th dimension. For the mother of three, she can pray for HER life and what energy she wants for herself. The guy, who is serving others, can pray for HIS life and what energy he wants for himself. The highest spiritual path is to not pray for things for others. You are honoring other people’s soul choices and not judging them by praying what you think they need for their life journey. Are you thinking, “That is selfish!” It is actually the opposite. See, as you ascend you are closer to being One, to remembering the fullness of your Soul. When you are in One-ness, you are creating for the whole. Those that have ascended are not dealing with ego as much as those still choosing to walk in the 3rd dimension and lower 4th dimension. They have more power to create because they have earned it through lessons in their lives. So when you choose to heal yourself, you can heal others and you are creating energy to make it easier for others to heal themselves. There is a saying, “Physician heal thyself.” It is an old saying and very profound for these times. When you choose to have abundance (of anything) in your life, you are choosing abundance to be available for everyone.
As a side note here, I have something to say about financial and material abundance and the limits that are consciously being imposed upon us. There is no lack in Spirit. Do you really believe that God has to lay off His Angels at this time because there is lack in the world? “Oh, sorry, Gabriel, I am going to have to let you go. You are doing a great job but I can’t afford to keep all of the Angels on the payroll because people on Earth don’t believe that there is enough money to go around and I need Raphael more right now because so many people are believing that they can be sick.” No, that’s not happening! If you are limited in your thoughts about abundance, your abundance will be limited. Some of you need to re-read that statement. I have always been told by Spirit that the spiritual people here on earth were the ones that were blocking their own flow of abundance because they didn’t feel they deserved to get paid or they wanted to sacrifice to show humbleness in their service. God doesn’t want your sacrifice! He wants to bless you! He wants you to have all that you can create! We are needed now more than ever before to help those who can’t seem to see the *light*...family members, friends, clients, etc. Help them by helping yourself!
So ask yourself, “Am I living as a Spiritual Human being?” Or “Am I living as a human being trying to be spiritual?” The Spiritual Human being is the one who is ascending into the 5th dimension. Start creating your world the way you want and no longer accept what you now see in it. Stop listening to the world about what you can have for your future. Stop thinking someone is coming to rescue you (even if it is a President) and believing that things in your life will change for you because of their choices. And don’t worry about anyone else, even loved ones. You creating for your own life may give them pause to think about the things they want for their lives. And who knows, they may even ask you how you have a wonderful, joyful life even while things around you are falling apart. Then you have the blessed opportunity to share with them how they too can create the life they want! Wouldn’t that be a blessed day?!
I honor your journey, no matter which path you take,




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